Our Stories - some tall, but mostly true

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Our Stories
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These are our stories. They are from memory and they are true stories, although the facts may have become a bit clouded over the years. These stories are the spirit of Charlie Company. They show the attitude that got us through the War.

According to Moose Harris (Company Sergeant Major) 7 Platoon always had the most charges. We always admitted the offence, but then there would the excuse. At times Moose and Spot Tilley (Officer Commanding Charlie Company) had difficulty in stopping themselves from laughing during the hearing. Depending on how funny or original the excuse was, depended on the leniency of the sentence. The spirit of 7 Platoon still lives within it's members today.

Our Stories
Still to be written
Boodgie & Greenie
The lost lieutenant
The CMF Major
The haircut
The donkey
The old mess hut & Rosies
Pictures of the Queen
Railway Crossing
Swimming & fishing in the Song Rai
Pop go the Bunkers
Pills or needle?
Miss 3 RAR
Blood Brothers
Rod Loller & the pistolero
The return to the Botanic
The Rat is born
How Junior lost his ear.
Dixie & the Chandelier
Junior & the zipper
Dogs & Foxy's watch
Born Under A Wandering Star
Patto & the Tick
Butch & the Leech
Foxy & the Leech
Butch & the banana rifle
Gary Davis & no rifle
Stop that Rubber Tree
The Silent Service
The last TAOR Patrol
Two for the price of one
The Yippy Ambush & The Burning Bamboo
How the showers got built
The Monitor Lizard
The little red ants
More little red ants & APC's
The silver tent
Multi Coloured Bums
The new lieutenant
Goodbye Mr Chips & Elizabeth
Dirty jobs for the Rat Platoon
The Road to Tui Tic
We did our job

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by Bob Wood, Tony Cox, Bob Lewis & members of C Coy
1999 -
Disclaimer:This site has no official links with the Army, Department of Defence, The Royal Australian Regiment or 3 RAR. The site is purely a personal page of recollections & photos of our great adventure and the blokes that shared that adventure. Any errors or omissions are accidental and regretted. Please email the Author and they will be corrected.
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