Chuck's Genealogy Home Page

Chuck's Genealogy Home Page


I have a lot of new information that I have found and will be adding it as soon as I can. (8 Mar 2005)
I've input some of it (along with sourses) and am working on adding more. (4 Aug 2005)

This is the history of my family.
I know that there are probably errors.
If you find them and have proof,
please let me know and I will fix them.



My Grand Parents
And you thought your genealogy was complicated!



Doarn Boneparte Hurt


Reva Lykins


Paternal Biological

Jake Tucker


Lottie Elizabeth King


Paternal Adoptive

Charlie Broom


Frances Aileen Flowers


Paternal Foster

Edward Bloomfield Banks


Lucy Shirley



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(all names Maiden if known)

Robert Lafayette Hurt

Doarn B. Hurt, Cassie Easterling, McKinley Easterling, Martha Austin (Hurt Easterling) (seated)

Doarn Boneparte Hurt with Cassie, William McKinley and William Easterling and his wife Martha Austin

McKinley Hurt and Wife Emily

John Everett Hurt abt 1935

John Everett Hurt

Aunt Lou (Luella), JOhn Everett Hurt's wife

J. Everett Hurt

Erma Faye Hurt, John Everett Hurt, & his wife Luella Smith

John Everett Hurt - Miami 1958

Reva Lykins Hurt, Doarn Boneparte Hurt, and Grandson Jeff

Doarn Boneparte Hurt, his wife - Reva Lykins, and her father Viceroy Likins

Doarn Boneparte Hurt

Back row: unknown, unknown, Doarn Boneparte Hurt, Viceroy Lykins
Front row: unknown, unknown

Martha Hurt is the baby in Reva Lykins' arms (her mother, Center)

Martha Hurt is the baby in Reva Lykins' arms (her mother, Center, July 1943)

Doarn Boneparte Hurt and Reva Lykins' Grave

James T. Lykins & wife, Nancy Ann Maynard

Viceroy Lykins

Viceroy Lykins

Dorothy Lee Lykins b abt 1943 (senior picture 1959_60)

Janet (Viceroy Lykins' g-dau) age 15, grade 10, Monroe High School

Sydney Joyce

Dorothy Lee Lykins (In Martha Hurtís HS class)

Martha Madge Hurt - Age 7 (boy is prob James Earl Hurt)

Martha Madge Hurt - 10th grade

Martha Madge Hurt - 1958

Martha Madge Hurt - Highschool Graduation trip to Washington DC

Hurts (July 15, 1951)
standing) Mary Lou Mahalia Hurt 13, Nina Dene Hurt 17, Erma Faye Hurt 18, Bertha Irene Hurt 15
(seated) Doarne Boneparte Hurt67, Reva Lykins 36, ViceRoy Lykins
(on ground)Roy Taylor Hurt 10, James Earl Hurt 5, Martha Madge Hurt 8

Martha Hurt and Viceroy Lykins Jun 1958

Roy, Martha, and Jimmy Hurt abt 1954

Hurt Kids about 1954

Martha Madge Hurt - Dec 1967

Aunt Nina Hurt's wedding

James Earl Hurt

James Earl Hurt

Mary Lou Mahalia Hurt - Graduation Picture

Francis Ailene Flowers

Charles Jr, at shooting range

Charles Jr, Dec 1967

Martha, Charles, Sandy, and Chuck Nov 1965

Martha, Charles, Sandy, Chuck Nov 1965

Sandy and Chuck, Oct 1967

Sandy, Martha, and Chuck, Christmas 1966

Sandy and Chuck, Jan 1968

Chuck - Nov 1967

Chuck - Dec 1967

Chuck - Christmas 1969

Chuck - Fishing in Virginia near Aunt Faye Hurt's house

Chuck - Halloween 1969

Chuck - On first Scout hike (Packed a cast iron pan to cook with)

Sandy (back center), Chuck, Carol (kissing Chuck) and her Sister
(friends of the family, parents were LC and Frances) Dec 67

Chuck Nov 1968

Charles & Chuck Nov 1968

Chuck Dec 1968

Chuck's 3rd birthday

Chuck and Sandy Oct 1967

Chuck, Sandy, and Mark (front) - Nov 1967

cousin Becky, Sandy, Chuck, and Mark (front) (Spring 1969)

Chuck & Mark in a washtub prob at Aunt Faye Hurt's in about 1969

standing: Martha, Sandy, Charles
seated: Chuck, Seth, and Mark

Mark, Seth, Charles, Sandy (Holding Jenny) and Chuck in Mobile, AL

Reva Lykins with GrandKids, Feb 1974, Brunswick, Georgia

Reva Lykins with grandkids

Reva Lykins with Grandkids

Trip to the Washington, DC

Thomas and Godfrey kids - Aiken, SC

Sandy with Treva Banks

Thomas Banks and Family

Hurt family home - West Union, Ohio

Chuck and wife, Laura, in Redlands, CA Nov 1990

Blanch Leona Pinkston

Aline Flowers, William "Bill" Prentif Fuqua, and Jenny (baby)