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MSNBC the WEEK in Pictures

The Earth as Art -- Landsat-7 satellite pictures


Country 105

KUOW National Public Radio

Get your own Chinese name based on your English name! My name in Chinese is Zhu Binbau. This website is not much to look at, but is well worth visiting. Click here

Take the ultimate IQ test from emode.
What is your IQ? My score was 124.

You found Waldo, now it's time to find Barley the dog. He is hidden somewhere in the pumpkin patch. Click on the dog to search the photo.
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Family-member personal web pages:
Thomas Valorie Colin

Valorie,   Anne,   Oscar,   Betts

Anne's Rate-My-Drawings

My Videos on YouTube

Digital Resources:
Photoshop TV - Weekly Tips
Radiant Vitsa - Photo Critique & Tips
Photoshop Goodies
Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials & tips
Photoshop CS2 Companion - Great eBook
Photoshop Tutorials -
Photoshop Tips - Wacom
Photo Scanning Tips - Wayne Fulton
Scan 35 mm Slides
Digital Camera Info & News - Steve's Digicams
Graphics from Graphic Garden

Virtual University
Cindi's List - Tips, hints, links for creating web pages

Lola Zimmermans Obituary
United We Stand -- a 9/11 video tribute (3.2 Mb)
NASA's Tribute to the Columbia Shuttle Crew
Memorial Page in memory of Lola Cowan
Memorial Page in memory of Carol Lauer
Memorial Page in memory of Lola Zimmerman

Genealogy -- Other Pages on this site
My Pedigree Chart
Valorie's GenWEB File
William Horine Zimmerman (father)
John Franklin Zimmerman (grandfather)
William Janson Zimmerman (great grandfather)
Mary Post (Keiser) Zimmerman (great grandmother)
George & Katherine (Bartlett) Kammer (grand parents)
William H. H. Horine (great grandfather)
Anna B. (Bell) Horine (great grandmother)
Trip to Brule Nebraska
Grave site of Henry Allen

Funny or Creative:
Flash Mind Reader!
Human-clock dot com - People showing the time every minute of the day
Andy's Page of Funny Stuff
Beer Can Bob
Statue Molesters
The great POP vs. SODA debate
The Mirror Project -- adventures in reflective surfaces
The Pumpkin Wizard -- Great tips on carving pumpkins
Amazing Mail - Send Professional Post Cards
Find Barley the dog!
Technology Definitions for Country Folk
Take the emode IQ test!
Sabotaged Optical Illusions
Twenty Questions - The Computer will guess what you are thinking
Joshua's Personal Web Site

The Herbfarm:
The Fall City Herbfarm
Dinner Reservations
Sample Herbfarm Restaurant menu
Eat, drink and get back to those roots -- USA Today article (9/13/2002)
Dinner designed for divinity -- Seattle PI article (9/28/2001)
Herbfarm Cookbook
Herbfarm Fire in 1997

Airplane Flight Tracking:
Flight View

Personal Recipes:
Favorite Recipes

Bob's Wish List
Formula for Good Health
This Is True - Bizarre News stories
Heroic Stories - Free Weekly Stories
History Channel
Rainbow Bridge - Dedication to our Pets
Make Great Pumpkin Carvings
How to Stay Safe and Avoid Fraud
Unique e-Cards from Jacquie Lawson
Cute e-Cards from Charlie Turner

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