Dartmouth Cemetery: Brewster stones  

Major General Ebenezer Brewster
& family
Hanover, Grafton Co., NH

photo's taken by Jim Keim

Ebenezer's stone is at the right, wife Hannah is (probably?) next, & various family
members stretching out to the left, all the way to the tall white obelisk
at the left, which is for son Amos Brewster and one (or both) of his wives.
I think the other row to the left has Amos' offspring.

Major General Ebenezer Brewster

Major General
an early inhabitant of this village
a man of benevolent feelings and
honorable enterprise
and died Jan. 4, 1814
aged 74 years

Hannah Brewster?

In memory of Hannah Brewster wife of Gen Ebenezer Brewster
who died …… 1804 Aged 57
(part of inscription unreadable)
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

Hannah? Brewster

In memory of Hannah, daughter of Gen. Eben. & Mrs Hannah
Brewster, who died of a consumption August 28th, 1801 age 30
   The viruous die resign their breath
   With calm composure wait on death

Miss Anna Brewster

Sacred to the memory of Miss Anna,
Daughter of Col Eb & Mrs Hannah Brewster,
Who died of a consumption
March 3rd 1786 AE 17
   The bloom of youth is no defence from Death’s arrest

Lucy Brewster

In memory of Lucy, daughter of Gen Eben. & Mrs. Hannah
Brewster, who died of a consumption 13th March 1798 aged 22
This monument was erected by her father who here
buried his fond hopes and the dear delight of his family.
   See weeping friendship, mourns her early doom
   While pious grief bends o’er the hollow tomb.

Phebe Brewster

Phebe, Daughter of Col. Ebenezer & Mrs. Hannah Brewster, died
Jan 25th AE 4 years

Cata Brewster

Cata, a daughter of Col Ebb & Mrs Hannah Brewster
Born July 7th 1785  Died Jan 12th 1786
   When this you view remember you must die

Nancy Brewster

The Remains of
????? child
of Col. Ebenezer & Hannah
who died Oct. 21, 1798?
4 years & 6 months

Amos Brewster

Amos A Brewster
died April 24, 1845
AE 65

Susan B. Brewster

Susan B.
Wife Of
Amos A. Brewster
Died June 10 , 1866
AE 68.

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