Book Of Jared

Book Of Jared

This web site is a tribute to Eleanor McAllister Hall for her work and dedication to the compiling of the three (3) books of the series "Book Of Jared".


This site being set up for the use of the Family of Eleanor and to be for the benefit of them to share this information in a manner in which Eleanor would want it. Hopefully in the future a member of her family will take over and pass the responsibility on to future descendants of her for a ever on going tradition in which she started with her books. With this said I do here dedicate this web site in her memories.

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About Eleanor McAllister Hall

Eleanor McAllister HALL, the author of this three volume series of the Book of Jared, was born 24 May 1910 in Kanab, Kane County, Utah, and lived there until age 16, when she went to work on the Union Pacific circuit of Utah and Arizona's nation parks. Her home town has since become rather famous as "Utah's Hollywood." During her growing up years she became very close to her grandparents and although she lacked musical talent to perform with her very musical family, her grandparents trusted her more than the other grandchildren with their "family treasures" and ancestral stories.

With what she earned in the Utah National Parks and what she was awarded from a devoted great uncle, she was able to attend the Univ. of Utah, in Salt Lake City in 1930 and 1931 and get some excellent training in creative writing. She then returned to Southern Utah's Dixie College to earn a "Normal Degree" in 1933, which gave her teaching credentials. However, a series of events changed her plans for a teaching career. Her older sister, Luetta, was killed in a car wreck, near Rawlins, Wyoming, and she felt duty bound to help her brother-in-law, Vern Hall, to take care of his two small (ages 5 and 3) sons, Howard and Charles (myself).

This decision made it necessary for her to take Howard and Charles to Sundance, Wyoming, where she chose to marry her brother-in-law and become our mother for the next 67 years. In the next decade of her life, there were many moves, a variety of jobs and a variety of homes. The three main places of residence were; Midvale and Murray, Utah and Bancroft, Idaho. Although she would have liked to have had children of her own, the condition of her health and orientation just did not make that possible. During this period, she went from an avid amateur Genealogist to a professional, working under direction of Archibald F. Bennett of the Genealogical Society of Utah.

In the years since 1946, she has done much Family History research in the big Library in Salt Lake City, traveled much in the USA, Canada and England doing field research, meeting and making lasting friends with many relatives and compiling books resulting from her research. She passed beyond the veil on 17 November 2000 at the age of 90 years, 5 months and 24 days (one week longer than her husband was on this earth). She is now enjoying the marvelous companionship of those she loved and worked for the most; her ancestors. She left here on earth, one son, two daughter-in-laws, 14 grandchidren, 44 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.

Provided by Charles M Hall, 01-18-2001

Note: limited hard copies of Vol 3 is still available from Mike Hall , contact him at Send e-mail to Mike Hall for availability and shipping information.

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