Baltimore City Postcards  


Baltimore City Postcards

Below is the original list or check file of
postcards prepared by Robert W. Barnes
for his personal collection.

This list is not an index to the cards
found on this web site. It will
however, provide as complete
a list of known Ottenheimer postcards
as are available including
a brief description and a
catalogue number.


 The Check List


BEV: Birds-eye-View
b+w: black and white
GFB: listed in Bert Smith, Greetings from Baltimore.
db: divided back
hd: hand dated
pm: postmarked
RKH: collection of Dr Robert K. Headley
RWB: collection of Robert W. Barnes
udb: undivided back

This list is a work in progress. Anyone able to supply data on cards not listed is asked to contact Robert W. Barnes

Unnumbered Cards

Greetings from Baltimore; b+w; udb; pm 1908 (RWB)

One unnumbered series is a series of color views. The earliest postmark found is 1908.

City Hall; db; pm 1912 (RWB)
Edgar Allan Poe Grave, photograph (RWB)
Greetings from Baltimore; udb; pm 1908 (RWB)
Greetings from Baltimore, pm 1914
Human Flag, Fort McHenry, pm 1922 (GFB).
New Union Station at Night, pm 1922 (GFB).
Observatory, Patterson Park, pm 1911 (GFB).
St. Peter's RC Church, db (RWB)
View of Harbor and Excursion Boats, pm 1916 (GFB).
Western High School, db (RWB)

Another unnumbered set of cards shows various Baltimore buildings with the city seal in the upper right hand corner. The earliest postmark found is 1911.

Cardinal Gibbons' Residence; db; pm 1911 (RWB)
City College (on Howard Street); db (RWB)
City Hall; db; pm 1911 (RWB)
Continental Building; db (RWB)
Court House; db; pm 1919 (RWB)
Entrance to Druid Hill Park; db; pm 1919 (RWB)
Equitable Building; db; pm 1919 (RWB).
Eutaw Place Synagogue; db; pm 1911 (RWB)
Fifth Regiment Armory; db (RWB)
Johns Hopkins Hospital; db; pm 1912; (RWB)
Post Office; db; pm 1911 (RWB)
Wallace Statue, Druid Hill Park; db (RWB)
Washington Monument and Mt. Vernon Square; db; pm 1911 (RWB)
Y.M.C.A. Building; db; pm 1912 (RWB)

The first numbered series (1-999) is a series of (usually b+w) photographs. The earliest post mark found is 1906.

    24: Monument Square, and Washington Monument; udb (RWB)
  25: Harlem Square; udb (RWB)
  29: Centennial Fountain, Eutaw Place; db (RWB)
  30: Court House and Battle Monument; db; pm 1910 (RWB)
  31: City Hall;; udb; pm 1907 (RWB)
  32: Post Office; udb; 50¢ (RWB)
  34: Equitable and Calvert Bldgs; udb (RWB)
  42; Wildey Monument, Broadway, pm 1912 (RWB).
  48: The Cathedral; udb; pm 1906 (RWB)
  66: North Charles St., Hotel Belvedere; db; pm 1908 (RWB)
  71: The Cardinal's Residence; db (RWB)
  78: Lexington Market; udb (RWB)
  80: The Monastery, Frederick Road; udb (RWB)
  84: Blaney's Theatre, udb (RKH)
  85: Hotel Rennert; udb (RWB)
  86: Gayety Theatre, udb, c1906 (GFB).
  86: Gayety Theatre, db, stamped 1916 (RKH).
 113: Old Roman Gateway; Clifton Park; udb (RWB)
 114: Park Place; udb; pm 1927; (RWB).
 116: Corpus Christi RC Church; udb (RWB)
 121: Western Female High School; db; pm 1907; (RWB)
 126: Mt. Royal Ave. from Druid Hill Park; db (RWB)
 127: Washington Monument; db (RWB)
 128: Eutaw Place, udb; pm 1907 (RWB)
 129: Old St. Paul's Ep. Ch.; udb (RWB)
 131; Clifton Pk, Observatory, pm 1910 (RWB).
 134: Enoch Pratt Free Library; udb; pm 1907 (RWB)
 137: Westminster Church, udb; pm 1907 (RWB)
 138: Eastern Female High School (RWB)
 205: Light St. Wharf, c1908 (GFB).
From here some of the cards have the description across the top of the picture on the back of the card.
 206: YMCA Building (RWB).
 208: Maryland Institute and Retail Market; db (RWB)
 214: New Howard Hotel; db; color; c1910 (GFB) (RWB)
 215: State Normal School; db; color; pm 1911 (RWB)
 225: Madison Avenue Entrance, Druid Hill Park; db (RWB)
 235: Washington Mon., Mt. Vernon Place; db; pm 1912 (RWB)
 246; Clifton Pk, Old Roman Gateway, pm 1912 (RWB).
 960: Plaza and City Hall. b+w (Bowers and Ott.) (RWB)

Beginning with No. 1000, the postcards are color views, with divided backs.

2539-29; Baltimore City College (RWB)
4598 BEV of Greater Baltimore; db; pm 1910 (RWB)
7199: Pimlico Race Track, c1925 (GFB).
7671: Fifth Regiment Armory, pm 1909 (RWB)
7673: Corpus Christie Catholic Church, pm 1908 (RWB)
7674; Old Roman Gateway, Clifton Park; pm 1909 (RWB)
7675: Washington Monument; udb; pm 1918, (RWB)
7676: Mt. Royal Ave., from Druid Hill Park; pm 1909 (RWB)
7678: Calvert St. Bridge; db; pm 1909 (RWB)
7680: Boating on the Lake, Druid Hill Park (RWB)
7681: Mount Royal Station, pm 1908 (GFB).
8493: Bandstand, Druid Hill Park, c1909 (GFB).
8494: Johns Hopkins Mansion, Clifton Park, pm 1910 (GFB).
8496: Eastern High School; db (RWB)
8503: Univ. of MD, School of Medicine, pm 1909 (GFB).
8506: Baltimore St., from Holliday Looking East, 1909 (GFB).
8512: Maryland Institute, 1909 (GFB)

The 10000 series has a white border around the view, and the number is in the lower right hand corner. The earliest date found is 1920.

 22810; New Emerson Hotel (RWB)
 24426: Large Guns at Fort McHenry (RWB)
 70907: BEV of St. Paul St., Un. St.; pm 1928 (RWB)
 70913; Francis Scott Key Monument, Eutaw Place (RWB)
 70917: Watson Mon., MD. Inst., and Corpus Christi Church (RWB)
 70926: Fifth Regiment Armory, c1920 (GFB).
 89221: Munsey Bldg and Battle Mon. (RWB)
 98590: McCormick Building, c1922 (GFB).
104207: Memorial Building (RWB)
107110: Steamer Express hd 1932 (GFB).
108917: Savings Bank of Baltimore, pm 1931 (RWB)
110004: Montgomery Ward Building, c1925 (GFB).
110068: Shot Tower, Fayette and Front (RWB).
110143: Howard St., north from Fayette, c1925 (GFB) (RKH)
110190: Lexington St., west from Park Avenue, c1925 (GFB).
121243; Johns Hopkins University, Homewood, (RWB)
121245: Animal House, DHP, with Mary Anne; udb, pm 1930 (GFB).
121253: Municipal Office Building; pm 1930.

The A Series: white border, title at bottom of picture, number on front of card, centered at top or bottom; earliest postmark found is 1917.

A14457: Federal Hill Park; $4.00 (RWB)
A14553: Centennial Fountain, Eutaw Place, pm 1915 (RWB)
A14554: Baltimore and Ohio Building, c1917 (RWB)
A14557: Federal Hill Park, Baltimore (RWB)
A14558: Mansion House, DHP, pm 1918 (RWB)
A14560: Old St. Paul's Episc. Church (RWB)
A14561: Steamer Louise in the Harbor (RKH)
A14562: Rennert Hotel, c1912 (GFB).
A14564: Baltimore & Ohio RR Building; db (RWB)
A24441: Gwynn's Falls, Gwynn Oak; db; (RWB).
A36119: Johns Hopkins Hospital, South Broadway. 1920 (GFB).
A51861: Cathedral and YMCA Building, pm 1925 (RWB)
A63619; Goucher College, St. Paul and 23rd St. (RWB)
A63625: BEV of Mt. Royal Ave. (RWB)
A63626: Entrance Riverview Park, pm 1917 (RKH).
A70903: Court House and Battle Monument (GFB).
A70904: Scene near Entrance Druid Hill Park (RWB)
A70908; Patterson Pk Obervatory and Earthworks (RWB)
A70909: Baltimore St., Looking West, c1922 (GFB).
A70912: Custom House, Baltimore; db* (RWB)
A70914; Patterson Pk, View of Lake (RWB)
A70916; Heart of Baltimore... (RWB)
A70921; Lake and Boat House, Druid Hill Park (RWB)
A70923: Camels, Park Mansion, Druid Hill Park (RWB)
A99312: Flower Market, Women's Civic League, c1925 (GFB).
A100361; Balto. Stadium, 33rd St. Boulevard (RWB)

The R series is a series of color views without border, and with divided backs. The earliest postmark found is 1913.

R4794; Univ. of Md. Hospital (RWB)
R22810: New Emerson Hotel, pm 1921 (RWB)
R24425: Fort Carroll, near Balto., pm 1922 (RWB)
R24428: Bromo Seltzer Tower Bldg, Eutaw and Lombard (RWB)
R24432: Samuel Ready Sch., North & Hartford [sic] Aves. (RWB)
R24434: St. Peter's RC Church (RWB)
R24437: Cedar Avenue Bridge, (RWB)
R24442: Fifth Regiment Armory; db; pm 1916 (RWB)
R24445: Post Office and Battle Monument; db; pm 1916 (RWB)
R24447; Wildey Monument (RWB)
R24450: Ocean Liners in the Dock (RWB)
R24454: Church Home and Infirmary; db; pm 1915 (RWB)
R24455: Johns Hopkins Hospital, N. Broadway; db (RWB).
R24557: Howard St. North from Lexington, pm 1913 (priv. coll.)
R24458: Mt. Vernon Place, Ch, and Mon.; db; pm 1914 (RWB)
R24968: City Hall, Baltimore; db; pm 1913 (RWB)
R24969: Munsey Building; home of the Balto. News (RWB)
R25513: Court House (RWB)
R26249: Baltimore Medical College (RWB)
R27813: Emerson Hotel (RWB)
R27814: Lexington Market
R30399: Fifth Regiment Armory in oval frame (RWB)
R35275: Cross Country Blvd. Bridge... (RWB)
R32579; Cedar Avenue Bridge Over Stony Run (RWB)
R35409; Clifton Pk, Johns Hopkins Mansion (RWB)
R34580: Balto. Country Club; Roland Ave., pm 1913 (RWB)
R34852: Western High School, c1920 (GFB).
R34862; Westminster Presbyterian Ch. and Poe Monument (RWB)
R34863: First M.E. Church (RWB)
R34865: Hospital for Women, pm. 1914 (RWB)
R34866: Edmondson Ave. Bridge at Gwynns Falls, pm 1918 (RWB)
R34870; Hebrew Hospital; Monument near Broadway (RWB)
R34872: Md. Casualty Tower Building, border, pm 1920 (RWB)
R34999: Lutheran Deaconess Motherhouse, North Ave., (RWB)
R59474: Polytechnic Institiute, pm 1922 (RWB)
R59474: Polytechnic Institute, c1952 (GFB).
R60179: Newell Hall, Md. State Normal School; pm 1922 (RWB).
R62979: Elks Home, B.P.O.E. No. 7 (RWB)
R63622: Mechanical Hall, JHU, c1925 (GFB).
R63521: Building No. 1, State Normal School, pm 1919 (RWB)
R68866: Southern Hotel, Redwood and Light Sts. (RWB)
R70245: Belvedere Hotel, c1920 (GFB).
R70926: Fifth Regiment Armory; db; pm 1921 (RWB)
R71988: Lexington St. Building, Lexington and Liberty (RWB)
R79363; Interior of Cathedral; db (RWB)
R89220: Maryland Casulaty Admin. Building; db (RWB)
R89922: Charles St. Blvrd looking S. (RWB)

The 1A Series
1A-3414: Polytechnic Institute, Baltimore (RWB).

The 1B Series dates from at least 1941.

1B-H1525: Sears Roebuck co. New Super Store, 1941 (GFB).
1B-H1591: Greetings from Baltimore, 1941 (GFB) (RWB)

The 2A Series

2A-H264: Panorama of Business Section (RWB)

The 3A Series; Linen Finish, white or sand colored border, number in lower right hand corner: Earliest post mark is 1938.

3A-H 189; Light St. and Wharves (RWB)
3A-H 190: Mt. Vern. Pl. & Mon., db; pm 1938 (RWB).
3A-H 191: Lord Baltimore Hotel (B-108) (RWB)
3A-H 192: War Memorial and Plaza, (RWB)
3A-H 193: Washington Monument and Lafayette Statue (RWB)
3A-H 194: Cathedral and YMCA Building (RWB)
3A-H 195: Goucher College, Balto. (RWB)
3A-H 196: Conservatory at Rose Garden, Druid Hill Park (RWB)
3A-H 197: Baltimore Trust Building; db; pm 1945 (RWB)
3A-H 198: Skyline of Balto. from Federal Hill (RWB)
3A-H 199: Enoch Pratt Free Lib. and Cathedral (RWB)
3A-H190: Mt. Vernon Pl., Wash. Mon., pm 1938:L $1.25; CL:6873.

The 3B Series

3B-H  71: Greyhound Bus Terminal, pm 1943 (GFB).
3B-H 739: Walters Art Gallery, 1943 (GFB) (RWB)
3B-H 760: Greetings From Baltimore (RWB)
3B:H1416: Peabody Institute, Mt. Vernon Square (RWB)

The 4A Series: earliest post mark found is 1935.

4A-H 486: Lexington Market, (RWB)
4A-H 488: Mansion House, Druid Hill Park (RWB)
4A-H 489; Camels, Park Mansion, DHP; db; 75¢ (RWB)
4A-H 490: Lexington St. Building (RWB)
4A-H 491: Baltimore and Ohio Building, pm 1944, (RWB)
4A-H 493: BEV of Johns Hop. Hosp., pm 1940 (RWB)
4A-H 496: Panorama View, Hist. Fort McHenry (RWB)
4A-H 497: Johns Hopkins Hospital, pm 1951 (RWB)
4A-H 849: Camels, Park Mansion, DHP, Balto. (RWB)
4A-H1813: City Hall and Municipal Office Bldg. (RWB)
4A-H1814: Francis Scott Key Monument and Portrait (RWB)
4A-H1815: U.S. Post Office and Court House, pm 1951 (RWB)
4A-H1816; Pimlico Race Track (RWB)
4A-H1817: Shot Tower, pm 1935 (GFB) (RWB)
4A-H1819: Skyline from Washington Monument (RWB)

The 4C Series: dates from c1954.

4C-H  89: Observation ramp, Friendship Airport, 1954 (GFB).
4C-H  90: Main Lobby, Friendship Airport, 1954 (GFB).

The 5A Series

5A-H 568: Polytechnic Institute, Baltimore (RWB)
5A-H 659; Court House and Battle Monument (RWB)
5A-H 662: Emerson Tower Building, 1935 (GFB).
5A-H 663: Union Memorial and Johnston Hospitals, pm 1944 (RWB)
5A-H2511: Aerial View, Johns Hopkins University (RWB)

The 5B Series; linen finish; sand colored border, title and serial number at the bottom of the frame.

5B-H1336: Union Memorial Hospital, Balto.; db (RWB)

The 6A Series; linen finish; sand colored border, title and serial number at the bottom of the frame.

6A-H 740: Church Home and Hospital (RWB)
6A-H1545: Preston Gardens (RWB)
6A-H1546; Fifth Regiment Armory (RWB)
6A-H2212: Cannon at Fort McHenry (RWB)
6A-H2213: New Viaduct and Skyline (RWB)
6A-H2214: UM Sch. of Med. and Dentistry (RWB)
6A-H2219: Court House and Battle Monument (RWB)

The 8A Series

8A-H 225: Mount Royal Station, pm 1946 (RWB)
8A-H1165: New Eastern High School, 1938 (GFB).
8A-H1655: New Eastern High School (RWB)
8A-H1656: City College (RWB)
8A-H1657; Pennsylvania Station (RWB)

The 8B Series

8B-H  85: Row Houses with white marble steps; db (RWB).
8B-H1141: Lord Baltimore Hotel, 1948 (GFB).

The 9A Series

9A-H 578: New Emerson Hotel, pm 1942 (RWB)
9A-H1294: Montgomery Ward and Co.; db
9A-H1482: Greetings from Baltimore, Md; 50¢ (RWB)
9A-H1601: Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Plant, 1939 (GFB).
9A-H1784: Skyline at Night (RWB)
9A-H1787: Loch Raven Dam and Spillway; db (RWB).

The HB Series
HB-H1475?: Aerplane View, JHU (RWB)

The OA Series; has a white border with the title and number at the bottom of the picture.

OA 4396: Post Office Parcel Post Department, Baltimore (RWB).

The OB Series

OB-H428; Candler Bldg., Pratt and Market (RWB).
OB-H558: Greetings from Baltimore, pm 1949 (GFB).
OB-H1383: Aerial View of Fort McHenry, pm 1941 (RWB)

Other series

384-30; Baltimore Trust Co. (RWB)

Baltimore Stadium, 33rd St. Boulevard, c1932 (GFB).


Maryland School for the Blind (no #) (RWB)

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