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Bosley family of Baltimore County, Maryland

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Walter Bosley born before 1670 and living in Baltimore County, Maryland was like most early Colonist's, a tobacco farmer. He is listed in one account as a sawyer, in today's terms we would call him a lumberjack. The word sawyer in old writings has been misread as Lawyer by some researchers and others wanting to add prestige to this have claimed he was a Barrister. Our Walter held no such status and was found renting to own land as is the case of 75 acres of "Arthur's Choice" purchased from John Greer & Ann (Taylor) Greer.

Walter evidently was a hard working man as he quickly obtained a few hundred acres. No doubt this was instilled in his 5 sons who also increased their land ownership. We will be tracing what is believed to be the descendants of these 5 sons of Walter Bosley and his wife Mary Elizabeth. Mary Elizabeth's maiden name is also a mystery. Tracing her back through land she obviously owned and sold after Walter's death, that at one time belonged to the Hill family has left us with a suggestion that her name was either Hill, Bird or Love. Also in question is why Walter purchased land in partnership with William Welch, was it strictly economical or was there a family tie? The answer for now is unknown.

In looking at early tax lists, Walter Bosley and William Bosley are both listed in 1699 at Middle River Hundred. In 1705 Walter is listed at So Side of Gun Powder and no sign of William. There is also a John Bosley, who was a witness to the Will of Wm. Hensey in Charles Co. in 1684. An old book "History of Baltimore" by J. Thomas Scharff, published in 1881, page 884 in part says "Five Bosley brothers came to Maryland in the days of the second Lord Proprietary" The family...,is descended from seven brothers who emigrated in 1638 from England" If this telling is true then we probably would never be able to directly trace Walter Bosley back to England. With his first son born 1694 and his fifth in 1714, it is doubtful he was one of the emigrating brothers.

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