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Inner Courtyard, Smithills Hall

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Smithills Hall, West Front

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Walmsley Chapel, Egerton, Nr. Bolton

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Halliwell House, Smithills, Bolton

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Hall i'th Wood Museum, Bolton

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St.Paul's Church, Astley Bridge, Bolton


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Genealogical Website for Bolton, Lancashire

Picture Gallery

Bolton Bleachers - taken from Wheeler's Manchester Chronicle 13 November 1784

Halliwell Bleachworks - List of employees July 1857

The Lord's Day Plan of Methodist Preachers - Bolton Circuit, 1818

Little Bolton Bleachworks - list of employees 1891-99

Sharples Hall - extract from 'Historical Gleanings' published 1882

Dr.J M Thornley - Obituary

Special Constables in Bolton 1816-1831

Parliamentary Commission looking into conditions and hours at bleachworks 1855

Turton Workhouse - Admission Register 1840

Fletcher Street Workhouse - Register of Births 1839-1861

Rumworth Mill, Daubhill - List of Employees (Young Persons) 1884-1902

Dr. Fergus Ferguson, J.P. Mayor of Bolton 1866-67 - Obituary

Lancs & Cheshire Band of Hope Union 1886-1921- Astley Bridge Baptist Church

Marriage Licenses 1903-49 - Astley Bridge Baptist Church

John Brierley in India

Eden's Orphanage

Tom Mayor (1894-1983) Crown Green Bowling Champion

Index of MI's - Edgworth Congregational Church


WELCOME to my website, which has a genealogical connection to Bolton, Lancashire, a former mill town noted for its cotton industry.

It originally came into being as a vehicle for anyone wishing to display photographs of Bolton ancestors they couldn't identify, and over time gradually expanded.

IF you have any photographs/documents that you think might be of interest, or that you cannot identify, please scan them to Valerie, with a brief description of the item, stating clearly what is required. Hopefully other people will be able to supply the answer.

ALSO included is material which may be useful to those researching their family history.

THIS site is being run as an accessory to the ENG-LAN-BOLTON mailing list.

IF you would like to join, click here typing the word subscribe in both the body and subject line of the message.

I hope you enjoy my site and find it of benefit in your research.

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