Wheeler's Manchester Chronicle of the 13th November, 1784 contained the subjoined notice:

Bolton, Nov. 3rd, 1784 - At a meeting held this day at Mrs. Cooper's, the Three Crowns Inn, by the following bleachers in and about this neighbourhood, it was unanimously resolved that after having made a fair trial, they find it impracticable to carry on their business (owing to the heavy penalties, expenses, and unavoidable inconveniences they are subject to from the present tax on bleached goods), and are under the disagreeable necessity of informing the merchants and manufacturers of the towns and neighbourhood of Manchester and Bolton that they intend not to take in any more goods after Wednesday, the 10th instant.  Witness our hands-

Edward ROTHWELL :  John BENTLEY  :  John HOPWOOD  :  John HORRIDGE  :
Edward ENTWISTLE  :  Thomas THWEAT  :  John GRUNDY  :  John LOMAX  :  Samuel
HARDMAN  :  John BOARDMAN  :  Peter AINSWORTH  :  James COCKER  :  Thomas
RIDGWAY  :  James LOMAX  :  James MORRIS  :  James AINSWORTH  :  Thomas
THWEAT jun.  :  Richard BENTLEY  :  John THWEAT

Samuel HARDMAN conducted a small bleaching establishment at Lee Gate, in
Harwood township, in the low ground near Bradshaw Church.  His son (James
Hardman) still survives him at the age of 80 years, and resides at Brook
Fold, in Harwood.

Extract from Historical Gleanings, Bolton & District, B T Barton, published

N.B.The Fustian Tax was repealed on 21st April 1785