Will of Herman Henry Wisker 1851  

Will of Herman Henry Wisker
written in German January 5, 1850
filed Hamilton Co., OH probate February 25, 1851

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Hamilton Co. OH Probate
Last Will & Testament of Herman Henry Wisker
Filed Feb. 25, 1851
Re-Recorded Vol. 7 page 217

I the subscribed Herman Henry Wisker being in sound state of mind and after due consideration hereby ordain and dispose, that in case my wife Catherine should survive me, all my property shall go to her my said wife, always provided that she shall be held to pay thereout for the proper education of my youngest son Gerhard. After the said Gerhard has come of age and my said property amounting then still to the sum of six hundred dollars my said wife Catherine shall be enjoined to give to every child fifty dollars each, that has proved to behave virtuous, dutiful and friendly towards the mother. The then remaining balance of my property my wife shall be free to dispose as she pleases, but in doing so she shall principally have regard to the higher honor of God, and the salvation of our immortal souls. It shall be left quite to the free will of my said wife, what part thereof she will further bequeath to the children, but she shall well consider whether the children will prove themselves worthy of the same by a good true Christian behavior and by the due kindness towards the mother.

(note Herman Heinrich Wischer's signature from his will!)

Herman Henry Wisker
Cincinnati 5th January 1850
Gerard Kröger
Gertrude Kröger cannot write
marks 3 xxx crosses
B. Hengehold

At the bottom of the English translation which was recorded:
The above is a substantially correct Translation from the German into the English of the last will of Hermann Henry Wisker as hereto annexed
J. B. Moorman

Herman Heinrich Wischer was born July 17, 1800 in Thiene, Hanover, Germany. He was baptized July 18, 1800 at St. Johann's Catholic Church in nearby Alfhausen. He was the son of Johan Herman Henrich Tor Wische & Catharina Maria Gertrud Placke. He married first Maria Gertrude Wessel on October 20, 1830 at St. Johann's in Alfhausen. Herman & Maria Gertrude had the following children all baptized at St. Johann's:

Maria "Elizabeth" born May 21, 1832 in Theine, baptized May 22, 1832 at St. Johann's in Alfhausen.
Herman Henry born July 16, 1833 in Theine, baptized July 17, 1833 at St. Johann's in Alfhausen, died July 19, 1899 in Covington, Kenton Co., KY
Johannes Gerhardus Henricus born October 24, 1836 in Theine, baptized October 25, 1836 at St. Johann's in Alfhausen, & died December 11, 1836 in Theine.

His wife, Maria Getrude died October 30, 1836 in Thiene.

Herman married second to Catherine Kroeger on August 11, 1840 at St. Johann's in Alfhausen. Herman & Catherine had the following child baptized at St. Johann's:
Gerhard born July 8, 1841 in Theine, baptized July 9, 1841 at St. Johann's in Alfhausen, died July 1850 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, buried July 7, 1850 at Old St. Joseph's Cemetery in Hamilton Co., OH.

Herman Heinrich Wischer died in November 1850 & was buried November 22, 1850 at Old St. Joseph's Cemetery in Hamilton Co., OH

Catherine died November 1852 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH and was buried November 25, 1852 at Old St. Joseph's Cemetery in Hamilton Co., OH. She left a will dated August 20, 1852 filed Hamilton Co. OH probate December 13, 1852

Notations on the baptismal records of the children at St. Johann's in Alfhausen indicate that the family emmigrated September 23, 1843.
Records at the Castle Garden website indicate the following individuals arrived there December 29, 1843 on the ship "Agnes"

Anna Mar. Wischer Farmer 20 F
Cath. Wischer Farmer 42 F 29
Elisabeth Wischer Child, Youngster 10
Heinr. Wischer Child, Youngster 9 M
Herm.Heinr. Wischer Farmer 43 M
Theresa Wischer Farmer 18 F

Gerhard seems to be missing from the list. No doubt checking the original manifest would find him as not only is he listed on the 1850 census as Garrat Whisker with Henry & Catherine he is also named in both of their wills. At this point I have not located Elizabeth anywhere, although she is mentioned in Herman's will. also, I've yet to figure out who Anna. Mar. Wischer or Theresa Wischer connect nor what happened to them after arriving in the US. Anna Mar. "maybe" the A. M. Wicher buried at Old St. Joseph Cemetery.

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