Descendants of Ezra Stiles & Cynthia Ann Stiles

The Stiles Family in America
Descendants of Robert Stiles of Rowley, Mass.
Descendants of William Stiles of Dover, N. H.

With a Prefatory Chapter on the Origin of the Family and Name; and
an appendix on the Family in England


FAMILY 58 (Descendants of Ezra Stiles & Cynthia Ann Stiles)
pages 248-250

submitted & transcribed by Linda Boorom

Ezra Stiles [269] (George5, Benjamin4, Lt. Amos3, Robert Jr.2, Robert1), was born at South Coventry, Conn., March 4, 1817; married, March 24, 1839, his cousin, Cynthia Ann, dau. of Edmund and Wealthy (Loomis) Stiles. she was born at Herkimer, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Jan. 22, 1812. She died at Willimantic, Conn., Jan. 4, 1886, of typhoid fever. Ezra Stiles was a dentist by profession, and was generally called "Dr. Stiles." "While in his infancy his parents removed to Pennsylvania, where he remained until he was twenty years of age, when he returned to Conn. and took up the profession of dentistry and opened an office in Danielsonville. He resided there some eight or nine years and then removed to Norwich, a larger field for the practice of his profession in which he had become quite skilled, and had achieved a fine reputaion. During his residence in Norwich he became connected with the Central Baptist Church, and was one of its most valued members. He took a deep interest in the welfare of this church, and served as a member of the society's committee, and filled also the office of treasurer. In 1865, he gave up the practice of his profession and removed to South Windham, and engaged in the grocery business with his son George E. Stiles. In 1870 they came to Williamantic and opened a wholesale and retail grocery, flour and provision store in the building now occupied by Durkee, Stiles & Co. The firm transacted a large and successful business until Jan., 1879, when they sold out to Buck & Durkee. Since that time Dr. Stiles has not been an idler, his real estate interests in Willimantic, Norwich and elsewhere requiring a good share of his time and attention. He untited with the Baptist Church in Willimantic, in March, 1876, and since that time he has been an active, useful and highly-respected member, willing at any and all times with counsel and purse to aid in any department of church work, and ever on the alert to promote the interests of the church and society.
    "The Baptist denomination in the State has probably no firmer adherent to its tenets that was Dr. Stiles, and no one who would uphold its creed with more resoluteness of purpose. Morally he was above reproach. He professed to be a Christian, and so far as he was able he lived up to his profession. A man of intelligence and well-balanced mind, he held to it with tenacity. As a business man he was the soul of honor and integrity, and combining with these good judgment and shrewd business tact, he achieved sucess and accumulated a handsome property. Politically he was a Whig, in the days of that party, and naturally became a Republican when the party was organized, and has since remained a firm supporter of its principles. He was not, however, a seeker of political preferment, and while never hesitating to express his sentiments through the ballot, shrank from the turmoil, strife and annoyance incident to public office. Dr. Stiles was pre-eminently a home man, and spent all his leisure hours with this family. Home was the most attactive spot for him, and here is where his loss will be most keenly felt. Truly in this family circle a chain of love whose links have been steadily growing stronger and stronger as the years rolled by, has been suddenly broken, and a light which grew brighter and brighter with the lapse of time, has gone out forever. On Sunday, Feb. 22, he attendee church as usual, but complained durting the day of feeling chilly. On Monday he was about the house, but was hoarse, and retired at an early hour in the evening apparently suffering from a bad cold. Tuesday morning, there being no improvement manifest in his condition, a physician was called, and in this connection it is worthy of note, that so far as is known this was the first time a physician had ever been called in his behalf.
    "His disease speedily developed into bronchial pneumonia, and resisted all efforts for its removal. The insidious malady slowly but surely sapped the vital energies of the naturally vigorous constitution, but the change came so gradually that his family and friends had no fear for his ultimate recovery until within two or three days of his death. Dr. Stiles, however, evidently realized his critical condition, and on Friday morning, ten days from the time the physician was summoned, he called the several members of the family to his bedside and talked with each one separately and for the last time. A few hours later the beating pulse was hushed, and the eyes were closed in the long dreamless sleep of death.
    " His mind remained clear up to the hour of his dissolution, and death came to him peaceful and painless, on Friday, Jan. 6, 1885. - From the Willimantic Chronicle, Jan. 13, 1885.  (tombstone gives death date as March 6, 1885)

George Edmund, b. June 24, 1843; m. Helen E. Hatch. Family 105.
Wealthia Elizabeth, b. at Danielsonville, Conn., July 22, 1848; m. (1) Jan. 1, 1876, Geo. N. McFarland; (2) Dec. 17, 1880, Dr. F. S. Blood; res. (1885) at Willmantic, Conn.

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