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The 1930 Pioneer
La Conner, Skagit County, WA
page 1
Ex Libris
page 2
page 3
The Pioneer
page 4
page 5
page 6
cover page: Table of Contents
page 7
A.A. Schoffen, Mrs. Marie B. Chandler, J.A. Chandler, Miss Genevieve Polson, Mr. Leo Durkee, Miss Ruth Keilholtz
page 8
cover page: Classes
page 9
Emma Campbell, Evelyn Carryer, Lois Jarboe, Marian Jennings, Henry Johnson, Paul Johnson, Jack Kern
page 10
Kenneth Leamer, Ralph Meeks, Alyce Peterson, Margaret Richardson, Myrtle Thulin, Ruth Tillinghast, Lyle Wallace
page 11
Miss Keilholtz, Ralph Meeks, Emma Campbell, Margaret Richardson, Jack Kern, Marian Jennings, Myrtle Thulin
page 12
Senior Class Poem
page 13
Emma, Margaret, Myrtle, Alyce, Mr. Chandler, Ruth, Mr. Schoffen, Evelyn, Marian, Patsy, Ralph, Henry, Paul, Jack, L.J.
page 14
Mr. Schoffen, Miss Keilholtz, Coach Chandler, Mr. Rock, Marian Jennings, Donald Maloy, Maurice Johnson, Emma Campbell
Lyle Wallace, Donald Summers, Myrtle Thulin, Eleanor Holttum, Kenneth Leamer, Eugene Crumrine, Kenneth Armstrong, Evelyn Carryer
Lucile Connolly, Paul Johnson, Vincent Swanson, Ralph Meeks, Henry Johnson, Grant Nelles, Ruth Tillinghast, Lois Jarboe
Cleora Vaughan, Margaret Richardson, Jack Kern, Marian Kern, Alyce Peterson, Al Smith, Jack Vaughan, Clara Bow, A.M.P.
page 15
Ralph Meeks, Emma Campbell, Jack Kern, Lois Jarboe, Marian Jennings, Evelyn Carrier (Carryer)
Kenneth Leamer, Henry Johnson, Lyle Wallace, Paul Johnson, Mrs. Roscoe Blank (Ruth Keilholtz), Genevieve Polson
Mr. Schoffe, Mr. Chandler, Myrtle Thulin, Alice Peterson, Ruth Tillinghast, Margaret Richardson
page 16
Connolly, Dalan, Dunlap, Jackson, Johnson, Kern, Maloy, Marler, McGibbon
McNeil, Nelles, Olson, Paulson, Summers, Swanson, Vaughan, Oredson
Cleora Vaughan, Art Olson, Helen Jackson, Lucile Connolly, Doris Oredson, Kenneth Armstrong
page 17
Mr. Durkee
page 18
Junio Class History
page 19
Carlson, Miller, Smythe, Meeks, Holttum, Wallace, Hall, Leamer, Nelson, Mr. Chandler
Myron Hall, Lawrence Nelson, Eleanor Holttum, Phyllis Leamer, Frank Carlson, Spurgeon Meeks, Eathel Miller, Margaret Smythe
page 20
Meeks, Carlson, Johnson, Nelson, Forrest, Hall, Mr. Chandler, Lynstrom, Randall, Connolly, Cornelius, Kolb
Kern, H. Wallace, Holttum, Leamer, Nelson, Armstrong, L. Wallace, Fellinger, T. Wallace, Miller, Smythe, M.E.K.
page 21
Dalan, Wallace, Crumrine, Meeks, Blade, Johnson, Church, Nelson, Miss Polson
Edward Johnson, Katherine Blade, Margery Church, Charlotte Wallace, Kermit Dalan, Doris Meeks, Eugene Crumrine, Kenneth Nelson
page 22
Bell, Lynstrom, Olson, Jennings, McNeil, Savage, Knudson, Anderson, E. Johnson, Church, Williamsen, Cornwall, Wallace
Barnes, Kolb, Valentine, Miss Polson, Ed Johnson, Hultman, Blade, Meeks, Maloy, Dalan, Crumrine, Nelson, K.B.
page 23
Autograph page- blank
page 24
Autograph page- blank
cover page: Student Government
page 25
Marian Jennings, Mrs. Chandler, Lawrence Nelson, Emma Campbell, Thelma Wallace, Eleanor Holttum
Mr. Widmer, Mr. Collins, Mr. Matchett, Mr. Don McDowell
page 26
Lois Jarboe, Roberta Marler, Marjorie Kern, Katherine Blade, Inger Nelson, Marie Williamsen
Cleora Vaughan, Evelyn Carryer, Mr. Chandler, Ruth Tillinghast, Emma Campbell, Marian Kern
Marian Cornwall, Helen Jackson, Alyce Peterson, Myrtke Thulin, Eugene Crumrine, Lawrence Nelson
page 27
Kenneth Leamer, Lawrence Nelson, Emma Campbell, Claude Paulson, Alyce Peterson, Mr. Chandler
Thelma Wallace, Phyllis Leamer, Roberta Marler, Edwin Dalan,Helen Jackson, R.E.M.
page 28
Autograph page- blank
cover page Athletics
page 29
Claude Paulson, Kenneth Leamer, Vincent Swanson, Maurice Johnson
Ralph Meeks, Spurgein Meeks, Wayne Sanford, Grant Nelles, Mr. Chandler
page 30
Ed Dalan, R. Meeks, E. Thein, Swanson, Leamer, Olson, Paulson, Dunlap, Johnson, Nelles, K.L.
page 31
Vernon Paulson, Joe Chandler, Alvin Thulin, Hoeard Nelson, Ralph Nelson, Roberts Hastings, Vernon Moore, John Jackson, Jim Connolly, J.A.C.
page 32
Autograph page- blank
cover page- Activities
page 33
L. Connolly, Tillinghast, McGibbon, Jackson, Smythe, Cornelius, Richardson, Savage, Williamsen, Carryer, Jennings, Kern
A. Connolly, Vaughan, Knudson, Cornwall, C. Wallace, Barnes, Jarboe, Peterson, Miss Polson, Meeks, Oredson, Nelson
T. Wallace, Blade, Fellinger, L. Wallace, Valentine, McNeil, Leamer, M. Johnson, Nelles, Wallace, Leamer, Carlson, Kern
McNeil, Lynstrom, P. Johnson, H. Johnson, Miss Polson, Ed Johnson, E. Johnson, Hall, Nelson, Dalan, V. Johnson
page 34
Alyce Peterson, Lois Jarboe, Cleora Vaughan, Dorothy Cornelius, M.W.
page 35
Marian Jennings, Lois Jarboe, Alyce Peterson, Marian Kern, Marie Williamsen
Maurice Johnson, Henry Johnson, Lawrence Nelson, Phillip Summers, Kenneth Leamer
page 36
Donald Summers, Roberta Marler, Cleora Vaughan, Kenneth Armstrong, Doris Oredson
Edwin Dalan, Helen Jackson, Kermit Dalan, Marian Kern
page 37
Henry Johnson, Kenneth Leamer, Jack Kern, Ralph Meeks, Paul Johnson, Alyce Peterson
Lois Jarboe, Ruth Tillinghast, Evelyn Carryer, Margaret Richardson, Myrtle Thulin, Emma Campbell
page 38
Forrest, V. Johnson, Denton, Hall, Mr. Durkee, Havens, M. Jennings, Otis, Lynstrom, K. Armstrong
Downey, B. Jennings, Hultman, Kolb, Koudal, I. Armstrong, D. Koudal, Kern, A. Johnson
page 39
Mary Armstrong, Irene Armstrong, Billy Jennings, Jack Kern, Dan Koudal, Kenneth Nelson
Frank Carlson, Kenneth Armstrong, Lawrence Nelson, Mr. Durkee, L.N.
page 40
page 41
page 42
Mr. Briskey, Mr. D.P. French, Mr. Winfield, Eugene Crumrine, Cleora Vaughan, Roberta Marler, Paul Johnson
Margaret Valentine, Alyce Peterson, Marie Williamsen, Frank Carlson, Melford Lynstrom, Kenneth Nelson
Lois Jarboe, Marian Kern, Doris meeks, Lawrence Nelson, Lila Wallace, Marian Cornwall, Mr. J.I. Crump
page 43
Mr. Schoffen, Mr. Chandler, Kenneth Leamer, Mr. Twitmyer, Evelyn Carryer, Wayne Sanford, Ed Johnson, Kenneth Nelson
Eugene Nelson, Marian Jennings, Paul Johnson, Mrs. Koudal, Supt. Beck, Supt. Caulkins, Mr. Simmons, R.T.
page 44
Mr. Chandler, Mr. Briskey, Mr. Schoffer, "Bus", "Spud", Ralph
page 45
Mr. Durkee, Mr. Widmer, Mrs. Chandler, Miss Carter, Mr. Chandler
page 46
Mr. D.P. French, Supt. Caulkins, Mr. Twitmyer, Marian Jennings, Paul Johnson, Mr. N.B. Hicks, Rev. L.L. Simmons, Rev. J.W. Kern
cover page- Miscellaneous
page 47
(20 photo's)
page 48
page 49
Paul Johnson - the Constitution
page 50
the Constitution cont.
page 51
Kenneth Nelson, Emma Campbell
page 52
Literature cont.
E.M.C., M.L.T.
page 53
Richardson, Chandler, Polson, Durkee, Schoffer, Chandler
page 54
Henry Bailey, Mabel Johnson, Tage Elde, Esther Nelson (Mrs. Webster Allen), Webster Allen, DeWitt Allen, Florence Ring
Effie McClain (Mrs. Bownson), Mary Church (Mrs. N. Eaden), Myrtle Martinson (Mrs. Hanson), Erma Dunlap, Anna Lee (Mrs. John Hanson)
Winifred Nelson, Signe Elde (Mrs. Cecil Johnson), Lorena Allen (Mrs. Oscar Peck), Marie Maloy (Mrs. R. Smith), Audrey Hanson
William Savage, Florence Otis, Jessie Church (Mrs. Lyle Vail), John Peth, Leo Richardson, Paul Wells, Carrol Anderson, Arvid Johnson
George Carter, Ruth Valentine (Mrs. Bert Blaney), Lillian Johnson, Reford Simmons, S.B. Miller, Kenneth Nelson, Cecelia Heffernan
Margaret Elde, George Hultman, Francis Hastings
page 55
George Peth, Esther Crumrine, Verne Sapp, Anne Summers, Robert Hastings, Myrtle Johnson, Bernice Nelson (Mrs. Henry Tjersland)
Pauline Jackson, Walter Blade, Esther Thulin (Mrs. Fred Hastings), Donald Bardan, Agnes Johnson, Alvord Summers, Thomas Valentine
Naomi Vaughan (Mrs. W. Loveless), Ralph NElson, Louise Hultman (Mrs. Robert Bettner), Oliver Holttum, Fritz Jenne, Ronald Holttum
Mildred Johnson, Alvin Thulin, Louise Bennett (Mrs. B.P. vonTiechner), Arleatha Johnson, Edna Crumrine (Mrs. H. Bessner), Paul Wingren
Josephine Alexander, Milton McCluskey, Ebba Alde, Elizabeth Jenne, Lester Womsley, Howard Nelson, Helen Knudson, James Maloy
Evelyn Nickerson (Mrs Oscar Hedbom), Beaulah Campbell, Minor Brevick, Ruth Coombs, Mary Donner, Nellie Elde
page 56
Beaulah Hanson, Eugene Hall, John Jackson, Hugh Leamer, Ella McNeil, Helen Morrow (Mrs. Andrew Mason Jr.), Vernon Moore
Virginia Nelson, Darrell Sisson, Ada Summers (Mrs. Lyle Rohr), Constance Alexander, Norval Anderson, Carmen Blade, Albert Church
James Connolly, Ellen Hedbom, Paul Hultman, Bernice Johnson, Karla Johnson, Lula Knight, Marian Maloy, Elsie Moore, Ervin Otis
Vernon Paulson, Kenneth Peth, John Richardson, Fritz Savage, Clarence Summers, Ruby Summers, Austin Swanson, Elmo Vaughan
Ruth Jenne, Margaret Koudal, Robert Maloy, Helmer Nelson, Mary Smyth, Melvin Thulin, Karen Alexander, Arnold Dalan
Dorothy Elde, Viola Grunwald, Ruth Hanson, Dorothea Hulttum
page 57
(see page 53)
"Tillie", "Jerry", "Fuzzy", "Sparky", "Cotton, "Kate"
page 58
Autograph page- blank
page 59
List of Advertisers: Alm and Thompson, Barnett's, Ben Franklin Chain Store, Blade Chevorlet Co., Robert L. Barr, Brown's Service Station
Brown and Cole, Brown's Confectionery, Coy R. Kern, City Shrine Parlor, City Market, Commercial Printing, Darigold, Driftmier and Henshaw
Franklin Steel Machinery Co., The Golden Rule Deptartment Store, Dunlap Hardware Co., 'Lectric Sandwich Shop, Fox Lincoln, Home Portrait Studio
Karen's, Keystone Machine Works, LaConner Bakery and Restaurant, LaConner Drug Co., LaConner Motor Co., LaConner Shingle Co.
LaConner State Bank, Larson and Nicholas Cleaners and Dyers, J.B. Laughlin, Albin Lingren, Martin's, Massar Lumber Co., Munch-Stewart Drug Co.
A.B. Meeks, Moldstads, Montgomery Ward and Co., Mount Vernon Cleaning and Pressing Works, Mount Vernon Daily Herald, Mount Vernon Ice Co.
Murphy's, New York Life Insurance Co., Olson and Wilson, Olsson-Florist, Palace Meat Market, Parker's, J.C. Penney Co., Port Stanley Lumber Co.
Puget Sound Power and Light, Puget Sound Seed Co., Anne Richards, Seigfreids, Skagit Laundry and Dye Works, Skagit Farmer's Inc.
Skagit Valley Rural Telephone Co., Skagit Business College, Skagit Seed Co., K.L. Sheets, Sinnett's, George E. Springer, The Tillinghast Seed Co.
Turner Lumber Co., Utah-Idaho Sugar Co., Vaughan and Son Inc., Wallace Barber Shop, Warner's, Willard Flower Shop, White-Post Garage
page 60
ad: Heppenstall Engraving Co.
page 61
ads: Dunlap Hardware Company; Palace Meat Market
page 62
Mr. Richardson, Margaret, Mrs. Chandler, Claude, Mr. Schoffen, Norman H., Cleora, Ruth
ads: City Shine Parlor; Turner Lumber Co., Gay Turner
page 63
Mr. Richardson, Margaret, Mr. Schoffen, Raymond McNeil, Ruth Tillinghast, Miss Keilholtz
ads: White-Post Garage; Blade Chevorlet
page 64
ads: Martin's; Skagit Valley Rural Telephone Company
page 65
Mr. Leamer, Kenneth, Myron, Ralph, Mr. Durkee, Eugene C., Emma, Marie
ads: Producers' Exchange; The Golden Rule Department Store
page 66
Henry J., Kenneth L.
ads: Brown's Confectionery; Albin Lingren Shoe Repair; Puget Sound Seed Company
page 67
ads: J.C. Penney Co.; Olson & Wilson
page 68
Mrs. Chandler, Alyce P.
ads: Commercial Printing; Mount Vernon Ice Company
page 69
ad: The Tillinghast Seed Co.
page 70
Charlotte, Inger, Dolly K., Marian J. Kenneth A.
ads: LaConner Drug Company; Montgomery Ward & Co.: Seigfreid's
page 71
ad: Darigold Milk
page 72
ad: Franklin Steel & Machinery Company
page 73
Mr. Chandler, Lois J., Irene A., Margaret S., Mr. Durkee, Lila L.
ads: Driftmeir and Henshaw; K.L. Sheets; Puget Sound Power and Light Co.
page 74
Phyllis, Dorothy C., Miss Keilholtz, Melfred L., Mr. Schoffen, James Dunlap
ads: Sinnett's Cafe; Parker's
page 75
Donald M., Mr. Chandler, Mr. Schoffen, Spurgeon
ads: LaConner Shingle Company, P.D. Miller; Fox Lincoln Theatre, Waldo C. Ives
page 76
Miss Polson, Mr. Chandler, Roberta M.
ads: Lakeside-Western Lumber Co.; N.J. Moldstad Co.
page 77
Henry, Elenor (Eleanor), Lyle, Jack, Marian Cornwell, Mrs. Chandler
Kenneth Leamer, Mr. Schoffen, Cleora, Charlie Forrest, Phyllis, Art, Myrtle, Marie W.
ads: Skagit Business College; Larson & Nicholas Cleaners and Dyers; Skagit Seed Co.
page 78
Mr. Chandler, Mr. Schoffen
ads: Barnett's Confectionery; Skagit Laundry & Dye Works
page 79
Alice (Alyce), Marian, Lois Jarboe, Henry Johnson, Marian Kern, Grant Nelles, Edythe Kolb
Charlie Forrest, Marie Williamsen, Mr. Chandler, Claude, Mr. Schoffen, Kermit D.
ads: LaConner Motor Co., Elmer Johnson, Frances Jensen; 'Lectric Sandwich Shop, Edwin Hofercamp
page 80
Lawrence Nelson, Jack Kern, Maurice Johnson, Ed Dalan, Ralph Meeks, Doris Oredson, Ralph, Mr. Schoffen
ads: Port Stanley Lumber Company; Alm & Thompson
page 81
Mr. Chandler, Grant
ads: Ben Franklin Chain Store; Massar Lumber Co.
page 82
Thelma Wallace, Myron Hall, Katherine Blade, Ethel M., Maurice J.
ads: Willard Flower Shop; Warner's Department Store
page 83
Mr. Durkee, Evelyn, Miss Polson, Lila W., Charlie F., Frank C., Margaret R., Kenneth L.
ads: Anne Richards; The Mount Vernon Daily Herald
page 84
Ruth H., James D.
ads: Mount Vernon Cleaning & Pressing Works; Support Washington Industries- John T. Lant, Utah-Idaho Sugar Co., Sam Storey
page 85
ads: Wallace Barber Shop; LaConner Bakery and Restaurant, E. Fahlen
page 86
ads: Munch-Stewart Drug Co.; Murphy's Shop for Women; Skagit Farmers Inc.; Robert L. Barr, Dodge and Chrysler Specialist
page 87
ads: J.B. Laughlin; "C" Jones, New York Life Insurance; Geo. E. Springer Shoes; Kern Funeral Home
page 88
ads: Vaughan & Son; City Market; La Conner State Bank
page 89
Bob's Complete Service; Olsson-Florist; Brown & Cole, Karen's
page 90
ads: Keystone Machine Works, A.O. Grigg; A.B. Meeks Barber Shop; Brown's Confectionery
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