Phantoms of War

2nd Lt Dave Paterson commanded 8 Platoon - Killed In Action 20 March 1971 Huey Charlie Company Site Banner, displaying the RAR Corps Badge, US Presidential Citation, Vietnam Campaign Ribbons & Infantry Combat Badge
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Phantoms Of War

Devils flee killing fields at night
when earth is bathed in silver light.
Bob Lewis - OIC 9 Platoon
Golden moon against velvet black;
life's racing tide again is slack.
Soft breeze purrs in the canopy
as heaven unveils its panoply;
and weary souls sigh as the twilight dies.

At the rising of dawn's great flood,
each searing day is drenched with blood.
Muscle and sinew strain to the task;
and burning eyes are raised to ask
why such beauty clothes this place
of apocalypse and smoking waste?
And the spirits sigh from a blinding sky.

So, in the morass Death let us pass,
now slowly exacts revenge at last.
That shattered land still haunting now;
its memories blazed on furrowed brow.
Tormented minds, tortured with pain,
scream at the spectre of the sword again;
and the Phantoms sigh at their every cry.

30 June 2001
2Lt R.B. "BOB" Lewis
R.B. Lewis
M-16 - Armalite Rifle

We did our job

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by Bob Wood, Tony Cox, Bob Lewis & members of C Coy
1999 -
Disclaimer:This site has no official links with the Army, Department of Defence, The Royal Australian Regiment or 3 RAR. The site is purely a personal page of recollections & photos of our great adventure and the blokes that shared that adventure. Any errors or omissions are accidental and regretted. Please email the Author and they will be corrected.
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