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The Manor and lands of Ulwithwaite

Land Grant of 1268





I found this at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/e/l/Robert-Emerson-Bell/index.html

Under Descendants of Richard de Gylpyn.



Notes for RICHARD de GYLPYN:
[Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania p 419]

Richard de Gylpyn, who flourished in the reign of Henry III,
1216 to 1272. To him Peter de Bruys III, who had married the daughter
and heiress of William de Lancaster, the last Baron of Kendal,
granted the Manor and lands of Ulwithwaite. The original deed of grant,
in Latin, dated 1268, A. D., neatly engrossed in characters of that
time, with seals in perfect condition, is still in the possession of
the descendants of Rev. William Gilpin, Vicar of Boldre, near
Lymington, a lineal descendant of the grantee.


I then wrote to the Kendal Records office this was their reply.


From :  Kendal Record Office <[email protected]>
Sent :  Thursday, September 9, 2004 2:29 AM
To :  "Nelda Percival" <[email protected]>
Subject :  RE: Land Grant Documentation/Genealogy

Dear Nelda Percival, 

Thank you for your enquiry re. the 1268 Grant of land to Richard de Gilpin. The grant is summarised in English and quoted fully in Latin in
the "Records of Kendale", by William Farrer, 1923, Vol.I. This book states that the original document is held at Levens Hall, a local
stately home, therefore we do not have it in our archives here. Although we do administer the Levens Manuscripts, our archivists only make a
yearly visit to the Hall, and as the document was last recorded as being at Levens in 1923, it is not certain that it will still be there. Also
as the document will undoubtedly be parchment and will have seals, there is no way that it could be scanned or copied as this would damage the
document. The only way of taking a copy would be a digital photograph without flash, but even this would depend greatly on the condition of
the document now, such as its flexibility and fragility. If the document would be damaged by being fully opened and held open for photography,
then we could not permit the photograph to be taken. Nor at present do we have our own digitisation service to offer researchers. So I'm afraid
that the chances of you getting a copy are very slim indeed. 

However I would be happy to photocopy the transcript and summary from the "Records of Kendale" for you, as at least then you would have the
full text. There are also several other documents summarised and transcribed in the "Records of Kendale" that refer to Richard de Gilpin
either as a party or a witness, and you would be most welcome to have photocopies of those pages as well. As you are researching the Gilpin
family, you may be interested to know that there are several other members of the family mentioned in many of the documents listed in the
"Records of Kendale". If there are any particular family members you are interested in, or a specific time period that you are researching for
the family, I may be able to copy the relevant pages for you as well. Although please note that copyright restrictions allow only for 10% of
the book to be copied, and as the pages mentioning the Gilpins take up 200 out of 1200 pages (16%), I couldn't copy every page for you, which
is why I suggest narrowing down your specifications, should you wish to have these additional copies.

The cost of copying and sending just the pages (3 sheets of A4) summarising and transcribing the 1268 grant would be in the region of
four pounds sterling. The cost of copying and sending you all the transcripts of documents referring to that Richard de Gilpin (approx 15
sheets of A4) would be in the region of five pounds sterling. As we cannot accept credit card payments at present, you would need to pay by
cheque, payable to Cumbria County Council.

I hope this answers your question. I am sorry that I cannot offer you a copy of the original document, but do let me know if you would like any
of the copies mentioned.


Alexandra Chatburn, Record Office Assistant.



I will post the information as soon as I receive it..


From Elizabeth, email dated 3 Dec 2004




The English translation of the Latin transcription of the original 1268 deed is in front of  me !!!!

        Recorded from XXVl paged 317  ( p 394 /5/6/7 Antiquities of Kendal )  


A Grant by Peter de Brus lll to Richard de Gilpin of his manor of Ulthwaite with common rights within the grantor`s demesnes of 


Nether Staveley  

and Over Staveley , 

with the water of Kent in Ulthwaite 

whereon to erect a mill and the fishery of the same water  ; 

with acquittance of puture of the foresters and land serjeants of " witness man " 

and suit of court .  

Date c 1260 -1272  Register of Deeds at Levens Hall .   


        And that is that , not a lot to wait for but there it is , that is the original grant of land from Peter de Brus lll to Richard of the land and water around Kent which became Kentmere .

        There is also a list of late-ish wills of Kentmere Gilpins from the 1770s on .  so they might be of some use to you . 

        Christopher jnr , a Slate getter, of Hallowhead, Kentmere, Kendal 30 12 1775 ; 

John, yeoman, Millveat, Hughill, Kendal 10.06.1775 ;  

Christopher , husbandman , Hallowbank , Kentmere, Kendal 15.05.2776 ;

Robert , yeoman, Bateman, Strickland Roger, Kendal, 12 .05.1779 ; 

William , yeoman, Powthow, Kentmere, 8.12.1781  ;  

Christopher,   no occupation, Greenquarter, Kentmere, Kendal , 7.2.1801 ;  

Christopher , yeoman, Low Fold, Kentmere, Kendal 2.4.1831 ; 

Gawin, yeoman, Green Quarter, Kentmere, Kendal  20.6.1846 ;  

Bernard , shoemaker, Kendal, 26.6.1855 .







That land given as you can see was not the land /home/house/hall of Kentmere  or Kentmere Hall,  it was the estate of or manor of Ulthwaite. It does not state the amount of land in acres, but that could be figured out. Notice the date also 1268 not 1214/1215 as some information is put out... It does not state why the land was given to Richard. You must also assume from the date.. that this is not Richard the Rider as that Richard would have been at least in his 20's as a child (and under 21 you were a child or referenced as an infant) would not have accompanied the Baron to Runnymede.. Would not have been a scribe. So if Richard the Rider was say 21 in 1215... then in 1268 would have been 74?? a little old to have gone out and killed a wild/mad boar... Now assuming that the story about the boar is true it would have most likely have been Richard the Rider's  son or grandson...   It has come to my attention that Kentmere Hall was recieved into the Gilpin family with a Marriage... More on that as I find documentation on it....the land described above is the same land that most people refer to as the land with Kentmere Hall... the land or Manor of Ulthwaite and Kentmere Hall do abide beside each other... (borders touch)... Nelda


(Please do not refer to Kentmere Hall as Kentmere Manor they are not the same!!! They are two different things......


When I get the copy I will post it here....


On 3 Dec 2004 I wrote Elizabeth:


Hi Elizabeth,
This is wonderful... A little disappointing that it does not state why he gave the land to Richard... It was quite a present for him to just give away...Makes for a lot more questions then it 

Now let me get this right... It is from the book Antiquities of 
Kendal, on page 394- page 397, right ? What is the XXVl paged 317 

THank you so much...


Elizabeth writes back....


Oh Nelda, Nelda !!!! this is the Antiquities of Kendal and in that book these Latin and English transcriptions are on pages 394 - 397 OK , and in the Registers of Deeds in Levens Hall, this is deed number   XXV1 page 317 and Peter de Brus granted this land for the building of a mill etc in exchange for all the things listed from the word acquittance onward , I now can`t remember and the thing is in the post to you now . but it was an investment for Peter and in those days as you know the grantee owed the grantor some service like he had to provide three armed knights or 10 tons of wood or 15 archers or something in exchange . What are the words after acquittance ??? (see above transcription)




land grant dated 1268



End of record