BONE Thomas

Thomas Bone was christened the 28th of March, 1780 in the Parish of St Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall, England. He was the son of Alexander and Rebecca (Boney) Bone.

On the 4th of December, 1802 in the same parish he married Frances Blackmore. Fanny, as she was called, was christened the 23rd of September, 1782 in the same parish. She was the daughter of William and Grace Sage (Burt) Blackmore.

Thomas and Fanny had eleven children:

Steven Beazley's photo site By Request has pictures of various places in Cornwall, England. Steve kindly took some pictures within the Parish of St Stephen In Brannel and in Coombe, the area where many of the Bone ancestors and family lived.

Thomas Bone lived most of his life in the parish where he was christened. The 1841 Census finds him living at Coombe:
Thomas Bone, 60, ag lab; Frances, 60; Harriot Bone, 14, mantuamaker. On one side lived their daughter Fanny (Bone) Truscott and on the other side another daughter Elizabeth 'Betsey' (Bone) Williams.

Sometime after the 1841 census was taken Thomas and wife moved to the Parish of St Austell and lived in the Charlestown area. Charlestown became a seperate parish in 1846.



Thomas died in or near Charlestown in January of 1844 at the age of 62 years and was buried on the 19th. His life was spent either working the mines or as a general laborer and sometimes as an agriculture laborer.

Frances 'Fanny' (Blackmore) Bone died in the same area during the month of March, 1849 at the age of 67 years. She was buried on the 19th of March.

This picture of Charlestown was taken by Charles Winpenny. Visit his beautiful website   Cornwall Cam   for a truly wonderful virtual tour of our homeland.