Rev. Paul Park

Rev. Paul Park
died June 25, 1802 Preston, New London Co., CT
father of Margery (Park/s) Brewster

assorted newspaper notices
transcribed by Linda Boorom

Connecticut Gazette


   "Departed this life at Prefton, on the 25th of June, the Rev. Mr. PAUL PARK, in the 82d year of his age.  He was an elder and minifter of the firft church in Prefton, called congregational, and has continued as minifter of that church about 55 years. As a minifter of the Gospel he was highly approved by the minifters and people of every denomination, and with great reputation preformed the ftated work of the miniftry in his church and congregation, and was remarkably fteady in his adherence to the doctrinces of Chriftianity and free and fovereign Grace. For the laft year of his life, he endured great pain with a ftone in the bladder, of which he died greatly lamented."

Windham Herald (CT)


   At Demerara, Mr. Elijah Selden, of this town.
   At Prefton, the Rev Paul Park, in the 82d year of his age, having been minifter of the 1ft Congregational church in that town about 55 years.
   At New York, Mr. James Rivington King's Printer previous to the revolution.

The Connecticut Centinal


   At Preston, the Rev. Mr. PAUL PARK, in the 82d year of his age, having been minister of the 1st congregational church in that town about 55 years.
   At Norwich, (Eng.) Mrs. Beaton.  This lady was commonly called the Free-Mafon, & was known to have acquired a knowledge of the fecret fcience by having concealed her felf in a clofet. The fecret, however, died with her.

Connecticut Gazette
THE hon. court of probate for the difrict of Norwich hath allowd fix months from the 2d day of July inftant, for the creditors to the eftate of Rev. Mr. PAUL PARK, late of Prefton deceafed to exhibit their claim againft faid eftate, duly attefted, or be debarred a recovery by law. All perfons indebted to faid eftate are requefted to make immediate payment to the fubfcriber, who will attend on the buifinefs of fettling the accounts, at the houfe of the deceafed, on the third Mondays of Auguft and October and the laft day of December next, at one o'clock afternoon on each of faid days.

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