Index to Obituaries and Death Notices from Newspapers of Rabun County, Georgia, 1894 - 1899

Index to Obituaries and Death Notices
from Newspapers of Rabun Co., GA
1894 - 1899

Newspapers indexed and the years when there are extant issues for the time period covered:

NAME                              PAPER     ISSUE          NOTES
Barnwell, Robert B.               Tribune   04-20-1899
Benfield, [not given]             Tribune   04-06-1899     Referred to as "old man Benfield"
Bramlet, Polly                    Tribune   01-26-1899
Bynum, Waller                     Tribune   08-10-1899
Cathey, Hervey                    Tribune   11-23-1899
Clower, W. Marshall               Spray     05-27-1897     of Atlanta, GA
Curtis, Wesley                    Tribune   01-26-1899
Dachus, Bud                       Tribune   10-26-1899     of Walhalla, SC
Darnell, Mrs. Harrison            Tribune   02-16-1899
Darnell, W. M.                    Tribune   08-17-1899
Darnell, William                  Tribune   08-17-1899
Dickson, P. A.                    Spray     07-29-1897
Dockins, Benj.                    Tribune   12-07-1899
Dockins, G. B.                    Tribune   09-21-1899
Dockins, George                   Tribune   09-21-1899
Dotson, Laura                     Tribune   08-10-1899
Dover, F. B.                      Tribune   12-21-1899
Dunn, Rollie                      Spray     09-23-1897     in Oconee Co., SC
Elard, Sanford                    Spray     04-08-1897
Garland, Fate                     Tribune   04-20-1899     in Toccoa, GA
Godfrey, A. C.                    Tribune   03-23-1899
Grant, Infant                     Tribune   11-23-1899     child of Charlie Grant?
Hopper, Jack                      Argus     08-10-1894
Hopper, Louisa                    Tribune   06-08-1899
Jones, Lewis N.                   Spray     04-15-1897, 05-13-1897
Jones, Rosa                       Tribune   01-26-1899
Jones, Rose                       Tribune   01-26-1899
Keener, Mattie                    Spray     06-24-1897
Kendrix, Mouth[?]                 Tribune   10-26-1899
King, Mrs. Gaston                 Tribune   03-09-1899
Lacount, [not given]              Tribune   04-13-1899     child of Babe Lacount
Martin, Bessie                    Tribune   06-29-1899     child of James Martin
Martin, Freeman                   Tribune   03-30-1899     in Washington Dist., Banks Co., GA
Martin, James                     Tribune   11-23-1899
Martin, Mrs.                      Tribune   03-30-1899
Martin, Willie                    Tribune   03-30-1899     in Washington Dist., Banks Co., GA
McCracken, Hiram                  Spray     09-02-1897
McIntyre[?], Barney               Spray     01-06-1897, 01-13-1897  Irish peddler
Moore, John                       Tribune   07-06-1899
Mosely, S. H.                     Tribune   09-14-1899     in Toccoa, GA
Mosley, Mrs. W. T.                Tribune   02-16-1899     in Macon Co., NC
Neville, William James            Tribune   07-06-1899     in Walhalla, SC
Nix, A. J.                        Tribune   05-04-1899     in Clarkesville, GA
Queen, Patten                     Spray     06-24-1897
Page, Mrs. Martin                 Spray     07-29-1897
Philips, Mary                     Tribune   01-26-1899     of Long Creek, SC
Quillen, Clayton                  Tribune   10-26-1899     in Atlanta, GA
Ramey, [Illegible]                Tribune   01-26-1899     son of Tillman Ramey
Ramey, Marinda J.                 Tribune   11-23-1899
Rogers, Jane                      Tribune   02-16-1899
Scott, [not given]                Tribune   10-05-1899     three children of Fan[?] Scott
Scruggs, John                     Tribune   01-06-1899
Smith, Jane                       Tribune   05-04-1899
Smith, Mrs. M. J.                 Tribune   05-11-1899
Stonecypher, William              Tribune   08-24-1899
Swafford, Martha                  Tribune   03-30-1899
Taylor, [not given]               Tribune   02-23-1899     daughter of Rev. D. D. Taylor
Thompson, Infant                  Tribune   03-30-1899     child of P. E. Thompson
Unknown                           Tribune   03-16-1899     body found, possibly that of Cliff Gaines
Watts, [not given]                Tribune   04-13-1899     child of A. D. Watts
Watts, Andrew                     Tribune   07-13-1899
White, Delia W.                   Spray     07-01-1897
Whitmire, Bartow                  Spray     09-02-1897     of Toccoa, GA
Williams, Eliza                   Tribune   03-16-1899
Whitmire, Rafe                    Tribune   10-19-1899     near Hartwell, GA
York, R. R.                       Tribune   03-09-1899

Obituaries, Rabun Co., GA

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