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Anne's Handiwork Recognized

Table setting at The Herbfarm Restaurant The cover of Seasoned Views
In October 2002, the magazine Seasoned Views included a picture from The Herbfarm Restaurant. The three-page feature article by Mina Williams discussed the latest "tabletop trends" among premier restaurants.

Anne is responsible for table pre-set at The Herbfarm Restaurant and was present to set up the tables for the picture that made it onto the cover of Seasoned Views magazine.

As the article explains, "before a guest even looks at the menu or speaks to a server, the tablescape captures attention and gives the promise of things to come. While directions are as varied as operators, all strive to present patron-pleasing motifs aimed at creating a memorable mark of differentiation."

An "at home" dinner party dining was the statement The Herbfarm, Woodinville, Washington, wanted to make with their tabletop design. "We don't want guests to feel as if they are in a restaurant," explains Carrie Van Dyck. While some operators lean toward white elements to serve as a clean slate for plating presentations, The Herbfarm employs a variety of china designs throughout the service, changing patterns for every course. Unrelenting sourcing and abundant storage are key.

Congratulations Anne

Ron Zimmerman expressed his appreciation for Anne by sending this Amazingmail postcard.

Congratulations Anne for a job well done!
From The Herbfarm

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