Index, Administrators, Estates, Guardians & Trustees: Wills 1878, Rabun County, GA

Testator Index
Administrators, Estates, Guardians & Trustees:
Wills 1878
Rabun Co., GA

Notes: The pages were taped out of order; many are missing. The book starts with page 317. Included here are two indices: the first is an index of the remaining pages, and the second is the actual index of the book, which is listed here verbatim. The names are testators unless otherwise indicated. Miscellaneous items from the pages which don't fit into the testator index:

Pages 316, 318, 319, 324: Homestead application of Lucy J. Ganes.
Pages 317 and 318: May[?] C. Dockins appointed guardian of Nancy Parthenia Dockins, Amanda M. Dockins, and Andy M. Dockins [later Andy F. Dockins]
Page 1 [in back]: William T. Dickerson appointed tax collector for 1850; Eli Richey and David McKinney as securities.
Page 329: Application to have the county line between Rabun and Habersham established.
Pages 330-1: Order for a tax to be levied for 1878.
Page 332: Ordered that L. L. Page, county tax collector [remainder illegible]
Page 334: Elizabeth Chastain vs. State of Georgia

INDEX ONE (Testators):

Columns, left to right:

1 2 3
Arrendale, Charles 325
Beck, John 322
Bleckley, James 322
Carter, G. W. 322, 325, 321
Curtis(is), Amos 326 - 327, 322, 320
Dickerson, O. T. 320, 322, 327 - 329
Dillard, Ginnetta 317
Dockins, J. T. 321
Dockins, May[?] C. 317, 318 [see above]
Gillespie, William 325, 322
Gipson, Hiram 316, 315
Lawing, James 323, 333
McCrackin, Hiram 322

INDEX TWO (Book's index, verbatim):

Beck, B. B. & Pickett Executors of Samuel Beck

Blalock, Alfred Admr. of ______ Hall [sic]

Carter, Thos. V. Guardian of R. L. Carter

Curtis, W. A. Admr. of J. W. Carter

Coffee, John Executor of Joseph Blackwell dec.

Dockins, Jas. Admr. of Mathew Dockins pages 9 to 11 book H

Dockins, James Admr. of Alfred Dockins page 9 to 11 book H

Dillard, Albert G. Guardian of the minors of J. Dillard dec.

FinCannon, William Page ___ for 1884 [sic]

Gaines, P. T. Guardian of Lyda & Catherine Gaines

Keener, I[?]. M. Admr. of A. L. Keener dec. Page 13 book H

Martin, A. J. Guardian of the minors of G. W. Carter page 244-245

McClain, J. E. Guardian of minor heirs of Miles McClain

McAllister, A. H. Guardian of J. [*]. Simmons Page 3 book H

Murray[?], J. B. Admr. of Q. V. Murray dec. Pages 4 to 9 Book H

Pickett, Wm. Trustee of the minors of Lucinda Beck

Ritchie, Jas. N[?]. Admr. on the estate of Thos. Hopper dec.

Ritchie, Jas. N[?]. Guardians of James & Lucinda Carter

Tilley, J. M. Guardian of Mary McClain's minor children dec. Page 9 book H

Winchester, Sarah A. Guardian of minors Page 12 book H

Williams, A. H.

Wills, Rabun Co., GA

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