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Pictures of various people in the Bowen Family line

(clockwise from the back)  Fionia Lucrecia Bowen   Charles Benjamin Bowen Sr. Harold Edwards Bowen Clara Dunn Huntington Chase Bowen   Frances Marie Bowen

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Ben and Viola in 1958

Frances and her friend in Amarillo, TX

Clara Dunn Huntington Chase Bowen   Frances Marie Bowen

Jimmy and Thelma Bowen

Hopson English Bowen and his twins Frank and Frances (Frank had died earlier in the day)

Zona and Viola Massey

(In clockwise from back) Charles B. Sr, Viola, Chester, John, Daughter Viola, and Jimmy Bowen in Wichita, KS

Fionia and Clara Beth and Ginger

Charles Benjamin Bowen Sr. in Hamburge, Iowa

(From left to right)
Harold, Charles Sr., Chester, Bruce, Charles Jr. and Ernest Golden

Viola Bowen's funeral
brother Riley Massey, and his wife
sister Tera J.Atkinson, with her husband
July 15, 1966.  Holdenville, Oklahoma

Margaret Leeper

Viola Mae Bowen and Daughter Viola Bowen
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