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Who Built this WEB Page & What Makes Him Tick?
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just read the following Short & Sweet Version:
  • Born 1949 in Gold Beach, Oregon
  • Moved to Washington State
    age four
  • Graduated 1968
    Issaquah High School
  • Graduated 1972
    University of Washington
    B.S, Fisheries
  • Married 1972, Valorie Anne Cowan
  • Son, Thomas, born 1975
  • Son, Paul, born 1977
  • Daughter, Anne, born 1980
  • Started at The Boeing Company, March 1978
    Renton, Washington
  • Retired from The Boeing Company, January 2015
  • Started hiking Pacific Crest Trail, April 15, 2015
  • Completed hiking Pacific Crest Trail, August 20, 2015
  • Began volunteering with Washington Trails Association, April 2016
          Links to More Information:
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      Pictures of me in the 1950's
      Building the Home in Gold Beach, Oregon
      Family Picture Album - beginning September, 1999
      Latest Pictures in the Album
      How to make Pumpkin Carvings
      Halloween Memories
      Christmas Memories
      My Life Timeline
      Building the Pine Lake Home, Issaquah, Washington
      My Hiking Experiences in the Cascades & beyond
      My Fishing Experiences
      My Bedrooms
      Riding Bikes
      Playing Radio Announcer
      Playing Outside
      Silly Mistakes I've Made
      Christmas Diaries (1994 to present)
      Original Children's Stories
  Documentaries & Essays:
      Diary of John Franklin Zimmerman
      Letters of Ella Zimmerman
      Trip to Brule Nebraska, My Mother's Home Town
  Collected Favorites:
      Quotations and Stories
      Favorite Recipes

Long Winded Description describing Bob Zimmerman:
This page is dedicated to my experiences. You might think that some of the topics linked on this page are unusual. Why would I have an entire page about riding bikes? Or why would I bother telling you about ceramics, fishing, hiking, playing outside, or building a house? I take the time because these are the activities that have helped to mold me into the person I am today. My hope is that you will come to know me better as you read about my experiences.

Gold Beach OregonAs I briefly stated on my home page, I was born in Gold Beach, Oregon in 1949. My parents built their own home there, living in a tent while they built their house. (Click here to view pictures of the Gold Beach home.) My only memories of Oregon are what have come from home motion pictures and one brief memory of being very sick after smelling bleach. However, having had a number of experiences with building houses, my parents bought property on Pine Lake and designed and built a home. I have devoted another page to document those activities.

Sunset Ranch MapWe moved to Washington State when I was four, locating into a small development that we called "Sunset Ranch". The house has three-quarters of an acre of land and was situated very near the present-day location of Bellevue Community College. From my bedroom window I could see out towards the Olympic Mountains. It was a beautiful view. In the back yard we worked the soil and developed a rich garden plot. I enjoyed turning the soil each spring and helping to maintain it, nurture it and finally harvest its bounty. I have devoted one page to my memories of my bedrooms and another to our garden.

1955 Sunset Ranch house

One of my first memories at Sunset Ranch was riding my bike by myself around the corner of the house and being elated that I had not fallen over! Of course I didn't know how to stop so it all ended in a crash! Perhaps that is why I have devoted an entire page to my experiences with riding bikes.

Our family spent many weekends enjoying the outdoors. Camping and fishing were pleasant pastimes. My father always had a knack at figuring out how to catch fish and many vacations were spent visiting lakes, camping and enjoying the wealth that our area has to offer. Later, when he introduced my brother and I to hiking, it was like a seed had been planted that sprouted into an interest and enthusiasm for the outdoors. My page about hiking captures many of our experiences.

Both my brother and I always liked to organize activities. We started our own artists club called the American Artists Club of America, or AACA, which included many of the neighborhood kids our age. We had drawing classes and displayed our work around the walls of our recreation room. And, because we had gathered many of the neighborhood kids together so often, we hosted neighborhood "Olympics" in our back yard during the summer months, having races, making homemade hurdles, a pole-vault pole fashioned from bamboo and high jump pit. We even had a shot put made from a heavy steel ball. Later in the summer we organized everyone into making camps in the woods, creating job roles for each person and printing up our own currency for exchange! And, because the father of one of our friends worked at a radio station, we spent several days taping our own mock radio shows! Hence I have included a snapshot of my memories with the radio station and what we did as we played outside.

Later, we started making fishing tackle-- lures, flies, jigs and pop-gear. It was fun not only making the tackle, but we ended up selling some of our creations at school and testing them during our trips to the outdoors. My page about fishing captures many of my memories.

We also had an interest in ceramics. We had molds that made small animals, which we would assemble, glaze, fire and then sell at school. Learn more about my impressions with a visit to my ceramics page.

A major project that affected my life was the family project of building a new home. Having bought property on Pine Lake (near Issaquah) we proceeded to plan and build a home there. My page on building the Pine Lake home documents our efforts.

Through the years I've had some experiences that are funny to recall. I hope you take a few moments to visit my page that I call It's Not Too Smart.

I hope to add to these pages occasionally. Perhaps I will capture my activities with silk-screening and the hours spent cutting stencils by hand, making bumper stickers, Christmas cards and signs. Perhaps my experiences on the University of Washington campus during the protests against the Vietnam War would be of interest, as professors canceled classes and gave "blanket" A's to all of the students. Or maybe I could capture my experiences with a fine group of young adults as we developed the first youth-group Chapters of the John Birch Society. Some would find my experiences as a Deacon and treasurer of interest as I became a charter member helping to serve the Lord and build a congregation. And, finally, I could explain my first computer and how my wife and I ran an ADAM computer-user group for ten years! Indeed, I have many rich experiences to relate. Is anyone interested?

So I have sketched a bit about me.
Please send me email or leave a comment in my guest book.
I appreciate your feedback!

Bob Zimmerman, January 24, 2000.

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