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The Currently Challenging Names on my Family Tree:

Daniel McPherson, born in Inverness, Scotland, circa 1680. Family tradition says that he was kidnapped, either while tending the family's sheep or on the Inverness wharf, and brought to America, where he served his term of indenture. He lived in Chester and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania. Check out his family here.
Charles Duncan, born c1790 in Virginia, married to Sarah Covington. They lived in Dillard, Stokes County, North Carolina, and had 6 children. Charles's 2nd wife was named Anna Hill Ward, and they had 4 children. See the Duncan family line here.
Samuel Wilson, said to have been "of English descent," married Eliza W. Littler on February 21, 1822, in Frederick County, Virginia. They had at least one child, a son, named John E. Wilson, who was born in 1843 in Wayne County, Virginia (Cabell County, W. VA.). After a swing through Tennessee, they ended up in Howard County, Indiana. Not many names on this branch of my tree--but look for it here.

Descendant Pages of other Surnames not currently a challenge: Ayers ~ Beeks ~ Carter ~ Ferree Hadley (1) ~ Hadley (2) ~ Langford/Lankford ~ Lindley ~ Yaudes

Comments? Questions? Are you my Cousin?

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Please write if you want more information (or have information to share!) about my genealogical challenges, if you are another "cyber cousin," or if you have a suggestion or comment about this site.

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Q. What's a Mewgie?

A. It's the name my son gave me when he was four, and it stuck. It's pronounced "m-you-gie"

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