Joseph Bowles of Quebec City's Family Tree
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The Bowles of Canada and their Roots in Ireland and England

Joseph Bowles of Quebec City's Family Tree

Joseph Bowles, b. Jan. 1, 1777, Manchester, England (parents: Michael Bowles (b. Ireland); Jane Dyson)
m. Jane Feltus (b. ~ 1786, Ireland) Feb. 27, 1808 St. Mary’s, Carlow town, Carlow, Ireland (by Mr. Digby, rector)
See The Bowles of Ballickmoyler, co Laois and The Feltus Family of Carlow
Pigot and Co.’s Provincial Directory of 1824 lists:
Joseph Bowler, boot and shoemaker on Bruin Street, Carlow City
(despite the Bowler this is Joseph)
Joseph sold his shoe store and emigrated to Quebec City in 1831.
See The Bowles of Ballickmoyler in Canada
1. Eliza Bowles bp. May 7, 1810 Carlow, co. Carlow,  Ireland
m. William Learmont of Quebec, watchmaker  May 20, 1837 St. Paul's Chapel, Quebec City
(wit: Joseph Bowles, father;  John Bowles)
Marriage bond 001885 issued May 18, 1837 and signed by Learmont, James Sutherland and by Eliza’s father.
1.1   Joseph Bowles Learmont b. Montreal (became  senior member of Caverhill, Learmont & Co. wholesale hardware merchants in Montreal, see bio following)
m. (1)  Amelia Jane Holton (father: Hon. L.H. Holton, M.P.)
                 Amelia d. 1875 Montreal  (The Gleaner Sept. 30, 1875)
m. (2)  Charlotte Smithers  1882
(b. Aug. 25, 1845 Waterford, Ireland; Chas. F. Smithers, Pres. Bank of Montreal)
J.B. Learmont d. March 12, 1914
1.2   William John Learmont
m. Agnes
(a W.J. Learmont lived Bright, Blandford twp., Oxford co., Ontario in 1897)
2. Joseph Bowles b. Apr. 17, 1814 Carlow, co. Carlow, Ire.
(druggist and proprietor of Medical Hall, Upper Town)
(lived in Quebec City until the 1870’s then moved to Beckenham, Kent, England)
m. Mary Jane McLeod (b. 1828 Quebec) Sept. 26, 1848 Wesleyan Meth. Church, Quebec City
            (wit: John, Mary and Jos. McLeod, Mr. Learmont and Maria Bowles (?))Joseph Bowles' daughter's wedding announcement.
2.1  Charlotte McLeod Bowles b. Aug. 21, bp. Nov. 4, 1849 Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City (wit: parents and John and Mary McLeod)
m. William Huntington (Wm. Huntington Esq. of Walton Priory near Liverpool) Dec. 11, 1886 St. Mary's, West Kensington  ref  (Fulham vol. 1a, page 445)
2.2  Joseph Bowles b. June 18, 1851, bp. May 19, 1852 Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City
d. Oct. 25, bur. 26, 1852 Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City
2.3  James Feltus Bowles b. Aug. 12, 1853 bp. June 27, 1854 Wes. Meth. Ch., Quebec City
(moved to England and worked for Louisa’s husband’s export business)
2.4  Jane Eliza Bowles b. Aug. 19, 1855 bp. Mar. 31, 1856 Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City
2.5  Louisa Mary Bowles b. Mar. 12, 1858 bp. Apr. 27, 1860 Wes. Meth. Ch., Quebec City
            (wit: parents, Mary and Anna McLeod and Charlotte McL. Bowles (age 10))
m. Charles Henry McEuen (b. ~ 1858; Sydney, Australia; David P., Elizabeth M.)  ~ 1885 England
2.5.1  Charles Stuart b. Jan. to Mar. 1887 Hammersmith, England (Fulham vol. 1A, page 823)
2.5.2  Malcolm R. b. Jan. to Mar. 1890 Beckenham, Bromley, Kent  (Bromley vol. 2a, page 414)
2.6  Eustace Douglas Bowles Aug. 29, bp. Oct. 25, 1860 Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City
            (wit: parents, Mary and Harriet McLeod and Charlotte Bowles)
d. May 17, bur. 18, 1861 Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City
Joseph d. before 1901 Kent, England
Mary d. after 1901
1851 Census
3.  William Bowles b. ~ 1827 Ireland; chemist
d. May 12, bur 14, 1844 Wesleyan Methodist, Quebec City age 17
                        (wit: Joseph (Jr.) and James Bowles; his two brothers)
4.  James Bowles b. ~ 1827 Ireland (twins?)
d. Feb. 7, bur. 9, 1848 age 21 Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City
                                    (wit: Joseph Bowles, brother)
Joseph d. Sept. 7, bur 10, 1843 at age 61; Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City
Jane d. Jan. 10, bur. 12, 1846 aged 60; Wesleyan Meth. Ch., Quebec City
Other possible members of this family?
Maria ? (only mention is her being witness at Joseph’s marriage above) could be Mary Bowles above.
Jane Bowles m. John McGaughey, private in the 1st Co. 79th Highlanders,
 May 14, 1829 St. Andrews Prebyterian, Quebec City
Could be another daughter of Joseph’s who married shortly after they arrived in Canada.  Quite likely as Jane is the same name as Joseph’s wife.

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