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There is a family tradition that her husband was injured in a barn
raising, hit by a falling timber. The story is also that he and
Carrie had a bedside wedding after the accident and that he lived
about 3 weeks after his marriage and is buried at Eden
Cemetery.  However, records show 4 years between their
marriage and his death.
The Victoria Warder Newspaper Nov 23 1870
By the Rev. W.R Barker at the residence of the bride's father
on the 9th inst. Mr. Thomas Glaspell to Miss Caroline E. Bowles,
both of Fenelon
The Oct. 16, 1874 Lindsay Canadian Post reported “At Coboconk,
Mr Thomas Glaspell, photographer of this village, died on Sunday
the 11th inst. After an illness of several years.  He came to the
village about a year ago and leaves a wife to mourn him”. 
A death registration for a James Glaspell in 1874 states that he
was the husband of Caroline Bowles.
(need to look up the original reference again for the exact wording)