August 29,1872 Richmond Daily Whig of Richmond, Virginia.

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A small biography of

General Rees T. Bowen
of Tazewell County, Virginia.


General Rees T. Bowen, grandson of Lieutenant Rees Bowen, was born at Maiden Spring January 10th., 1809, and died August 29th., 1879.  He was made a brigadier general of militia by Governor Henry A. Wise in 1856;  and represented Tazewell County in the Virginia House Of Delegates in 1863-1864.  General Bowen was elected by the Conservative party to represent the Ninth District in the Forty-third Congress;  and served in that body from December 1st., 1873, to March 3rd., 1875.  He was the first citizen of Tazewell County that served in the National Legislature.

Source --  History Of Tazewell County And Southwest Virginia, 1748 - 1920, by Wm. C. Pendleton.  W.C. Hill Printing Company, Richmond, Virginia.  1920.

From August 29, 1872
The Richmond Daily Whig
of Richmond, Virginia.

This article concerns Rees T. Bowen of Virginia who is noted as being "about sixty years of age."
He was actually born in 1809 making the General 63. The General is running for Congress under the banner of the Whig political party.

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 General Rees T. Bowen

From the Bristol News.

We have only space to say but little of the large-hearted,generous and popular gentleman who received by acclamation the Abingdon nomination. Our knowledge of him dates to within a few years of our birth. For the last twenty years, we have been constantly and most intimately familiar with his life,and we testify to our leaders that he is in every way worthy of the high honor now conferred upon him. In person he is very tall and stoutly built, and his countenance indexes the character of the man. A truer and more generous friend is rarely demanded and never found. He is a gentlemen of wealth and business capacity, of untiring energy, and is as popular as his virtues are large. Having never made politics a special study,be is unused to debateand has never attemted an extended public speech,but he will undetake the canvass of the district with a vigor which will promise success and a popularity which will render it absolutely certain. As our next Congressman he will be zealous,watchful and useful. He is about sixty years of age.


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