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Dogs Kearney's Book
Dog's Kearney's Book
A good read and it gives you a feeling what it is like in the Jungle
from Dog's first tour with 5 RAR

The Official Site.

The Official 3 RAR site

Sunraysia Vietnam Veterans
A really informative site on the Australian involvement in South Vietnam.

Davo's Den - Alpha Coy 3RAR '71
Davo's Den ... ex Alpha Coy 3RAR, for a different view of SVN in '71. Vietnam was a personal war often fought at Platoon level and this is their story.

Davo's Homepage for Vietnam Veterans
Drop in and check this one out. Dave Poulten has a story to tell that all Vietnam Vets can relate too.

Denis Hare's Home Pages - 104 Sig Sqd South Vietnam
Denis Hare's 104 Sig Sqn Pages.
Check out some of the pictures, especially the leaflets.

Links to many Vietnam Sites - mostly Australian
Links to many Vietnam sites ... mainly Australian.

Australian Vietnam Veterans OrganisationsAustralian Vietnam Veterans Organisations

Vietnam Veterans Asscociation of Australia Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

Vietnam VeteransVietnam Veterans Home Page

Sandy's Patriotic Site

101 Airborne - USA site

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