Charlie Company, 3 RAR in South Vietnam 1971

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Roll Call
Dear Charlie Company Members & Friends,

As always I am playing around with design features. If you can't read HTML e-mail, then please let me know and I will send it in plain text. Why has the name changed? ... Because I found this really neat logo, and I wanted to use it... no other reason. In this issue we have a call for help from a NSW South Coast Veteran (see News), lots of interest in our website from other Veterans and The National Library (Pandora) and a request for photos from Doc Forbes for the Adopt-A-Digger Project.

The Vietnam War never seems to end. At my uncle's funeral last Friday I was approached by an old bloke who wanted to know what sort of Legacy Badge that was on my coat lapel ... the laurel wreath and the bayonet. I explained the Infantry Combat Badge to him, but the only response was that we we had become Americans and that in his time it was not called combat (they were In Action) and they didn't have a Tour Of Duty, they had to stay there until it was finished. I asked him what Unit he was with ... turns out he was in Signals Corp and stayed back in camp listening to a radio ... I advised him of another Americanism ... "Garra-trooper" ... and left it at that ... years ago I would have stopped wearing the ICB, just to avoid the conflict ... but these days, I have had enough of justifying Vietnam ... If you don't like us, well just leave us alone.

"Yours Faithfully"

Bob "Woody" Wood
7 (The Goon) Platoon
Charlie Company
3 RAR, SVN 1971



  • Application forms for joining the association can be obtained by sending an email to the President, Ron Perkins <>.  Annual subs are now $22. I know that most of us joined in 1992, but if you are like me and let your membership lapse ... then it is about time we got behind the Association. The Korean Vets were almost as badly done by as us. They may not have copped the abuse ... they were just forgotten.
  • There is a good range of merchandise eg caps, shirts, jackets, ties. Info about these can be obtained from Ron Perkins. Ron and June are interstate at the moment so it may be a week or so before they get to their emails.
  • Pat Cannard <> is the editor of the journal and would be interested in receiving any stories, info, copies of newsletters etc.  They can be sent via email.   She would also appreciate a story on our version of the reunion - it can be a whole page or just a few sentences.  They need more Vietnam stories in the journal.  Would appreciate info on your website for C Coy also.  Ron Perkins has the complete email list for the Association and they put new contacts in each issue of the journal. (If no-one has any problems I will send them our e-mail contact list and request a copy of theirs for the 1971 Tour ... in case there are any more of our blokes out there, that we don't have contact with ....I have sent Pat info on our website)

5 & A Wakey

  1. The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia is organising the above reunion.  If you would like to find out more you can phone the President Peter McCann 02 6258 9924 or the Secretary Rod Tier 02 6231 6246, Email address for Peter is as advised by Ron Perkins Prseident 3 RAR Association ... there is no 3 RAR Re-union organised.
  2. RENDEZVOUS - At this stage, if we meet at Olims on Friday night for drinks at 1900 hours (Mickey's Big Hand is pointing straight up and his little hand is on Minnie's right knee), then we can sort out our own arrangements from there. For those who can't make that rendevous point the next ones are:
    • 0600 - "Stand To" Service will be conducted on the Memorial Parade Ground in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
    • 0730 - Gunfire Breakfast at Reid Oval following the Stand To service.
    • 1100 - Form up at AWM and march to Vietnam Memorial (800 metres)
    • 1145 - Re-dedication Service at the Vietnam Memorial.
    • Until then as Dogs would say "Saddle Up, 15 paces between men, watch your arcs and Woody stay awake"
  3. Acceptances

    1. Wood, Bob "Woody"     <>
    2. Cox, Tony "TC"             <>
    3. Davis, Garry "Davo"      <>
    4. Kearney, Bob "Dogs"    <>
    5. Crowe, Bill "Crowey" ;     <> - This is c/- of his daughter Kristen Arbery
    6. Heberle, Ian "Bones"      <>
    7. Doran, Maurie "Mozza"   <>
    8. Frank "Pappy" Papworth <
    9. Reg French                    < >   
    10. Whelan, Bob "Wheels"   <>
    11. Elemes, Trevor "Darky"

    Apologies Received

    1. Dicks, Daryl "Dixie"    <> ... rang me tonight ... today was his first day off in 3 months, with mares foaling and checking cattle. He might be up in Canberra at the end of October.
    2. Mackie, Graham - Sorry mate but I will not be able to make it this time, we are in the middle of selling our farm and maybe moving then so I'll have to catch you all next time.
    3. Doc Lean - Sorry I can't be there for this Anniversary, lots going on in the life of the old "Doc".  Please pass on my regards to one and all and for God's sake, some one keep an eye on Dogs!  Come to think of it, you all probably need to keep an eye on each other.  I'll be thinking of ya!
    4. Gouldy - Give my best to all.
    5. Scott, Peter <>
    6. Forbes, Peter "Doc" <> - "Best wishes to everybody".
    7. Langy - he is saving up for a trip to Gallipoli next year.
    8. Lewis, Bob "Bomber"
    9. Stenchion, Bernie - "Hope everyone has a great time."
    10. McClaren, Noel <>
    11. Gottwaltz, Junior <>
    12. Insull, John <>
    13. Cross, Martin "Crossy" - taking the kids on School Holidays
    14. Ginnivan, John LT "Ginna"
    15. Digby, John "Digby" 
    16. Webb, Neil "Webbie"
    17. Collins, Arthur "Butch"


Racing Colours Suzie Dicks sent us a photo of GOON PLATOON's colours - Charlie Coy Green.
Goon Platoon had it's first run at Wagga a few weeks back ... no luck there,
although it was nice to hear the call, with Goon Platoon featuring in the finish.
  1. Crowey & Davo, have been on the move from the South heading north. At Dubbo Davo was having a beer (unusual) and commented to a complete stranger "You look like a bloke that I served with in Vietnam". The stranger said "That would be Trevor Elemes" ... Buggar me, it was Darky's cousin ... small world isn't it.
  2. Crowey has finally caught up with some blokes that he hasn't seen in 30 years. In Queensland he had luch with Crossy at Redcliffe and then went to Bribie Island and had lunch at the local RSL with Davo, Webby, and Ginna. After lunch they rang up Digby and met up with him at the local wharf. Crowey will be down in Canberra for the October weekend ... a good chance for him to catch up with other mates that he hasn't seen for 30 years.
  3. I am still looking for Charlie Coy Diggers photos to put up on the VVnW AU Website at <> at the AdoptaDigger section. So far we have had David Lean and a couple of others, however we need more photo's.
    Also remember the VVnW send out Military Support Packages to Australian and US military serving overseas so have a look at the VVnW US website at <> to see the Military Support Package. If you have someone in your family or that you know someone serving overseas in the Military, let us know their postal details and we will send them a package.
    Try and get me some photo's for the website.
    Yours in Brotherhood
    Peter Forbes(Doc)
  4. Tony Cox has been under the surgeons knife recently and been doing some home refurbishing, with a complete change of floors throughout, new front entrance and all walls painted and wood polished.
  5. "Can You Hear Australia's Heroes Marching?", a song by Peter Barnes. You can find the lyrics, read about the song and download a mp3 audio file at I will post a link to the site and the lyrics on our site (as soon as I can).
  6. Plaque at commemorative walk, Shellharbour District, NSW. A request for help was received from Don Tate, who served with 4th Battalion; D&E Platoon; 9th Battalion and 1A.R.U. He was wounded in action on 19th July, 1969. Hospitalised for more than two years afterwards. Remains badly disabled. Appearing on Channel 9's "R.P.A." show from October 10th after attempted hip recostruction of the damage done by Viet Cong machine-gun fire. Unfortunately Don didn't give us the council's e-mail address. The short story is that Don and fellow veteran's planted some trees for a Commerorative Walk, but the council won't let them put a plaque up, because they are going to have an official memorial in the centre of town ... as usual officials know what is best for Vietnam Veterans. You can read about Don's fight at or email Don at I will log a link into our website, when time permits.
  7. 3 RAR Assualt Pioneer Platoon 2ND TOUR REUNION EASTER 2003 - there is no email address, but if you were in the Assault Pioneers (or know someone who was), then contact either Ray Laidlaw 07 5423 0129 or Barbara Jones 08 8843 9005 for details.
  8. One of the searches on the website last month was for Snowy Wright. Dogs writes
    Snowy Wright was a good mate of mine. I'm sad to say he died about 10 years ago and is buried in the Seymour Cemetery in Victoria.
    Lest We Forget
  9. Not The Army News A satirical web site has been created at
    It is basically is a cynical version of the Australian Army Newspaper. Go and have a laugh before the fun police shut it down.....Click on Edition 1 ... there is only one edition.

'Force Teach you will I'

We interview the latest member of the Combined Arms Training Centre team about where the 800 year old freakish dwarf sees the use of 'Jedi mind tricks' in the Army of Tomorrow




  • Exciting news from The National Library of Australia who has asked (and been granted ) permission to copy our Website into the Archive and to provide public access to it via the Web. The National Library of Australia aims to build a comprehensive collection of Australian publications to ensure that Australians have access to their documentary heritage now and in the future.  The Library has traditionally collected items in print, but it is also committed to preserving electronic publications of lasting cultural value.
  • The PANDORA (Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia) Archive was set up by the Library in 1996 to enable the archiving and provision of long-term access to online Australian publications.   Since then we have been identifying online publications and archiving those that we consider have national significance.
  • The Library will take the necessary preservation action to keep your publication accessible as hardware and software changes over time.  The Library will catalogue your publication and add the record to the National Bibliographic Database (a database of catalogue records shared by over 1,100 Australian libraries, as well as to our own online catalogue.
  • Access to the PANDORA Archive is provided via the Library's online public access catalogue <>.  In addition to access via the catalogue, titles are also accessible from subject and title lists that are maintained on the PANDORA Home Page <>.
  • I will put these links on our own website ... when time permits.


  • Ray Payne, President and Webmaster for Charlie Company 1RAR Association, has put a link for our site on the 1 RAR site. Their site caters for all former members of C COY 1RAR up to and including current serving members. Ray is also National President of the 1RAR Association. Their website is and I will get a reciprocal link as time permits.
  • Gary Dawson, <> 6 Platoon, Bravo Coy, 3 RAR, SVN 1971, checked in with "Great to hear from a fellow ''71 tour member after all this time. Had a squiz at your site-you blokes have really put an effort into it-good stuff. As far as I know I'm the only 6 Platoon bloke in W.A. but I have been to a couple of B Coy reunions in the Eastern States. I'll put your site on my favourites."
  • Bob Freshfield <> is the webmaster for the Vietnam Veterans Federation He writes " I checked out your site and found it a worthwhile place to browse. I was a 'Nasho" doing time at 1ARU during 1971. I got sent to, but not posted, 3RAR during "Briar Patch", "Overlord", "Iron Fox", then to 4RAR (not posted) for "Hermit Park", "North Ward" and "Ivanhoe". Shifted around among 3RAR BCoy and 4RAR CCoy and the Kiwi Coy as well. A lot of forward scout work too! - I will put a link on our site, as soon as time permits.
  • Mike (Dicko) Dickson <> signed The Company Guest Book with "Great work...very professional. I was with 6 Platoon but I can remember plenty of the faces of the Goons in the photos.... 6 Platoon is having a reunion April 25th 2003 at Queenbeyan. Any of you guys in the area or passing by are welcome.....". Dicko has a photo site at ... worthwhile checking out, when you get time. I will put a link on our site ... when I get time.
  • Eddie Thompson <> from Brussels, Belgium signed The Company Guest Book with "An excellent site and many thanks for it.
    Lest We Forget
  • Leon "Junior" Harrison <> who has a website at signed The Company Guest Book with "I'd just got a email from Peter Haran, and a few from 'Dogs' before that regarding 'Crossfire'. Came in off their book site and thought I should come and check out these jokers in the Goon Platoon. Got to get out and track down a copy of 'Trackers' asap.
    Keep yah powder dry and all the best eh.

    Leon "Junior" Harrison
    the Kiwi Scribbler

    Another link to add ... as soon as time permits.


  • Dogs - people love the old Sarge
  • Victor Charlie - yep remember those guys
  • Zipper - have no idea what that search was about - I always kept mine done up.
  • Bob Kovach
  • Holzum
  • Alpha
  • Knight


  1. A nice e-mail from Ron Williams <>
    It has to be one of the very best I have visited with regards to Australian soldiers in Vietnam. The photo album section is easily the best of any site, (Australian or US), that I have seen and it really gives a real insight into the day to day life of the soldiers.I would recommend it to anyone who wants to find out what the 'aussie' Vietnam experience was like.
    Ron also corrected one of my errors - we sailed from Outer Harbour - not Victor Harbour, that's where we used to get wet on the inside.
  2. Tony Cox is coming down to Canberra for the Re-Dedication and has sent a reminder about Photos ..."Please remind all to bring their slides and photographs so that I can do some scanning.  Things have been very slow lately in that department."
  3. Bob "Bomber" Lewis advised that "I'm currently working a a CD for you containing all the photos I've got here.  Should be with you soon but, it's fairly timer consuming so don't hold your breath.......  I haven't stopped though!"
Regardless of your opinions of the morality of The Viet Nam War or the rights and wrongs of it, we went there to do a job .... and at times we may have done it in our own way ... but ....
We did our job

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