Millsfield Twp. Grafton/Coos Co., NH Proprietors  

Millsfield Twp. Grafton/Coos Co., NH Proprietors

transcribed by Linda Boorom

The New Hampshire Gazette
State of New-Hampfhire.
NOTICE is hereby given, that fo much of each origninal right of land in the townfhip of Millsfield, fituate in the county of Grafton, in the State of New-Hampfhire, viz. the rights of George Boyd, Efq. Timothy White, Robert Peafly, amos Peafly, Ifrael Morey, Efquire, Ebenezer Swan, John Morey, Frederic M'Bell, Abijah Willard, Efquire, John Sprague, Efq. Luther Richardfon, Ebenezer Green, Daniel Tilerfon, Aaron Stiles, Amos Palmer, Mofes Palmer, Daniel Tilerfon, jun. John Wood, Rev. Obadiah Noble, Shubel, Crofs, John Woodward, Solomon Morey, Benjamin Baldwin, jun. Ebenezer Baldwin, Nathan Dewey, Abraham Palmer, Samuel Phelps, John Morey, Joel Phelps, John White, James Reed, jun. James Reed, Efq. Benjamin Grant, Benjamin Grant, jr. Peter Grant, Samuel Smith, Jonathan Child, Amos Woodworth, Joel Woodworth, William Marfton, Matthew Miller, Timothy Bartholomew, Benjamin Chamberlin, Noah Grant, Sylvanus Owen, John Roberts, Andrew Bell, Noah Dewey, Azariah Webb, Elijah Daley, Robert Kennedy, jr. Ichabod Palmer, John Burnham Hanfon, Samuel Hunt, Reuben Grant, John Man, Walter Fairfield, Sir Tho's Mills, Knight, George Sprowle, Thomas M'Donough, John P. Williams, Mofes Rofs, Charles Waldren, Wentworth Bimfley, and Benning Wentworth, will be fold to the higheft bidder, on the fixteenth day of January next, at eleven o'clock, in the forenoon, at the dwelling houfe of Mr. Caleb Sanborn, innholder in Hampton, in the county of Rockingham, in faid State of New_Hampfhire, as will pay three pounds on each of faid rights, with incidental charges, if payment be not previoufly made to me at my dwelling-houfe in Salem, in the county of Effex and Commonwealth of Maffachufetts; which fum was voted by the proprietors of faid townfhip of Millsfield, on the eleventh day of December laft, A. D. 1792, at a legal meeting for the purpofes mentioned in faid vote, and duly affeffed and committed to me to collect.
JOHN SAUNDERS, jr. Prop'rs Collector.
   Salem (Maff.) Dec. 4, 1793.

The New Hampshire Gazette
WHEREAS the proprietors and owners of the townfhip of MILLSFIELD, in the county of Coos, and ftate if New-Hampshire, at a legal meeting held at Hampton-falls in the county of Rockingham, in faid ftate, on the 17th day of June, A. D. 1806; voted to raife a tax of three dollars on the common and undivided land in each original right and fhare of land in faid townfhip for the purpofe of making roads, erecting mills, making fettlements in faid town and for paying any demands that then or thereafter might esift againft faid proprietary, and whereas the affeffors of faid townfhip, did on the 23d day of the fame June make and commit faid affeffment to me to collect - of which due notice has been given : And whereas the faid tax has not been paid on the following original rights or fhares in faid MILLSFIELD, viz. George Boyd, Efq. Benjamin Stiles, Jonathan Darby, Zenas Morey, John Morey, Benjamin chamberlin, John Burnham Hanfon, Abel Skinner, John Pingry williams, Charles Wladron, Wentworth Brinley, One right for a Gleve for the church of England by law eftablifhed, One right for the benefit of a fchool in faid town, and one right for the incorporated fociety for the propagation of the gofpel in foreign parts Notice is hereby given that fo much of each of the faid delinquents rights as will pay faid tax and incedental charges, will be fold at public auction, at my dwelling-houfe in Epping, in the county of Rockingham and State of New-Hampshire, on the fourth day of Auguft next, at ten of the clock in the forenoon, unlefs prevented by previous payment.
                                                        Proprietors Collector.
Epping, May 27, 1807

New Hampshire Patriot
   Whereas the proprietors & owners of the common and undivided lands in the township of MILLSFIELD, in the county of Coos and State of New-Hampshire, at a legal meeting held at Hampton-Falls, in the county of Rockingham in said State, on the 20th day of May, A.D. 1813, voted to raise a tax of five dollars on the common and undivided land in each original right or share of land in said township of Millsfield, to pay public taxes, making and repairing roads and bridges, and paying any demand that then or thereafter might exist against the Proprietary, said tax to be paid by the third Wednesday of May then next.
   And whereas the assessors of said township did on the 23d day of the same May make and commit said assessment to me to collect, of which due notice has been given; and whereas the tax has not been paid on the common and undivided land in the following original rights or shares in said Millsfield to wit. On the rights that were of George Boyd, Esq. Benjamin Balswin, jun. andrew Bell, Shubael Cross, Jonathan Childs, Nathan Dewey, Nash Dewey, Elijah Davey, Walter Fairfield, Ebenezer Green, Benjamin Grant, Benjamin Grant, jun. Peter Grant, Noah Grant, Reuben Grant, Samuel Hunt, Robert Kennedy, jun. Israel Morey, Esq. John Morey, Frederick M. Bell, solomon Morey, William Marston, MatthewMiller, John Mano, Rev. Obediah Noble, Siranus Owen, Robert Peasley, Amos Peasley, amos Palmer, Moses Palmer, Abraham Palmer, Sameul Phelps, Joel Phelps, Ichabod Palmer, Luther Richardson,James Reid, jun. John Roberts, Ebenezer Swan, Aaron Stiles, Samuel Smith, Daniel Tilerson, Daniel Tilerson, jun. Timothy White, Abijah Willard, John Wood, John Woodward, Amasa Woodworth, Joel Woodworth and Azariah Webb.
   Notice is hereby given that so much of each of the said delinquent's rights as will pay said tax and incidental charges, will be sold at my dwelling-house in Epping, in said county of Rockingham, on Monday the sixth day of November, A. D. 1820, at 10 o'clock, A. M. unless prevented by previous payment.
                                 DANIEL PLUMER,
Proprietors' Collector for said Millsfield.
Epping, Aug. 13, 1820                              


Transcribers note:
Millsfield Twp. is an "uninhabited township" in present day Coos Co. per Merrill's 1817 Gazetteer of New Hampshire online in the USGenWeb Archives for Coos Co., NH

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