Smith Cemetery, Woodstock, Windsor Co., VT

Woodstock, Windsor Co., VT
photos taken by Jim Keim in 2003 & 2006

indicates information sent to Jim Keim
by Don Wickman of the Woodstock Historical Society (WHS)

Smith Cemetery sign
Smith Cemetery

Brewster Family

Ephraim Brewster
Margery (Parks) Brewster?
Ephraim Brewster died
died May 16, 1810
aged 79

WHS lists:
   *Ephraim Brewster
   *Spouse of Margery Parks 
   *Born 20 August 1731 
   *Died 26 May 1810 
This stone is next to Ephraim's
Is it Margery's?


WHS lists:
Margery (Parks) Brewster
   *Wife of Ephraim Brewster 
   *Born 24 December 1742 
   *Died February 1841 

Mrs. Sally (Brewster) Hager
Mrs. Sally Hager
Died 1 Sep 1824 
aged 53 yrs 
(d/o Ephraim Brewster & Margery Parks.
Sally's 1st husband was William Bramble Jr. whose will was probated in 1813. Sally m. Lemuel Hagar 6 May 1816. From other sources, Lemuel survived to age 90, and is buried (with 1st wife) in another cemetery on the north side of Woodstock) 

Paul Brewster
Rachel (Stiles) Brewster

WHS lists:
   *Paul Brewster
   *Spouse of Rachel Stiles 
   *No dates
Wife of
Paul Brewster
July 19, 1836
aged 63 years

WHS lists:
   *Rachel (Stiles) Brewster
   *Wife of Paul Brewster 
   *Born 1773 
   *Died 19 July 1836 

Ephraim Brewster
Almira (Dodge) Brewster
Nov. 3, 1811
Dec. 25, 1882


WHS lists:
   *Ephraim Brewster Jr.
   *Spouse of Almira Dodge 
   *Born 3 November 1811 
   *Died 25 December 1882 
(son of Paul Brewster & Rachel Stiles)
Wife Of
Ephraim Brewster
Oct. 13, 1811
Aug. 31, 1886

WHS lists:
   *Almira Dodge Brewster
   *Wife of Ephraim Brewster, Jr. 
   *Born13 October 1811 
   *Died 30 August 1886 

Lucy Brewster Barlow
Lucy Brewster
wife of
Aaron Barlow
Nov. 27, 1874,
AE. 74 YRS. 10 MOS.
WHS lists:
   *Lucy (Brewster) Barlow
   *Wife of Aaron Barlow 
   *Born 1800 
   *Died 23 March 1869 
(Lucy was d/o Paul Brewster & Rachel Stiles)

Russell Brewster
Joanna (Crooker) Brewster
Russell Brewster
Died Apr. 1, 1877 
AE 74 Yrs 7 Mos. 
(this is son of Paul Brewster & Rachel Stiles) 
Wife Of
Russell Brewster

Lucy A. Brewster Spaulding
wife of
Dan'l G. Spaulding
Passed on to Spirit vis
Mar. 23, 1869
a. 35 yrs

Simeon Dunham
Mrs. Patty (Stiles) Dunham
Simeon Dunham
Died September 28, 1839 
aged 64 years 


In Memory of
Mrs. Patty wife of Mr.
Simeon Dunham
who died Feb. 20,
1813 aged 31 years
(dau. of Benjamin Stiles Sr. & Demaris Brown) 

Cyrenus Houghton
Lucy Dunham Houghton
Cyrenus Houghton
July 7, 1885
78 yrs
Lucy Dunham
Wife of Cyrenus Houghton
???? 187?
(d/o Patty Stiles & Simeon Dunham)

Amos Pelton
Betsey H. Call Pelton
Amos Pelton
Feb. 19, 1799
Nov. 12, 1870 
(son of Hannah Stiles & Hatsel Pelton)
Betsey H. Call

(2nd wife of Amos Pelton)


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