Orion Kent Ziesse Death Notice in New York Times
Orion Kent Ziesse - Death Notice

Orion K. Ziesse, the son of Henry and Margaret Ziesse, died on Friday, July 8, 1933. Orion was the brother of Frederick Ziesse and William Henry Ziesse, who married Lena Schreiber.

According to the announcement of his death in the New York Times, displayed in the image below, funeral services were scheduled for 9:30 on Tuesday, July 11, 1933, at his late residence located at 92 Gelston Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Afterward, there was a Solemn Mass of Requiem at St. Patrick's Church, Brooklyn, NY.

Interment was scheduled to take place at St. John's Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.

Source: New York Times, Sunday, July 9, 1933, p. 20.

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