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In 1283 Michael de Rosugo coming with John de Nansse[-?-] from a tavern at Tregony fell out on the way at Gerrans and slew him with a dagger. He fled by way of Kenwyn, St Erme and Kelligrew and was outlawed. His goods were seized to the value of 4 pounds. (Common Pleas)1

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In 1303 Walter de Cornubia complained that Regnald de Kernyk, Margery his wife and Simon de Kernyk had [?] [?] him of common of pasture in Goyn Cardynan belonging to his free tenement of Rosegou with Branel "v12" 60 acres of pasture and 40 of wood - [?] all kinds of beasts throughout the year. Regenald pled the exception that his name was "de Kernyek" and not "de Kernyk" and on this being disallowed. That the tenements were in Rosogou and not in Goyn Cardynan. On this technicality Walter de Cornubria was non suited. (Assey Rolls 52) 1


In 1327 (B.M. Add Mss 19480) Thomas Penwern and Johanna his wife (in her right) were possessed of Rosogou when they parted? Symonde Tre[mphus?]a rights of [?-] in their wood there. In 1347 Thomas (son of John de Penwern) and Joan his wife in [?] of Joan conveyed to Thomas son of william de Tremur? and his heirs - 2 messuages 3 1/3 [-?-]. in Rosogou [?] Branel. (Ped [-?-] 582) In 1340 Thomas de Leghe and Margery his wife are de[-?-]ted as of Rosugou - in right of Margery. (B.M. Deeds) In 1346 Johanna widow of Tho. de Penwern released to Philip de Trewithosa - a dovecot? at Rosogou and all her messuage and lands there which Benedict guardain de Rosogou and Thomas Horlefort held there together with [-?-] in the wood of Rosogou. In 1349 Rosogou with the dovecot there appear any the lads of Philip de Trewithosa. Although not mentioned any the lands of that family in 1466 it was held in 1578 by John Bevill as part of his manor of Trethosa. In 1352 John Vicar de Rosogou and [?]oe'a? his wife were con[-?-] to a de[-?-] at Bodennick. (Assize Rolls 220) 1


       1 - LDS Family History Center microfilm number 0254238, item 3, Henderson History of St. Stephen including pedigrees

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