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      Welcome to the Poplar Family Page.

      This page has come about mainly because of a lot hard work by Heather Faulkes.
      Heather is responsible for the historical and the genealogical content of the page, in
      other words almost the entire content of the

      I began researching the family name a few years back.  My reasons for doing so, at that
      time, were partly due to a family story that hinted at the possibility that we were related
      to a POPLAR whose painting is supposed to hang in the town hall in the Borough of
      Poplar.  This so called relation apparently had the Borough of Poplar named after him,
      hence his picture hanging in the town hall.  I have never believed this story and
      it was my intention to lay the story to rest.  Living in Australia, I found it difficult finding
      records of my ancestors.  I searched various web sites and managed to find a lot of
      POPLAR's but was unable to make any sense out of them.  I left a message on the
      boards at Rootsweb and heard nothing for more than 18 months.  Then one day I
      received an email from Heather and since then I have discovered far more about the
      POPLAR name in general and my own family tree in particular than I thought I
      would do. Oh, I am still no closer to knowing whether the portrait hanging in the borough
      of POPLAR is related or not.

      I hope you find something of interest here.  If you have any information that you would
      like to share, please use the contact page.

This page was created by Brian Poplar ©2001