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Bob & Becky Sander-Cederlof

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Some older family pictures

Summer 1997
Summer, 1997, at our house in Dallas.
(L to R) Alex Richardson, Joanna, Becky, Bob, and Jordan Richardson.
Alex and Jordan are two of our grandsons, Mike & Julie's boys.
Joanna, our youngest daughter, is now a U. S. Marine.

Some Family Pictures
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Julie, Trisha, Bob, Dave

Julie, Trisha, Bob, and Dave (Nov 13, 1999)
Dave My son Dave with his Jeep, ready for some paintball action!
18 Dec 1972 - 4 Feb 2001
Matt and Hannah Matthew & Hannah Powell (May 30, 1998)
Joanna Joanna at Parris Island (Sept 1998)
Joanna and Lee Joanna & Lee Parsons (Dec 20, 1999)
Pictures of their twins!


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