Newspaper Notices of Vermont Deaths  

Newspaper Notices of Vermont Deaths

transcribed by Linda Boorom

Spooners Vermont Journal
   DIED]—At Woodstock, on Tuefday laft, Mrs. Deborah Thomas, confort of Capt. david Thomas, of a lethargy—aged 48— The wife of Mr. George Thomas, of a fever—aged 39— And the wife of Mr. Seth Sterling, of the confumption— aged about 30 years. The funerals were attended on Thurfday following with the greateft folemnity.
   Mr. Shirtliff, of faid town, buried two daughters the week faft; the eldeft 5 years of age, and the other 15 months—both of the Canker-Rafh.

Spooners Vermont Journal
DIED]—At Burlington, Col. UDNY HAY. —At Montplier, DAVID WING, jun. Efq. secretary of State. —At Worcefter, (Ms.) Mrs. HANNAH BANGS, confort of Edward B. Esq. —At Woodstock, Mrs. SUSANNAH RICHARDSON, Æt. 71; alfo a Mr. PELTON.

The Rutland Herald (VT)
   At New-Haven, on the 22nd inst. Mrs. Sally Howe, wife of Mr. Francis Howe, in the 32d year of her age.
   At Berkshire, Mrs. Weld, wife of Chester Weld, Esq. aged 40.
   At Enosburgh, Nuton Dunning, aged 9 years, son of Mr. Martin Dunning.
   At Sheldon, Mr. Willard Chamberlin aged 24.
   At Woodstock, Mrs. Mary Williams, wife of Capt. Phinehas Williams, aged 74. Mr. Ephraim Brewster, one of the first settlers of that town.
   At Norwich, Mr. Simeon Hunt, aged 55. Mr. Elijah Hunt, 19. Mr. Ezra Ensworth, aged 45. Mrs. Elizabeth Gould, wife of Mr. Francis Gould.
   At Weathersfield, Capt. Henry Tolles, aged 74.

Vermont Mercury
2- 26-1841
sent to Jim Keim
by Don Wickman of the Woodstock Historical Society
In this town on the 23d instant, widow Margery Brewster, consort of the late Ephraim Brewster aged 98 years and 2 months. She has been an inhabitant of this town 62 years, and lived to see the fourth generation of her descendants come upon the stage of action. She was one of the early settlers of this town, has gone through the hardships attendant on settlers of a new country. She has reared a large family of children most of whom she has lived to see to the close of life. She has left a large circle of friends to mourn the loss of one beloved.
   Printers in Ohio and Connecticut are requested &c.

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