BONE BUNNEY Grace Taylor

Grace Taylor Bone was christened the 29th of June 1805 in the Parish of St Stephen In Brannel. She was the daughter of Thomas and Frances Blackmore Bone.

Grace married Alexander Bunney the 9th of February, 1823 in the same parish. Their children were:

  • William Bunney 1823 - 1823
  • Fanny Bunney Bone c1824 - (?)
  • Marianne Bunney c1827 - (?)
  • John Bunney c1830 - (?)
  • Alfred James Bunney 1834 - (?)
  • Emma Jane Bunney c1839 - (?)
  • Alphonso Bunney c1843 - (?)

Alexander died at age 29 years leaving Grace to raise a young family on her own. He was buried the 24th of May, 1832. Some of the children's christening records state he was a miller by trade.

Grace Taylor Bone Bunney died the 29th of April, 1891 and was buried in Grave G 18 St Stephens Cemetery on the 30th. Grace probably died at her brothers home, Alexander Bone, as she is listed in the 1891 Census as living with him in Coombe.

1 - William Bunney was christened in the same parish on the 12th of March in 1823. He died at age two weeks and was buried on the 14th of March.

2 - Fanny Bunney was christened in the same parish on the 16th of October, 1824. She married the 25th of April in 1847 to William Bone, a distant cousin. They are found in the 1851 census as living on Call? Lane in the Parish of St Austell with Charles 8 years old, Jabez 3 years old and Dina at age 1. Two christening records are found in the St Stephens records: Diana the 4th of August in 1850 and Lavinia the 1st of August in 1852. Also a christening record for Charles Buney 5 January 1843, "base", son of Fanny Bunney of Coombe.

3 - Marianne Bunney was christened the 20th of January, 1827 in the same parish. It is possible she is the Mary Ann Bunny of Gwinda, spinster, who died the 18th of May in 1914 and buried in St Stephens Cemetery grave K 20.

4 - John Bunney was christened in the same parish on the 6th of March in 1830. He is listed as a copper miner in the 1851 census and is living with his mother at Coombe. It is believed John married Anna Chesterfield and were living in Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, Wales by the late 1850s or early 1860s. In 1881 they were living in Pennington, Ulverston, Lancashire (now Cumbria). Then returned to Mountain Ash by the late 1880s.

5 - Alfred James Bunney was born the 18th of August in 1834 and was christened in the same parish the 1st of July in 1837. The 1851 census lists him as a shoemaker and living with his mother in Coombe.

6 - Emma Jane Bunney was christened the 3rd of February 1839 in the same parish. She is listed as attending school in the 1851 census.

7 - Alphonso Bunney is listed in the 1851 census as being 8 years old and the son of Grace.

(It is unknown who the father was of the last three children, they were born after Alexander died)