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The Glaspell Family Tree

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(see 3. William Henry Bowles m. Sarah Anne Glaspell, 4. George Gilley Bowles m. Mary Jane Glaspell and 5. Caroline Elizabeth Bowles m. Thomas (James) Glaspell)
John Glaspell b. ~ 1809 Arreton, Cowes, Isle of Wight map
m. Mary Anne (b. ~ 1821, 1861 census gives England which would include the Isle of Wight)
1.  Thomas  b. May 5, 1846 Isle of Wight
     m. Caroline (Carrie) Elizabeth Bowles (b. June 8, 1849, Quebec City; Robert, Elizabeth Ray)
The Oct. 16, 1870 Lindsay Canadian Post reported “At Coboconk, Mr. Thomas Glaspell, photographer, died on the 11th inst., following an illness of several years….came to the village a year ago…leaves a wife”. 
 Thomas d. Oct. 11, 1870 Coboconk, Ont.
2.  James  b. ?  Isle of Wight
     m. Caroline (Carrie) Elizabeth Bowles (b. June 8, 1849, Quebec City; Robert, Elizabeth Ray)
   Nov. 9, 1870 Fenelon twp, Ont.
The family story is that James was injured in a barn raising, hit by a falling timber. The story is also that he and Carrie had a bedside wedding after the accident and that he lived about 3 weeks after his marriage and is buried at Eden Cemetery. 
His widow married Samuel Todd in 1877 (Fenelon).  Their son Edmund Todd married Ethel May Glaspell, b. 1885 Randolph, Tiny twp., daughter of John Glaspell and Jane Hill in Penetanguishene, Ont. in 1904 (witness: Herbert J. Glaspell)
 3.  Oliver b. Nov. 5, 1849 Isle of Wight
             m. (1) Lillias Cummings (b. Dec. 4, 1856, Ont.) Sept. 1881 Fenelon Falls
                                                (ref. Fenelon Falls Gazette 12-Sept-1881)
Moved to Tiny twp., Simcoe co. after 1881; returned to Fenelon 1889.
   3.1  Wilbert b. Sept. 12, 1882,
             m. Rose Hardy Mar 24, 1909 Fenelon Falls (by Rev. WJM Cragg)
3.1.1  daughter b. July 5, 1911 Fenelon Twp
                     3.1.2  son b. Sept. 15, 1912 Powles Corners
3.2  Mary b. Sept. 12, 1884
3.3  Laura b. Sept. 18, 1887
3.4  ?  b. March 1891 d. Dec. 31, 1891 (age 9 mos.) bur. Eden Cemetery
                        (ref. Lindsay Watchman Warder Jan. 22, 1892)
3.5  Lillias b. Mar. 25, 1895 Fenelon twp.
She was brought up by her Uncle and Aunt, William and Sarah (Glaspell) Bowles
in Tiny twp.
             Lillias d. Mar. 25, 1895 Fenelon twp. (in childbirth with Lillias)
(ref. Lindsay Watchman Warder-
Lily C Cummings wife of Oliver Glaspell d 25 Mar 1895 aged 38 yrs, 3 mos, 21 d, Fenelon Twp)
m. (2) Hattie Eyres (b. Nov. 14, 1860)
3.5  Grace b. Sept. 24, 1898 Cameron, Fenelon twp.
 (ref. Lindsay Watchman Warder Oct. 10, 1898)
3.6  Eric b. Oct. 30, 1903 Fenelon twp.
     Oliver Glaspell d. May 1, 1909 Fenelon Twp
     His children eventually moved to Saskatchewan
4.  John b. ~ 1851 where? 
     m. Jane Hill
     Took over brother Oliver’s farm in Tiny twp. in 1889.
4.1  Ethel May
       m. Edmund Todd (above)
     John d. April 11,1894 Tiny twp., Simcoe co.
5.  Mary Jane b. 1852; City of Durham, Darlington twp
             m. George Gilley Bowles (b. Sept. 17, 1846, Quebec City; Robert, Elizabeth Ray)
July 9, 1873 Fenelon, Ont. Marriage reg.# 013198/73
                        Children:    Arthur Wilford481 b. Aug. 9, 1874 Cameron, Fenelon Twp., Ont.
                                        Effie Mabel482 b. Feb. 27, 1876 Cameron, Fenelon Twp., Ont.
                Bertha Marion483  b. Aug. 5, 1879, Cameron, Fenelon Twp., Ont.
(for details see the Robert Bowles Family Tree)
Mary Jane d. April 27, 1881 (consumption) Fenelon township, Ont.
                        Death reg # 018410/81
6.  Sarah Anne b. June 1, 1854 Scugog Island, Ont.
             m. William Henry Bowles (b. Dec. 27, 1844 Quebec City; Robert, Elizabeth Ray)
Dec. 17, 1873 Fenelon, Ont. Marriage Reg. # 013202/73
This family moved to Tiny twp., Simcoe co. between 1877 and 1880.
                        Children: Herbert and Oliver Bowles
(for details see the Robert Bowles Family Tree)
     Sarah d. July 29, 1915 Penetanguishene (cancer of the tongue) ref #029118/15
 bur. Copeland Hill cemetery, Tiny twp. Lot 118, Concession 2, O.S.
7.  Freda b.
d. Oct 31, 1913  
8.  Edwin William b.
     m. Ruth Esther Webster Dec. 8, 1870 Fenelon
     Edwin d. 1915 Tiny twp., Simcoe co.
John d. 1892 Tiny twp., Simcoe co.
Mary Anne d. 1886 Tiny twp., Simcoe co.
Burial record at Copeland’s Hill Cemetery
John Glaspell 1892
Mary A. Glaspell (wife) 1886
Edwin Glaspell (son) 1915
Freda Glaspell Oct 31, 1913
John Glaspell April 11,1894
Need to find where the following fit in:
Wilson Glasbell b. Oct. 11, 1876, Ont. machinist, single in Galt (1901 Census)
Mary Ann (Clements), wife of Wilson C Glaspell, d 19 Sep 1911 Galt ON in her 35th yr
Ruth Glaspell b. Sept. 3, 1853, Ont.  occupation: maid in 1901 census Toronto West
Census Records
(sorry, just the initial notes right now, will fill in the detailed records later)
1881 Census of Fenelon Township
John age 72
Maryann age 60
Oliver age 32
John age 25
1891Census Fenelon Township
Oliver, age 41, b Isle of Wight
Lillias (Cummings) age 34 b ON
Wilbert age 8
Mary, age 6
Laura, age 3
Note: Edwin Glaspell is also in the township, others are listed in Simcoe Co and elsewhere.
1901 Census:
Oliver b 5 Nov 1844
Hattie b 14 Nov 1860
Wilbert b 12 Sep 1882
Mary b 12 Sep 1884
Laura b 18 Sep 1887
Grace b 24 Sep 1899

Were Thomas and James Glaspell really two people or only a record keeping error?

Thomas and James are listed above as two brothers both married to Carrie Bowles but  some other story may yet be true and further research needs to be done.

The information so far is sketchy and another possibility might be that there was one person named James Thomas Glaspell who died suddenly after an injury following a long illness and prior to his planned marriage to Carrie so they had a death-bed ceremony which was only registered three weeks after his death.

The 1861 Census does show that there were two brothers older than Oliver but the entry is very hard to read and the initials for the two boys appears to be E. and J.  E. could have been Thomas or some other brother who we don't know about yet and J. would be James.

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