George L. "Tex" Rickard Estate - New York Times - April 11, 1932
George L. "Tex" Rickard Estate

Time Magazine Article - April 11, 1932

Tex Rickard died on January 6, 1929 in Miami Beach, Florida. Three years later, in Time magazine, it was reported that his estate was valued at much less than previously estimated.

Stocks in 53 corporations were deemed to be worthless, the Miami dog racing track, in which Tex had reportedly invested $250,000, was sold for a mere $10,000, and the luxurious yacht he had purchased from Walter Chrysler shortly after his marriage to Maxine Hodges was sold for only $35,000.

The estate, which had been appraised in 1929 at about $500,000, was worth approximately $184,000 in 1932. The estate went to his wife, Maxine Elliott Rickard, and the couple's only child, Joan Maxine Texas Rickard.

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