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The Agricultural Equipment Works at 22 Blackhall Place

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In the 1830's Robert Bowles of Ballickmoyler and Dublin established an agricultural equipment rental business working from his farm at Cloughran-Huddart just north of Dublin. This was a common practice as the equipment was expensive to acquire for your own farm and renting it out to other farms helped to defray the costs.  One of the main agricultural equipment manufacturers in Ireland was the firm of Allen and Mitchell of 22 Blackstock Place, Dublin.  I'll not attempt to tell the complete history of this company, just the period which significantly overlapped with Robert's business.

In 1856 this ad appeared in a major farm newspaper right beside Robert's 3/4" ad for the rental of his "award winning" thrashing machines.


Allen and Mitchell placed regular notices advertising their products until their last ad appeared May 29, 1858:

Citing the failure of their gentlemen customers to pay their bills, Allen and Mitchell filed for bankruptcy that September:

Both their stock and their premises on Blackhall Place, Hendrick Street and Smithfield were put up for auction. 

Their stock was acquired by James J. Mitchell:

However, their manufacturing facility at Blackhall Place did not go in that first auction and was still for sale in June:

Either at that auction or immediately after it the factory was finally bought by a Scottish manufacturer who continued to operate there until 1863.

The following advertisement appeared weekly from October 1859 , appearing variously as W & T Huggan or W & S Huggan until October 1860 when they became T & A Huggan

These ads continued to appear until April 1861 when they exhibited at the Royal Dublin Society's Great Spring Cattle Show.  The last references for Huggans on Blackhall Place in Irish newspapers are the newspaper articles covering that show in April 1863 at which Robert Bowles, still 'of Smithfield', also exhibited. 


Two months later, Robert Bowles' ads mentioned his works at Blackhall-Place.  Later ads confirm this to have been at #22 Blackhall Place.

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