St Stephen In Brannel Cornwall England Marriages

[1681 - 1734]

Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Bishops Transcripts, St. Stephens In Branwell, 1681-1772; filmed at the District Probate Court Bodmin, by courtesy of The Right Hon. Lord Merriman G.C.V.O., President of the Probate Divorce & Admiralty Division of The High Court of Justice, filmed by the Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., June 1952.

Family History Center microfilm number 90268. Permission for transcriptions arranged by the Cornwall Online Parish Clerks through the LDS, Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

The original Bishop Transcripts, at the time of microfilming, were in very poor condition. Many areas of the orginal paper were damaged causing some marriages to have missing information. This OPC transcription will denote such missing information as [?], [damage] or in some cases [unreadable].

The individual pages, as seen on the microfilm copy, appear not to be in a book format, but loose pages. Some years were not on this microfilm of the Bodmin Bishop Transcripts.

This OPC transcription contains: male surname and given name, female surname and given name, and the marriage date. Spellings and any abbreviations are listed as they appear in the record, except for the capitalization of the surnames.

Please note that only the marriage records from 1681 to 1734 were transcribed.


"A true coppy of the Registry of the said parish of all marriages, christenings and burialls with [?] [?] said parrish in the year of our Lord 1681"

LEEKS Thomas, TRUDGIAN Christian, 23 Apr 1681
WHETTER Robt., PARSON Jane, 29 Apr 1681
JOLL Adam, BASTYN Ann, 25 Jun 1681
HODGE Stephen, STARKE Dorrothy, 26 [June?] 1681
SAMSON John, DINNELL Ann, 29 Aug 1681
DODGE William, MARKE Mary, 26 Nov 1681

No records on the microfilm for the years 1682 or 1683


"A copy of the Register of St. Stephens in Brannel for the year 1684"


COMMING John, TREMAINE Elizabeth, 5 Apr 1684
PHILP Thos., ROUSE Jenifer, 31 May 1684
MARTIN Richard, COMMING Catherine, 2 Jun 1684
HOOPER Bernard, COWLING Margaret, 2 Aug 1684
ALLEN Richard, BONE Joan, 20 [Sep?] 1684
ROGERS Jacob, DINGLE Dinah, 1 Nov 1684
VIVIAN Adam, JEWELL Judeth, 2 Nov 1684
SANDY Thomas, WATTS Joan, [damaged] 1684
ANDREW Bartholomew, YELLAND Elizabeth [damaged] 1684
WILLIAMS Henry, HARRY Joan, [damaged] 1684

No records on the microfilm for the years 1685 or 1686


[unreadable] of Christenings marriages & buryalls in the parish of St Stephens in Branell in year 1687

WHITTFER Thomas, LULEY Ann, 31 Mar 1687
ROSE William, DOWNY Ann, 4 Apr 1687
CATHERINE William, VIAN Elizabeth, 8 Apr 1687
STARKE William, HARRY Agnes, 17 Aug 1687
LEWARNE Joseph, PUMEREY Jane, 22 Oct 1687
BEANBERY Richard, THOMAS Joan, 26 Nov 1687
VIAN Anthony, WEBBER Joan, 7 Jan 1687
HEARLE Walther of Tywadreth, ANDREW Jane of Probus, 17 Feb 1687
TRUDGIN William, STARKE Ellinor, 27 Feb 1687
ANGILLIE Thomas, COWLING Elizabeth, 27 Feb 1687


A copie of the Register kept in the parish of St. Stephens in Brannel for the year 1688

BEARD John, BULLEN Mary, 19 May 1688
THOMAS John, VIVIAN Thomasine, 19 May 1688
TRETHEWY Bartholomew, TRETHEWY Elizabeth, 22 May 1688
TUCKER Richard, PEARCE Margery, 16 Jun 1688
PHILLIPS Digory, OPPIE Precilla, 28 Jul 1688
TRUDGYAN Anthony, LAWRY Elisabeth, 6 Oct 1688
JANE James, REMFRY Elizabeth, 10 Nov 1688
REMMET Alexander, RICKARD Margaret, 17 Nov 1688
TRUSCOT Anthony, TREMAYNE Susanna, 29 Jan 1688


This is a coppy of the Reigester of the parish of St. Steph[damaged] in Brannell in the year 1689 [note - this page was badly damaged]

[damaged]D Francis, DIER Mary, 1 Jun 1689
POUND Wm., ROGERS Elizabeth, 3 Jun 1689
ROSE Tho., HIGMON Ann, 16 Jan 1689


[no heading - only one marriage record]

TRUSCOTT Hugh, WEBBER Dorithy, 11 Feb 1692

[no records for 1693 thru 1700]


St Stephens In Brannell 1701 a coppy of the Register book of the parish aforesaid

MAY Ralph, ARTHUR Susanna, 11 May 1701
STANTON William, ROGERS Grace, 10 Jun 1701
CROULL William, STANTON Jane, 23 Jun 1701
RUNNALS Anthoy, ROW Mary, 12 Jul 1701
WATTS John, BREWER Jullian, 2 Aug 1701
HICKS Anthony, DREW Elisabeth, 7 Oct 1701
TRETHEWY Thomas, MELLOE Joan, 11 Oct 1701
BENNETT John, SANDY Ann, 31 Dec 1701

[no records for 1702 thru 1705]


A coppy of the Register book of the parish of St Stephen in Bernnell of marriages birth, and burialls in the year 1706


NEWTON Thomas, MARTYN Honour, 18 May 1706
WATTS John and WATTS Ann, 10 Aug 1706
TRUSCOTT Allex:, CROULL Phillepp, 1 Jan 1706


St Stephens In Branwell / A coppy of the Register book of the said parish of St Stephens wherin is written all the names of such as were married baptised and buried in St Stephens aforesd in the year 1707


TREGENSA William, BILKEY Charritty, 14 Apr 1707
SMITH Samuell, LANKSFORD Jane, 14 Apr 1707
DOWRICK George, SWEET Eliz:, 15 Apr 1707
COOD Edward, KEY Mary, 26 Apr 1707
RICHARDS Benjamin, RICKARD Patience, 31 May 1707
TRETHEWY James, COOD Grace, 9 Aug 1707
TRUSCOTT Antho:, TEAGE Thamson, 22 Sep 1707
TUBB Mathias, HOWELL Ann, 27 Sep 1707

[no records for 1708 thru 1712]


St Stephens In Brannell - marriages birth & burialls in the sd. [?] of the register book of the parish of St Stephen in Brannell in the year 1713

HORE Thomas, TREGENZA Jane, 4 [J?] 1713
REYMELL Peter, ROW Elizabeth, 14 Sep 1713
OLLIVER John, ANDREW Florrance, 7 Nov 1713
PEARCE Tho:, COWLYN Isable, 26 Dec 1713
YELLAN Tho:, TRETHEWY Ann, 26 Dec 1713
LARK William, TRUDGIAN Rebecca, 1 Jan 1713


St Stephens In Brannell 1714 [-] A coppy of the Register of St. Stephens [-] Marriages

TRETHEWY Willm., SWEETT Jenifer, 16 Oct 1714
KNIGHT John, BENNETTO Jone, 18 Dec 1714
Pendray James, PEARCE Eliz:, 26 Feb 1714
SANDY John, PENNYLIGGON Jone, 26 Feb 1714


St. Stephens In Brannell 1715 } A coppy of the marriages Births & Buriallsfor the year 1715

BONE Robt., RICKARD Jane, 9 Apr 1715
CROULE Robt., BASTYN Francis, 10 Jul 1715
ANDREW Wm., RICKARD Flurence, 6 Aug 1715
ANDREW Thomas, WISE Mary, 8 Aug 1715
THOMAS James, SALTER Eliz., 8 Oct 1715
PARKIN Wm., MARTYN Ann, 4 Dec 1715
TRETHEWY John, MELLOE Temprence, 4 Feb 1715


St Stephens In Brannell } A copy of the register book of the sd. Parish of St Stephens of the Marriages Births and Burialls in the year 1716

STARK William, NICKOLS Sarah, 20 May 1716
BENNETT William, ROGERS Susanna, 21 May 1716
LAWRENCE Wm., CAIME May, 9 Jun 1716
BLAMY Wm., YELLAN Sarah, 16 Jun 1716
TOOKER John, MELYN Jane, 23 Jun 1716
BONE Wm., BOWNSELL Eliz:, 24 Jul 1716
BASTYN Ed:, STICK Mary, 11 Aug 1716
SOLLOMON Tho:, ROGERS Joan, 4 Aug 1716
SEARLL James, BENNETT Honor, 18 Nov 1716
PEARCE Joshua, ANDREW Phillipa, 25 Nov 1716
MORLYN Richard, ROGERS Eliz:, 29 Dec 1716
WATTS Henry, BONNETT Ann, 2 Jan 1716
ANDREW John, TRETHEWY Grace, 3 Feb 1716


St Stephens In Brannell – A coppy of the register of the marriages [1717 – date from burials page]

SANDERS Thomas, LULY Joan, 3 June 1717
WHETTER William, MORLYN Sarah, 22 June 1717
PINNO: Peter, SOWELL Mary; 4 Aug 1717
WHITFORD John, MELLOE Mary, 5 Aug 1717
PARKIN John, JENKIN Elizabeth, 19 Aug 1717
PEARSE William, ORCHARD Eliz:, 26 Dec 1717
COODE George, BONE Rebecka, 28 Dec 1717
HOSKIN John, SNELL Joan, 8 Feb 1717
DREW Edward, BENNETT Deborah, 8 Feb 1717
ARTHUR Francis, TRUSCOTT Dorithy, 18 Feb 1717


Marriages in 1718

CONDY Francis, YELLAN Thamason, 4 Oct 1718
RICKARD John, TRUSCOTT Susanna, 12 Oct 1718


Marriages to the 6th of Octob'r in 1719

TRETHEWY Richard, BASLYN Mary, 11 Apr 1719
HOAR Lansilott, MENEER Louday, 22 Aug 1719
all by banns
[on another sheet of paper, besides the above two, the following were listed:]
VIVIAN John, NEWTON Mary, 11 Dec 1719
BILLING Lewis, TRETHEWY Eliz:, 20 Dec 1719
BASSETT Richard, TRETHEWY Mary, 28 Dec 1719
COMMON Josiah, BEANBERY Margery, 3 Jan 1719
TREGONING James, TRETHEWY Jane, 23 Feb 1719
LUKE Henry, ELFORD Mary, 25 Feb 1719
WILLIAMS Robert, THOMAS Joan, 1 Mar 1719
LEY George, TRETHEWY Gertrued, 12 Mar
all were mar'd by [?]


St. Stephens In Brannell 1720 - Coppy of the Register for The Parrish & year aforesaid [1720]

TRETHEWY Phil:, BEANBERY Issbell, 17 Apr
BENNATOO Edwd., MAY Alce, 25 Jun
WHETTER Jacob, RICKARD Phila., 8 Oct
TRETHEWY Ricd:, ANGOVE Honr:, 27 Nov
HIX Ricd., YELLAND Fflor:, 27 Dec
KELLY Tho:, PERKING Mary, 18 Feb
PHILP Wm., ROSS Mary, 21 Dec
"All married by banns"


St Stephens in Brannell} this is a true coppie of Marriages Baptisms & Burials in ye parish aforsaid according to the Registor copy in ye said pish Anno dom: 1721

WHETTER John, TRUSCOTT Grace, 29 May, by banns
TRETHEWEY Robert,  ROGERS Grace, 18 Jul, by banns
TRUSCOTT Digory,  ANDREW Frances, 31 Jul, by banns
WHETTER Wil., LEWARNE Mary, 27 Aug, by banns
OSBORN Joseph, LAW Honour, 29 Sep, by licience dated 27 Jul [last?]
HODG Rir:, ROBERTS Margrett, 6 Oct, by banns
RICKARD John, TRUSCOTT Honour, 26 Oct, by banns
HARRIS Pye, TRETHEWEY Elizabeth, 18 Dec, by banns
BILKEY Ric:, HELLENS Catherine, 27 Dec, by banns
ELLIS Rob:, BULLAN Grace, 27 Dec, by banns


St Stephens in Brannell} This is a true coppie of Marriages Baptisems & burials in the pish aforsyd accordin to ye register kept in the sd pish Anno dom: 1722

ROSS Michael, TRUSCOTT Mary, 27 Mar by bans
CHAPLE Edw:, WHETTER Elloner, 18 Apr, by bans
BABURY Rir:, HARRIS Dorothy, 8 Apr, by bans
TRUDGION Will:, TRUSCOTT Jane, 29 Apr, by bans
PEARCE Martin, ANDREW Patience, 30 Apr, by bans
TRUSCOTT George, PEARCE Joan, 13 Aug, by bans
LITTLE Will:, CLEAR Mirriam, 30 Sep, by banns
RICKARD John, HARRIS, LOVEDY,10 Oct, by bans
STEPHENS Joseph, STICK Jane, 29 Dec, by bans
TRUDGIEN Tho:, HICKS Julian, 5 Jan, by bans
BUNNEY Will:, JAN Rebeckeh, 19 Jan, by bans
VYVIAN Antho:, BILKEY Elizabeth, 30 Jan, by bans
TRUSCOTT Tho:, ELVANS Jane, 26 Feb, by bans


None listed in the Bodmin Bishop Transcripts


None in the Bodmin Bishop Transcripts


"St Stephens in Brannell } this is a true coppie of marriages baptisms & burials in the pish aforesd according to ye reistor kept in ye pish aforesd Anno dom: 1725"


MINORS John, OSBORN Constance, 8 Apr 1725, by banns
CURTCH James, of St Mewan, TREGONZA Alice, 11 Apr by license dated 5th instant
RABY John, of St Dennes, PROUT Elisabeth, 5 May by bans
PARSON John, of St Dennes, TRETHEWEY Thomson, 19 Jun, by bans
WEBB Michaell, RENPHRY Temprance, 4 Aug, by bans
BRAY John, MARTYN Jane, 10 Oct, by bans
MARTYN Tho:, of St Dennes, CUNDY Mary, 21 Nov, by bans
ROGERS Samu:, ROGERS Anna, 6 Feb, by bans
WARNE Tho:, PARKIN Grace, 20 Feb, by bans


None listed in the Bodmin Bishop Transcripts


[Note: The 1727 Marriages where filmed out of order. 1727 marriages appeared on the microfilm after the 1728 section.]

"St Stephens in Brannell} This is a true coppie of Marriages Babtisms and Burials in ye pish aforesd according to ye Register kept in the sd pish Anno: dom: 1727"

MINERS Samson, BULLON Christian, 1 Apr, by banns
COOD John, YELLAND Eleanor, 16 Apr, by banns
WHETTER Tho:, TRETHEWEY Joan, 25 Apr, by banns
SALTER John, LONG Dorcas, 9 Oct, by banns
BULLAN James, HOSKIN Mary, 14 Sep, by banns
VIVIAN Francis, GINIRINS Jane, 25 Nov, by banns
HOCKEY James, WATTS Anne, 30 Dec. by banns
HICKS Joseph, PENNO Elizabeth, 3 Feb, by banns
WARRICK Christopher, BASSETT Mary, 14 Feb, by banns


"St Stephens in Brannell} This is a true coppie of Marriages Baptisms & Burials according to the Registor kept in the pish aforesd Anno Dom 1728"

WHETTER John, CHAMPION Elizabeth, 28 Apr, by banns
BROOKIN Joseph, COOD Elizabeth, 5 May, by banns
ELFORDE Philemon, of St Dennes, PHILLIPS Joan, 10 May, by banns
GREEN-SLADE John, WATTS Thamson, 24 June, by banns
RUNDLE John, GEACH Honour, 4 Aug, by banns
HICKS Walter, HARRIS Elisabeth, 10 Aug, by banns
RICKARD Joseph, TUCKER Anna, 7 Oct, by banns
YELLAND Nicholas, TRETHEWEY Elizabeth, 16 Oct, by banns


"St. Stephens In Brannell } This is a true coppie of Marriagess baptisms and burials according to the Registor kept in the pish aforesd anno: dom: 1729" [note: left side of paper torn]

BEST [?]agor John "of St Dennes", MARTIN Eliz., 8 Apr 1729, by Banns
TRETHEWEY [?] er, WOON Joan, 9 Apr 1729, by Banns
BEST William, ARTHUR Anne, [no date listed]
RICHARDS Henry, BENNETT Mary, 26 Apr 1729, by Banns
HARRIS [?]iam, NANKIVELL Susana, 16 Oct 1729, by Banns
THOMAS [?]hon, MUFFORD Mary, 12 Jan 1729, by Banns
CUNDY [?], [?]lore Phillippa, 18 Jan 1729, by Banns


“St. Stephens in Brannell } A copy of the registry book for the year 1730”

ANGILLY Samuel, HEWRID Mary, 4 Apr 1730, by Banns
ROBERTS Jacob, ANDREW Catherine, 26 Apr 1730, by Banns
PEARCE Isaac, MORLIN Julia, 2 May 1730, by Banns
THOMAS John "of St. Ewe", MUFFORD Frances, 3 Aug 1730, by Banns
LENN Michael "of St. Enoder", ROGERS Grace, 9 Sep 1730, by Banns
COON John, TRUSCOTT Jane, 31 Oct 1730, by Banns
ARTHUR Edward, ROWE Catherine, 10 Nov 1730, by Banns
WATTS Richard, WARRICK Anne, 27 Dec 1730, by Banns
ROBERTS John, HOCKEN Mary, 31 Dec 1730, by Banns
DOCKIN John, YELLAND Joan, 5 Jan 1730, by Banns
HAWKEY Warwick, PEDRICK Jane, 14 Jan 1730, by Banns
TREMBETH John "of St. Dennis", HANCOCK Elizabeth, 7 Feb 1730, by Banns
YELLAND William, JOSE Mary, 2 Mar 1730, by Banns


"St. Stephens in Brannell } This is a true coppie of marriages baptisms & burials according to the regiser kept in the pish aforesd anno domi: 1731"

PHILLIPS Francis, REMPHRY Jane "of Truro", [?] Apr 1731, by Banns
JAMES Martin, SAUNDERS Anne "of St Austle", 24 Apr 1731, by Banns
TUCKER William, HEWKEN Mary, 29 May 1731, by Banns
GEACH James, HARRIS Jane, 7 Aug 1731, by Banns
BEST Thomas, ROGERS Frances, 12 Aug 1731, by Banns
BEER Christopher "of the burrough of Foy", RICKARD Sarah, 14 Aug 1731, by Banns
SNEL Henry, BEST Grace, 30 Aug 1731, by Banns
JOLLY James "of Cuby", REMMETT Margery, 31 Aug 1731, by Banns
RICHARDSON Nicholas, BROWN Mary, “both of Ile Jersey”, 4 Dec 1731, by Banns
HARRIS James "of St Mewan", KELLEY Eliz., 31 Jan 1731, by Banns


1732 – Marriages – This is a true copy of the registry book of St Stephens in Brannell for the year 1732. J. Wood Curate

HARRIS John, of Columbe Maj., and Isabel TRETHEWY, 19 Jul, by Banns
JANE William and Grace KNIGHT, 6 Aug, by Bannes
TRUSCOTT Lewis and Anne HARRIS, 9 Sep, by Bannes
BEKERLEGG Richard, of Sancrede, and Mary RAWLING, 4 Sep, by License
BETTENSON Colan and Grace WOLCOCK, of Ladock, 20 Sep, by Banns
COWLYN Anthony and Susanna BULLAN, 23 Oct, by Banns
BENNETT Augustine and Mary ANDREW, 23 Dec, by Banns
HONEY Edward and Frances PEAK, 24 Dec, by Banns
GILES Stephen, of Probus, and Margery PEARCE, 27 Dec, by Banns


Marriages - St Stephens in Brannell } A copy of the registry book for the year 1733

KELLEY Richard and BENNETT Caroline, 31 Mar 1733 by banns
BEST Thomas and JAMES Mary, 23 Apr 1733, by banns
MINERS John "of Ladock" and RICKARD Philippa, 8 May 1733, by banns
BROADHURST George and RICHARDS Elizabeth, 12 May 1733, by banns
COLLINS George and BORLASE Mary "of Fowye", 24 Jun 1733, by banns
JEWEL Abel and TRUSCOTT Joyce, 15 Jul 1733, by banns
PHILIPS John and WADEFORD Grace, 18 Aug 1733, by banns
VIVIAN Ralph and VERCOE Sarah, 22 Dec 1733, by banns
NANKIVELL Richard and GEACH Anne, 3 Jan 1733/34, by license dated 26 Dec


The account of ye marriages in St Stephens in Brannrell in - 1734

CROWLE John and LEWANS Darcos, 19 May 1734, by banns
HANCOCK [J?]nathan and CLEMONS Anne, 20 Jul 1734, by banns
TRUDGIAN [TH]omas and ANDREW Mary, 5 Aug 1734, by banns
ELLES Henry and TRETHEWY Elizabeth, 14 Oct 1734, by banns
JOLLEY [Th?]omas and CLEMONS Elizabeth, 30 Nov 1734, by banns
WARRICK [Jo?]hn and JANE Elizabeth, 16 Dec 1734, by banns
TRETHEWY [W?}illiam and PARNALL Mary, 15 Feb 1734, by banns
Slater [Th?]omas and ROW Grace, 17 Feb 1734, by banns

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