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Keeper of the Light - Remember the Twin Towers

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Click to go to This is a really interesting idea. For every minute of the day, provides pictures of people showing the current time. Pictures are from all across the world. If that's not enough, the site runs on an 18-year-old portable computer with 32k of memory!

Seasoned Views Magazine 

 Anne's handiwork

 is recognized by Seasoned Views Magazine.
 See a picture from the Herbfarm Restaurant
 and a summary of the three-page
 feature article by Mina Williams.

newCheck out this fun service, Just for signing up, they give you one free postcard.
Upload your favorite picture, or pick from millions of images from their on-line gallery. The postcard is printed professionally and mailed the next day!

See the AmazingMail postcardsthat Ron and Bob exchanged.

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Last Updated: January 2, 2020