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Fort Whitman on Puget Sound 1911 - 1945

by Harland Eastwood Sr.

Goat Island, Skagit County, WA




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Harland Eastwood Sr.


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Catherine, Harland Eastwood


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cont. of the Forward


page 4

History of Goat Island

Ernist Julius Pester, Morris Haller, Granville O. Haller, G.M. Haller, Lewis Haller, Dr. Thomas Minor, Annie Haller


page 5

Granville Haller, Mrs. Haller, Annie Haller Grun, Henrietta Haller, Hiram Chittenden, Morris Haller, Ernist Pester, Thomas Taylor Minor


page 6

Granville O. Haller, Henrietta Cox, Henry, Morris, Alice Mai, Charlotte Eleanor, Theodore (ch of G.H. and H.C.)


page 7

The Evolution Of Forts On Puget Sound


page 8

Site Selection For Fort Whitman


page 9

Location of Fort Whitman

Marcus Whitman, Francis Harrison


page 10

Deception Pass

C.W. Kutz


page 11


George Morse


page 12

Preliminary Report

Arthur Sargent


page 13

Start of Work

Mr. Mason, Mr. Sargent


page 14

cont. of Start of Work

Henry Stauffer, Mr. Sargent, Richard Overton


page 15



page 16

cont. of Start of Work

Mr. Panborn, Mr. Mason, Mr. Sargent


page 17

cont. of Start of Work

Mr. Knudson, Mr. Mason, Mr. Pangborn


page 18

cont. of Start of Work

Arthur Williams, Mr. Pangborn, Mr. Goettling


page 19

cont. of Start of Work

Mr. L.W. Flint, Mr. Sargent


page 20

cont. of Start of Work

Mr. Sargent, Mr. R.A. Morris


page 21

cont. of Start of Work

Kimmel, C.W. Kutz, Thad Eastwood


page 22

Thad Eastwood, Thomas Evans, Bertha, Harland, Cliff E. Memnway, Phillip Behme


page 23

John R. Sparks, H.B. Lovejoy, John Rados


page 24

mention of Mr. and Mrs. Thad Eastwood


page 25

mention of Mr. and Mrs. Thad Eastwood, Grace Martin, W.C. Wiggins, John F. McGlinn


page 26

*no names


page 27

M.H. Gillian


page 28

Chris Smith, , Pig Iron Kelly, Old Man Jamieson, The Flying Dutchman Ferguson, Ben Ure, Larry Kelly


page 29

Thad Eastwood, C.J. Bailey


page 30



page 31

Mildred Helen Eastwood, G.E. Howe, Mr. Whaley, Joe Ziegler


page 32

Al Lindstrom, John L. Hayden, Thad Eastwood and family, Tommy Young


page 33

*no names


page 34

Major Thomas, Miss Carter


page 35

photo of Thad, Mildred and Mrs. Eastwood and a friend


page 36

*no names


page 37

photo of Mildred and Harland Eastwood


page 38

*no names


page 39

Thad Eastwood


page 40

Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Vera Silcox, Mr. Anderson, Ira Wall


page 41



page 42



page 43

(photo of 27 people at a picnic)


page 44

Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Joseph Brown Erickson


page 45

Brown, Johnson


page 46

Joe Brown, Houseman, Ness


page 47

Dix, Roy Nellis, Perk Bright, Joe Brown, Englert, Feruson, Hamilton, Houseman, Fred Hannah, Johnson,Jones

Oscar Larson, Allan Moore, Pat Murphy, La Marr, Cecil Phillips, Rogers, Simmonds, Wollery, Ira Wall, Tom Huddleston


page 48

photo of Allan Moore, unknown man


page 49

Mrs. Bessie Jarboe Koudal, Matthew Jarboe, Mrs. Lois Charawell, Lois and Joyce Jarboe, Matthew Jarboe Jr.

Albert Byrn Sr., James Conner, Carmody, Mace Hanna, Berry McGowan, Charles Ness, Roy Wall, Gould


page 50

photo of the Jarboe Family


page 51



page 52

Mr. and Mrs. Jarboe


page 53

Mr. Jarboe, Homer Reynolds, Denzil Dunn


page 54

photo of Homer Reynolds, Denzil Dunn


page 55

Mr. Reynolds, Willie Bell, Irene, Homer Jr., Thurman, Dunn


page 56

photo of the Reynolds children


page 57

H.F. Donnelly, Reynolds


page 58

cont of pg 57


page 59



page 60



page 61



page 62



page 63



page 64

James H. Cunningham, L.E. Atkins


page 65

James H. Cunningham


page 66

Irving Matthew, Andy Kelliman, Ray Quigly, Kelly, Pinky Boothe


page 67

photo Mrs. Dunn and Daughter, Mrs. Reynolds


page 68

Reynolds, Mrs. Maude Schafer, Irving Matthew


page 69



page 70



page 71

Mr. and Mrs. Thurmond Schmitou (the former Melphine Sandstrom)


page 72

photo of Milton Broweleit, Stuart McGowan, Walter Schiesl


page 73

Mr. Schiesl, Denart McGown, Don Fossberg, Mr. Norkowski


page 74

Walter Schiesl and wife Darcea, Milton Broweleit / Broweliet


page 75

Wiggen, Grace Martin, Reynold (Reynolds), Ed and Jim Houch, Walter, J.A. Elfer


page 76

John L. Hayden, Henry Kellet, Mr. Elfer, Maude Schafer, Walter Schiesl, Darcea Rowley

Chester Norkowski, Nellie Brigham, Mrs. Elfer, Isaac Ebay, Reynolds


page 77

Phillip B. Biehl, Eastwood


page 78

Boothe, Milton Broweleit, Cash, Lawrence Cater, Edward Coles, Dalan, Alton David, Edivan, J.A. Elfer

Henry Fabe, Don Fossberg, Art Ginsberg, Gooch, Guinn, Robert Hazard, William Hazard, Heck, Hensley


page 79

Louis Johnson. Melton, Tommy Morris, Chster Norkowski, Sylvester Northington, George Pal, Paul, Pat Paskyuize, Phanuf

Powers, Quigly, Richard Raymond, Reddick, Homer Reynolds, Adrian Riles, Rollins, Rose, Walter Schiesl

Thurman Schmittou, Schutte, Steinke, Stepeniwski, William Stickle, Windman, Joe Zangore


page 80

Glossary of Geographical Locations


page 81

Glossary of Geographical Locations, cont'd


page 82

C.H. Barton, John Buchanan, Helen Burns, Stuart Butler, George Chalou, Eunice Darvill, Jim Dunlap, Ole Eide, J.A. Elfer

Jeanne Engerman, Vera Brown Erickson, Alvin Grohmeir, David Hastings, Kathryn Hamilton, Kim Haynes, Foss Heimer

Albert Heller, Krystyna I. Kobersy, Bessie Jarboe Koudal, Stan Lillian, Robert Machette, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Mathews

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Moore, Jim Moore, Ed O'Leary, David Piff, Homer Reynolds Jr., Marge Ryan, Walter Schiesl

Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Schmittou, James Scott, James Staubach, Harold Villager, Brian Young


page 83



page 84



page 85

map, drawing and photo index

J.E. Peterson, Bessie Koudal, Harland Eastwood Sr., Allan Moore, Alvin Grohmeir

Irving Mathews, Homer Reynolds Jr., Ed O'Leary, Walter Schiesl, Bill Burke, John Packard


back cover

Harland Eastwood Sr.