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X Chromosome Chart

Using the chart helps you figure out which ancestors donated your X-chromosome segments.




.If Female put yourself in number one slot, If male put your mother in number one slot.

your father goes in number 2 blue, and your mother in number 3 pink. Then fill in the slots accordingly, matching up child to parent at each row.


row 1, you

row 2, your parents

row 3, your grandparents

row 4 your great grandparents

row 5 your great great grandparents

row 6 your great great great grandparents

row 7 your 4x great grandparents

row 8 your 5x great grandparents or 8 generations counting yourself.

row 9 your 6x great grandparents  and so forth as far back as you can document your ancestors.

Keep going as far back as you have documented ancestors to fill in the positions.


Question I asked at [email protected]

from CeCe Moore:

me - "QUESTION So because the X chromosome has nothing to do with the MTDNA the match can/could come from a person with a different MTDNA Haplogroup.... Is that stating it correctly?"
CeCe - Yes, but remember that one conclusion can be reached from the lack of matching mtDNA = the common ancestor will not lie on both of their direct maternal lines. Look at it the opposite way...if they had an X match AND a mtDNA match, their common ancestor would likely be on both of their direct maternal lines. Since they don't, it won't. The status of the mtDNA haplogroups is not entirely meaningless.

Nelda - "My thought was - since the X chromosome does not necessarily follow the mtdna line, that all persons who fall in to the appropriate places in the chart should be looked at for a common relationship? YES/NO??"

Question I asked at [email protected]
Subject was:  X Chromosome question on cM sizes and relatedness


Example In ATdna if you have a large or several segments with the cM being very high... say over cM20 or accumulatively over 20cMs, I understand that can indicate that the common ancestor is closer to the present... Right?

Well does the same concept work for the X chromosome's results?


Not necessarily. If the X chromosome passes through a lot of men on its way to you from a distant ancestor, segments may remain longer (in cM) for more generations. A long segment could mean your common ancestor is twice as far back in time as you think it should be based on autosomal estimates simply because the X chromosome experienced a zigzag of male to female to male to female etc. transmission.
Estimating generation times is extremely unreliable for the X based on size alone. If the segment has passed through women only, then the estimates are closer to the autosomal estimates but I don't really think the X has been studied very well in real life among enough people with great paper trails.





Here is a related but trick question for the Newbies. You may have to look at Blaine Bettinger's pedigree charts to get the correct answer.

Suppose you have a mitochondrial and an X chromosome match with someone who shares the same mitochondrial gt-gt-grandmother ancestor, number 31 in each case. That means you have a match with a 3rd cousin. This cousin is related to one daughter of number 31 and you are related to another daughter. These two were full sisters. That makes ancestor number 31 a common ancestor for both of you. It also makes number 30, her husband a common ancestor. If the X chromosome segment match came from one of these individuals, which parent(s) of 30 or 31 is/are the most likely to have passed on the matching segment based on "probability" alone?

a. Ahnentafel number 60
b. Ahnentafel number 61
c. Ahnentafel number 62
d. Anhentafel number 63
e. None of the above because all 4 of these parents should have the same probability of passing on the matching segment
f. Ahnentafel numbers 61, 62 and 63 have an equal chance of passing on the matching segment.
g. Ahnentafel numbers 62 and 63 have an equal chance of passing on the matching segment but 60 and 61 have zero chance.

The winning answer is_______. Please explain why this is true.


After you have worked out the answer go back to the the Home page to see the answer, scroll down answer in white on Dark gray.  link



You can also use this chart to help you understand the parents of each of your ancestors. see number two's father's slot? Number four, none of his ancestors donate any X chromosome segments, but they do donate autosomal chromosomes, as every number on this chart does.



You can also identify the Y descent on this chart. See number 2, his father number 4, his father number 8, his father number 16 then his father number 32, and his father number 64 and then 128 and it would continue as far back as you have documented  ancestors. See the pattern? the Y line's number doubles every generation backwards.


Also your MTDNA, lineage can be found here. See #1, #3, # 7, #15, #31, #63, #127, #255

for me, Nelda #1, mom Nellie Bonstein #3, Grandmother Nellie Gillock #7, great grandmother Sarah Watson #15, 2x great grandmother Priscella Craft #31, 3x Great Grandmother Jane Stevenson #63  (all H3's) That's as far back as I have on her lineage.

got questions....ASK!




Here is how I've Listed my ancestors



1 Nelda Lorraine Gilpin b. 1946 Ft Scott, KS   - ME  
Generation One - My Parents
2 Ernest Thedore Gilpin b. 1901., Case, Rice Co., KS (R1b1b2)  
3 Nellie Bonstein b 1916, Pawnee, OK (H3)  
Generation Two - My Grandparents
2/4 John Thomas Gilpin b. 1865 Carmel, Hamilton Co., Indiana (R1b1b2)  
2/5 Martha Jane (Mattie) Cupp b. 1866 Chariton Cty MO   
3/6 George Torrence Bonstein b. 1885 Stockdale, Ks.  
3/7 Nellie Esther Gillock b. 1896 Pawnee, OK (H3)  
Generation Three - My Great Grandparents
4/8 John G. Gilpin b. 1828 Montgomery Co., Ohio (R1b1b2)  
4/9 Mary Ann Graves b. 1830 Potsdam, Lawrence Co., NY  
5/10 Francis Marion Cupp b. 1837 Salisbury, Chariton Co., MO  
5/11 Agnes Jane Howe b. 1841 Chariton Co., MO  
6/12 William Bovard (Will) Bonstein (I) b. 1851 West Pittston, PA  
6/13 Selena Ann (Lena) Lewis b. 1849 Paris, Jennings Co, Indiana  
7/14 Carter Likens Gillock b. 1854 Sanburn Indiana  
7/15  Sara Ellen (Ellen) Watson b. 1854 Newberry, Greene Co., Indiana (H3)  
Generation Four - My Great Great Grandparents
8/16 FNU  male Gilpin (R1b1b2)  
8/17  FNU MNU female Gilpin   
9/18 John Graves b. 1802 Oswego or Otsego Co., NY  
9/19 Mary Francis Donelan b. 1791 Ennis, County Clare, Ireland  
10/20 Isaac William Cupp b. 1800 Grayson Co., VA  
10/21 Nancy Rosetta Bridges b. 1807 Tennessee, USA  
11/22 William M. (Billy) Howe b. 1814 Kentucky, USA  
11/23 Nancy Dorrell b. 1814 Kentucky, USA  
12/24 John Bonstein b. 1822 Hecktown, PA, USA  
12/25 Mary Jane Bovard b. 1831 Pennsylvania, USA  
13/26 Timothy B. (Baker?) Lewis b. 1819 Stueben County, NY, USA  
13/27 Mahala Lett b. 1821 KY/GA, USA  
14/28 Nimrod Gillock b. 1808 Woodstock, VA, USA  
14/29 Elizabeth (Eliza) Getz b. 1813- 1815 Unknown, USA  
15/30 Sanford Vincent Watson b. 1829 Marion, SC  
15/31 Priscilla  Margaret Craft b. 1834 Virginia, USA (H3)  
Generation Five - My 3x Great Grandparents
16/32 Unk male Gilpin (R1b1b2)  
16/33 FNU MNU femaleGilpin    
17/34 Unk male unk surname  
17/35 unk female unk sudname  
18/36 Robert Graves  b. 1765 unknow place  
18/37 Edy MNU Graves b. 1779 unknown place  
19/38 FNU male Donelan   
19/39 FNU MNU female Donelan  
20/40 Jacob J. Cupp b. 1776 Lancaster Co., Pa  
20/41 Sibitha (Sibby) Breeding b. 1770 Shenandoah Co.., Virginia  
21/42 William Bridges b. unk. place unk.  
21/43 Sarah Bennett b. unk place unk.  
22/44 Joseph Howe b. 1783 Mason, Co., KY/Montgomery, VA  
22/45 Rachel Hood b. 1786 Clark, KY  
23/46 James Dorell b. unk date, unk place  
23/47 Eliza Waggoner b. unk date, unk place   
24/48 Jacob Bonstein b. 1790, Penn., USA  
24/49 Anna Maris Borum, Boorem b. 1795 PA, USA  
25/50 Alexander Bovard b. 1788 Union Co. PA  
25/51 Susanna Brobst b. 1795 Berks Co., PA  
26/52 William Lewis b. 1783 Uster County, NY  
26/53 Sarah Jane Miller b. unknown place unk  
27/54 Daniel Lett b. 1791 Georgia, USA  
27/55 Mariah Osbourne  b. 1793 Kentucky, USA  
28/56 John Gillock b 1778 Orange Co., VA  
28/57 Mary (Polly) Fetzer b. 1783 Woodstock, VA  
29/58 Phillip Getz b. unk, place unk.  
29/59 Terrice Ann MNU Getz b. unk, place unk  
30/60 William Watson b. unk date, unk place  
30/61 FNU Aulder b. unk date, unk place  
31/62 John R. Craft b. 1806 penn.  
31/63 Jane Stevenson b. 1811 PA (H3)  
Generation Six - my 4x Great Grandparents
32/64 Unk male Gilpin (R1b1b2)  
32/65 FNU MNU female Gilpin  
33/66 FNU male surname unk  
33/67 FNU MNU female surname unk  
34/68 FNU male surname unk  
34/69 FNU MNU female surname unk  
35/70 FNU male surname unk.  
35/71 FNU MNU female surname unk  
36/72 FNU male Graves  
36/73 FNU MNU female Graves  
37/74 FNU male surname unk  
37/75 FNU MNU females surname unk  
38/76 FNU male Donelan  
38/77 FNU MNU female Donelan  
39/78 FNU male surname unk  
39/79 FNU MNU females surname unk  
40/80 FNU male Cupp  
40/81 FNU MNU female Cupp  
41/82 Spencer (I) New River Breeding b. 1730 England  
41/83 Priscella (Elizabeth) Hurst b. 1745 Stafford Co., VA  
42/84 FNU male Bridges  
42/85 FNU MNU female Bridges  
43/86 FNU male Bennett  
43/87 FNU MNU female Bennett  
44/88 John William Howe b. unknown Hamshire, VA  
44/89 Mary Ann Waggoneer b. 1756 Montgomery, VA/TN   
45/90 Andrew Hood b. 1746 unknown  
45/91 Massa Sudduth b. 1748 Jefferson, W.VA  
46/92 FNU male Dorrell  
46/93 FNU MNU female Dorrell  
47/94 FNU male Waggoner  
47/95 FNU MNU female Waggoner  
48/96 Johann Jakob Bonstein (Hessian) b. 1754 Grossropperhausen, Germany  
48/97 Katarina Catharine Schnable b. 1764  Hecktown, PA  
49/98 John Boorem b. 1771 PA  
49/99 Catherine Fry b. date unk, place unk.  
50/100 James Boevard, Beauvert, Bovard b. 1751 Ireland  
50/101 Hannah Beatty b.  1756 County Down, Ireland  
51/102 Johannes John Brobst b 1759 Albany twp, Berks Co., PA  
51/103 Catherine Stumpf b. 1759 Berks Co., PA  
52/104 Zadock Lewis b. 1750 place unk.  
52/105 Comfort MNU Lewis b. date unk. place unk.  
53/106 Martin Miller b. date unk, place unk  
53/107 FNU MNU female Miller b. date unk, place unk.  
54/108 Daniel Lett b. 1766 Bertie Co., NC  
54/109 Cynthia Mary Sinta b. date unk, place unk.  
55/110 FNU male Osbourne  
55/111 FNU MNU female Osbourne  
56/112 John Gillock b. 1750 Orange Co., VA  
56/113 Hannah L. Wolfensbarger b. 1760 Lebanon Co., PA  
57/114 Joachim  Fetzer b. 1752 PA, USA  
57/115 Maria MNU Fetzer b. date unk, place unk  
58/116 FNU male Getz  
58117 FNU MNU female Getz  
59/118 FNU male surname unk   
59/119 FNU MNU female surname unk  
60/120 FNU male Watson  
60/121 FNU MNU female Watson  
61/122 FNU male Aulder  
61/123 FNU MNU female Aulder  
62/124 William Craft b. 1758 Dutchess Co., NY  
62/125 Sarah Alward b. 1776 Fishskill, Dutchess Co., NY  
63/126 FNU male Stevenson  
63/127 FNU MNU female Stevenson  (H3)  
Generation Seven - my 5x great grandparents
64/128 FNU male Gilpin (R1b1b2)  
64/129 FNU MNU female Gilpin  
65/130 FNU male surname unk  
65/131 FNU MNU female surname unk  
66/132 FNU male surname unk  
66/133 FNU MNU female aurname unk  
67/134 FNU male surname unk  
67/135 FNU MNU female surname unk  
68/136 FNU male surname unk  
68/137 FNU MNU female surname unk  
69/138 FNU male surname unk  
69/139 FNU MNU female surname unk  
70/140 FNU male surname unk  
70/141 FNU MNU female surname unk  
71/142 FNU male surname unk  
71/143 FNU MNU female surname unk  
72/144 FNU male Graves  
72/145 FNU MNU female Graves  
73/146 FNU male surname unk  
73/147 FNU MNU female surname unk  
74/148 FNU male surname unk  
74/149 FNU MNU female surname unk  
75/150 FNU male surname unk  
75/151 FNU MNU female surname unk  
76/152 FNU male Donelan  
76/153 FNU MNU female Donelan  
77/154 FNU male surname unk  
77/155 FNU MNU female surname unk  
78/156 FNU male surname unk  
78/157 FNU MNU female surname unk  
79/158 FNU male surname unk  
79/159 FNU MNU female surname unk  
80/160 FNU male Cupp - Kupp  
80/161 FNU MNU female Cupp - Kupp  
81/162 FNU male surname unk  
81/163 FNU MNU female aurname unk  
82/164 Bryant (#1) Breeding b. 1705 England  
82/165 Elizabeth Quinn, (O'quinn) b. unk, place unk.  
83/166 Thomas Hurst b. unk of Stafford, VA  
83/167 Mary MNU Hurst b. unk, of Stafford, VA   
84/168 FNU male Bridges  
84/169 FNU MNU female Bridges  
85/170 FNU male surname unk  
85/171 FNU MNU female aurname unk  
86/172 FNU male Bennett  
86/173 FNU MNU female Bennett  
87/174 FNU male surname unk  
87/175 FNU MNU female surname unk  
88/176 Joseph William Howe b. 1720 Warwickshire, England  
88/177 Eleanor (Ellen) Dunbar b.1730 Scotland  
89/178 FNU male Waggoneer b. date unk place unk  
89/179 FNU MNU female Waggoneer   
90/180 Luykas Hoed, Hood b. 1708  New York, NY Co., NY  
90/181 Johannah Van Stockholm b. unknown date, unk. place  
91/182 FNU male Sudduth b. date unk. place unk.  
91/183 Ann MNU Sudduth d. date unk. place unk.  
92/184 FNU male Dorrell  
92/185 FNU MUN female Dorrell  
93/186 FNU male surname unk  
93/187 FNU MNU female surname unk  
94/188 FNU male Waggoner  
94/189 FNU MNU female Waggoner  
95/190 FNU male surname unk  
95191 FNU MNU female surname unk  
96/192 Laurentius (Lorenz) Bonstein b. 1716 Grossropperhausen, Cassel, Germany  
96/193 Hedwig Lingemann b. 1717 Grossropperhausen Cassel, Germany  
97/194 George Schnable b. before 1764 date unk place unk  
97/195  Margretha Barbara MNU  Schnable b. before 1764 place unk  
98/196 FNU male Boorem  
98/197 FNU MNU female Boorem   
99/198 FNU male Fry  
99/199 FNU MNU female Fry  
100/200 Robert Boevard Bovard Beauvert Breveard b. 1730 Ireland  
100/201 Hannah MNU Bovard   
101/202 Alexander Beatty b. 1725 Ireland  
101/203 Susanna MNU Beatty b. Ireland  
102/204 Jean Martin Brobst b. 1726 Oberseebach, Alsace, France  
102/205 Anna Elisabeth Heckler b. 1733 Exeter twp, Berks Co., PA  
103/206 Wilhelm Stumpf b. 1725 Germany  
103/207 Anna Magdalena Hagenbuch b. 1730 Germany  
104/208 Cornelius Lewis b. 1700 Massachusetts  
104/209 Sarah Green b. date unk place unk   
105/210 FNU male surname unk.  
105/211 FNU MNU female surname unk.  
106/212 FNU male Miller  
106/213 FNU MNU female Miller  
107/214 FNU male surname unk  
107/215 FNU MNU female surname unk.  
108/216 James Isham Lett b . 1747 Edgecomb, Co., NC  
108/217 Martha Whitefield b. date unk place unk  
109/218 FNU male Sinta  
109/219 FNU MNU female Sinta  
110/220 FNU male Osbourne  
110/221 FNU MNU female Osbourne  
111/222 FNU male surname unk  
111/223 FNU MNU female surname unk.  
112/224 Laurence Gillock b. 1728  Forteviot, Perth, Scotland  
112/225 Jane Elizabeth (Lindsay) MNU Gillock b. unk possibly VA  
113/226 John (I) Wolfensbarger b. 1730 Alasce France  
113/227 Hannah Sumner b. 1734 Shenandoah, VA  
114/228 George (Gerg) Fetzer b. 1730 Aulm, Germany  
114/229 Mary MNU Fetzer b. unk date, unk place  
115/230 FNU male surname unk  
115/231 FNU MNU female surname unk.  
116/232 FNU male Getz  
116/233 FNU MNU female Getz  
117/234 FNU male surname unk  
117/235 FNU MNU female surname unk.  
118/236 FNU male surname unk  
118/237 FNU MNU female surname unk.  
119/238 FNU male surname unk  
119/239 FNU MNU female surname unk  
120/240 FNU male Watson  
120/241 FNU MNU female Watson   
121/242 FNU male surname unk  
121/243 FNU MNU female surname unk  
122/244 FNU male Aulder  
122/245 FNU MNU female Aulder  
123/246 FNU male surname unk  
123/247 FNU MNU female surname unk  
124/248 John Craft b. before 1758 place unk.  
124/249 Sarah Youngman b. before 1758 place unk.  
125/250 John Alward b. before 1776 place unk.  
125/251 Priscilla Taylor before 1776 place unk.  
126/252 FNU male Stevenson  
126/253 FNU MNU female Stevenson  
127/254 FNU male surname unk   
127/255 FNU MNU female surname unk.  


I suggest that you fill out a chart like this, for your own use.



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