Dr. Ephraim Brewster died 1812  

Dr. Ephraim Brewster
died September 17/18, 1812
son of Ephraim Brewster & Margery Park(s)
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Northern Centinel (New York)
   It is with extreme regret that we have to announce the death of Dr. EPHRAIM BREWSTER, surgeon of the 11th Regt. U. S. Infantry. On Friday aft, the troops of the 11th Reg. were ordered from this place to Plattsburgh, under the command of Capt. MClary. They embarked on board the sloop at 4 P. M. and about 5 a gust of wind which brought the vessel down up on her side, while he was sitting upon the railing of the deck and was drowned. Diligent search has been made for his body, but as yet to no purpose, the water being about 100 feet deep.
   Doct. Brewster was a man possessed to an excellent dispositon, gentleman manners, and had by strict attention to his ???ers. gained their affections, as well as the friendship of the officers and citizens who had the pleasure of his aquaintance.

Republican (New York)
   During the passage of Col. Clark's Regiment of United States Infantry from Burlington to this place, Dr. EPHRAIM BREWSTER, the Surgeon of that Regiment, unfortunately fell from the deck of one of the Sloops into the Lake, and was drowned. No boat being annexed to the Sloop, it was impossible to save him, although every exertion of which circumstances admitted, was made for that purpose. Dr. Brewster was a man of literature and science, and of a most amiable private character. The loss of such a man at such a time, is great indeed, not only to his family and friends, but to his country.

The Columbian (New York)
   "The last detachment of the eleventh regiment left this place about four o'clock on Friday last, under a strong breeze; when they had sailed about three miles, Doctor Ephraim Brewster, surgeon of the regiment, by some accident fell overboard, and was drowned, the vessel being under full sail, and having no small boat, could not give him any assistance; a sergeant Hopkins, of the New-Hampshire line, however, flung over a board, and placed himself upon it, at the risk of his own life, to endeavor to save Dr. Brewster, but to no effect; being a strong sea, he was himself in great danger of being drowned."

Columbian Centinel (Massachusets)
   Died]- In Lake-Champlain, Dr. EPHRAIM BREWSTER, surgeon of the 11th U.S. regt. drowned on his passage to Plattsburg.----.........

Spooners Vermont Journal (Vermont)


   A gentleman from Burlington brings the unpleasant intelligence, that on Friday last, as the Troops were on the Lake, sailing for Plattsburgh, Doct. EPHRAIM BREWSTER, was knocked over board by the boom of the Sloop; and although immediately taken from the water, no signs of life could be discovered. The violence of the blow was supposed to be such as to cause instant death. Doct. Brewster, was an eminent physician; had lately recieved a commission as surgeon in teh Army; was esteemed by his friends and acquaintance in Danville, where he has left a widow, to mourn his loss.


Northern Centinel (New York)
To our departed Commissiond
Doctor Ephraim Brewster
   On monday the body of the deceased was conducted from the wharf in this town to the burying ground in military and masonic order. Sensible of the loss to society in him, all his acquaintance seemed to be effected, they frequently speake of him as one who commanded a large share of interest in their feelings. Indeed he was worthy of esteem, his disposition was mild and social his manners inviting and his professional attainments ranked him among the best of physicians. Desirous to serve his country and make a greater proficiency in a practical knowledge of his profession which the army generally furnishes, he engaged as a surgeon of the 11th regiment. He has left a family and a circle of respectable connexions to feel the loss. when the corpse had arrived at the place of interment, The Rev. Samuel Clark addressed the throne of grace in prayer and every thing was done with the greatest decency and in order. Such is the generel sentiment of respect to his memory, we understand it is in contemplation to erect a monument over his grave.
   The friends of the deceased and of humanity cannot to highly prile (?) the exertions of Capt. M'Clary on this occasion, he daily visited the lake and shore in hopes to find the body and when he found himself to indisposed by ?????? of being exposed to the weather it would no be proper for him to go, he hired others. It is said he expended nearly 70 dollars before the body was found.  On Sunday, the body was found by the shore about two miles to the north of the mouth of the Onion river. It was brought to the wharf that evening, and under the state it was thought advisable to sink it till next day when it was raised and interred.

Democrat Republican (New Hampshire)


  We learn by letter from Burlington, that through the humane and benevolent interposition of capt Andrew M'Clary of the United States army, the body of Doctor EPHRAIM BREWSTER, who was drowned in Lake Champlain on the 11th Sept. (sic) was found on Sunday the 20th, and on Monday following was intered at Burlington under Masonic and Military honors.
North Star

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