Marriage License for William Stewart and Lula Low Lowery - 1912 Newspaper Notice
William Stewart and Lula Low Lowery

Marriage License Notice

The image shown below, which appeared in the May 1, 1912, Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper, indicates that William Stewart and Lula Leavens (Low) Lowery had been issued a marriage license. According to this notice, William Stewart, age 42, was residing at 152 West 131st Street in Manhattan (New York), and that Lula L. Lowery, age 38, was living at 79 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn, NY. There is a discrepancy between the age given in this newspaper article for Lula and her actual age. Lula Lowery was born on January 28, 1871, which would make her 41 years old in 1912. Perhaps she was shaving a few years off her real age in order to appear younger to her soon-to-be husband.

William Stewart was the son of Leonard D. Stewart and Jane (Crawford) Stewart of New York City. The marriage to William Stewart would be the second for Lula Low Lowery, who had first been married to Walter Gorham Lowery in July 1890. Lula (Low) Lowery was the daughter of Jacob A. Low and Annie G. (Rathbun) Low.

Source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, May 1, 1912, p. 3.

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Marriage License Notice - Brooklyn Daily Eagle - May 1, 1912 - William Stewart and Lula L. Lowery
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