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Baltimore Postcards of the
I & M Ottenheimer Company


Ocean Liners in the Dock
In August 1890, Isaac Ottenheimer, age 19 and his 14-year old brother Moses
rented one-half of a store located at Baltimore and Pine Streets to sell
books. By 1940 the firm had
more than 100 joke books, many
of them written by the brothers using
pen names of Moe and Joe Ott.
Greetins from Baltimore!

In 1880, Louis Ottenheimer, father of Isaac and Moses, is found in the federal census at 197 German 
(later Redwood) Street. He was a 
 51-year old native of Bavaria living
with his wife Rachel and children
Henry, Joseph, Isaac, Julius, Moses
and Celia. Henry, Joseph and 
Isaac were all born in Virginia,
while the remaining children
were born in Maryland.
Baltimore City Hall 1912

By 1919, the company of I & M Ottenheimer had moved its headquarters from Baltimore
and Pine to 800-802 East
Fayette Street.

Isaac Ottenheimer and wife 
 lived at 2601 Madison Avenue,
apartment 1206 in 1929. He died in

Washington Monument , Mount Vernon Square


1953. His widow, Fannye G. a native 
of Memphis died in Baltimore
in 1961. She was survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ellinor G. Hirsch
and Mrs. Sadie O. Stern.

Moses Ottenheimer, wife Helen and
family resided at 2511 Eutaw Place,
apartment B2 in 1929. He also
served as Assistant Secretary to
Governor Theodore McKeldin. Moses
often traveled to Europe and
South America. He died in Baltimore
in 1952 and was survived by
his widow, Helen Goldsmith, brother
Isaac and his sister Celia Pollack
of New Jersey.

Baltimore Post Office
By 1963, the business was being
carried on by two grandsons,
A. T. Hirsh, Jr and A. D. Sheffler.
The firm's headquarters were
located in Pimlico.

None of the newspaper accounts
describing the Ottenheimer brothers publishing endeavors make
mention of their postcard

The following index, is a partial
and preliminary checklist attempting
to catalog various I & M 
Ottenheimer postcard series.
The numbers cited after the postcard
description are the original 
Ottenheimer publication numbers.

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