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The Boles of Leitrim

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The 'Bowles' spelling of the name does not occur commonly in Leitrim until later years.  The earliest references are for Bole or the related Boles surname. 

There was one Catholic Boles family at Gortnacorkage from the mid 1800's well into the 1900's but by far the most extensive Boles family seems to have arrived from Fermanagh in the late 1700's and settled around Fingreagh.

A common belief among the Boles in Leitrim is that their ancestors arrived there from England or Scotland possibly as early as the plantation of Ulster in the 1600's.  The Boles do seem to have arrived in Leitrim from Cleenish parish in Fermanagh, as will be discussed below, and Fermanagh was planted so that would seem to be a possibility.  However, the Muster Roll of Fermanagh taken in 1630 documents the plantation families and while many of the families connected to the Boles of Leitrim were plantation families including the Nixon, Jervis, Johnston, Payne, Pearson, Stewart, Taylor and Trotter families, all of which appear in the Boles family tree below, the Boles do not appear.  They would have arrived from another Irish county or from England or Scotland in a later period. 

That question has seemingly recently been answered by the Bowles DNA project has found a DNA match between the Boles of Fingreagh and the Lord Boyles of Kelburn, Ayshire, Scotland.  See The Boles of Fingreagh Results In The Bowles DNA Project

To get back to my field, family history research, the next earliest reference I could find was a Bennet Boles who registered to vote in Fermanagh in 1749.  Next we find an Alexander Boles in Cleenish parish who is recorded in the Fermanagh Poll Book of 1788 as holding land in Fingreagh.  See The Boles of Fingreagh below.

The Boles of Gortnacorkoge, Killarga parish

The Griffith Valuation of Leitrim in 1856 lists a James Boles holding two lots at Gortnacorkoge.  The 1901 and 1911 censuses fill in the family a little bit.  I have not yet researched the family beyond that.
James Boles (Catholic) (a tailor)
1.  Mary Anne Boles b. ca. 1843 (25 in 1868)
m.(1) ?  (lived Shriff)
m.(2) Michael Gilroy of Drumkeel (b. ca. 1842; James) Feb. 25, 1868 Drumlease RC Chapel
James Boles (Catholic)
m. Catherine Dolan (b. ca. 1815 co. Leitrim)
(lived Gortnacorkoge (Belhavel, Leitrim))
1.  James Boles b. ca. 1846-48 co. Leitrim
m. Elizabeth (Eliza) Higgins (b. ca. 1861 co. Leitrim)

1.1 Patrick Boles b. Mar. 7, 1889 Gortnacorkage, Dromahair reg. dist

1.2  John Boles b. Sept. 24, 1890 Gortnacorkage, Dromahair reg. dist

1.3  Francis Boles b. Aug. 25, 1892 Gortnacorkage, Dromahair reg. dist

1.4  Mary Anne Boles b. Oct. 1, 1895 Gortnacorkage, Dromahair reg. dist

1.5  James Boles b. Apr. 9, 1898 Gortnacorkage, Dromahair reg. dist.

1.6  Thomas Boles b. Dec. 28, 1900 Gortnacorkage, Dromahair reg. dist.

1.7  Elizabeth (Lizzie) Boles b. Aug. 7, 1902 Gortnacorkage, Dromahair reg. dist.
1911 Census
Mary is listed in the 1911 Census with this household but also as Mary Anne Boles of the same age living in Drumkeeran, co. Leitrim with her Uncle Patrick and Aunt Bridget Higgens
2.  Bridget Boles b. Dec. 19, 1864 Dromahair, co. Leitrim
m. Patrick Higgins of Kilmore (Patrick Sr. deceased) Feb. 13, 1888 Killargue RC church
(Bridget's father James Boles was also stated to be deceased)
2.1  John Higgins b. ca. 1892 co. Leitrim
2.2  Delia Higgins b. ca. 1894 co. Leitrim
2.3  Patrick Higgins b. ca. 1898 co. Leitrim
2.4  Maggie Higgins b. ca. 1901 co. Leitrim
2.5  Lizzie Higgins b. ca. 1902 co. Leitrim
(Residents of a house 2 in Kilmore, Drumkeeran, co. Leitrim; Patrick Higgins (70), Bridget Higgins (50), 5 children; RC; 1911 Census)
3.  Catharine Boles b. ca. 1856 (of Killargue in 1877)
m. James McTernan of Killargue (b. ca. 1847; Far...) Feb. 1, 1877 Killargue RC Chapel
Mr. Boles deceased by 1888 (daughter Bridget's marriage)
Catherine head-of-household in 1901
1901 Census
Although the following marriage was also in the Dromahair registration district this reference only connects to a Boles line in Sligo.
Thomas Boles (living)
1.  James Boles of the parish of Riverstown and Sooey, co. Sligo m. Elizabeth Hyland of Bohey a minor (Patrick, living) Jan. 23, 1879 Killanummery and Killery RC Chapel in Dromahair Reg. Dist.

The Boles of Fingreagh, Inishmagrath parish

The Boles of Fingreagh appear to have come from co. Fermanagh originally.

The Poll of Electors for co. Fermanagh in 1788 ref. includes:
Surname    Given Name    Abodes             Freeholds
Bowles      Alexr.             Fingreagh          Derngogh

This documents that an Alexander Bowles was living in Fingreagh, co. Leitrim by 1788 while holding a significant value of land in Derngogh, co. Fermanagh.  The Boles (note: no 'w') had been at Dornogagh, co. Fermanagh since much earlier.  See the Boles of Fermanagh


Boles of Fingreagh References

A deed of assignment dated 1803 refers to a Francis Bowls, father Edward Bowls, deceased, and mother Anne Bowls nee Buchanan, at Fingreagh (deed memorials vol. 548, p. 330, # 365455 at the Land Titles Office in Dublin).  An index of diocesan Wills lists Francis Boles of 'Fingraugh' as having died in 1817. 

The Tithe Applotment of Fingreagh in 1834 show that two people named Edward Boles, possibly father and son, jointly held one lot of 47 acres 3 rods and 16 perches of arable pasture land and 9a 3r 28p of rubble and 'sedgy' (ie. marshy grassland, basically bogland) pasture land in Fingreagh while a possibly third Edward Boles held an adjacent second lot of 25a 3r 18p of arable pasture and meadow land and 13a 1r 16p of sedgy pastureland.

The Rent Books for Fingreagh in 1846 list Ed., E. and Edward Jervis Bowles as farming at Fingreagh.  This reference is from a web posting which is no longer online but which gave this National Library of Ireland reference 'William Johnson: NL MS.9465, rental of the Drumkeeran estate, 1845-56, all tenants, covering townlands in the civil parish of Inishmagrath'.  It would be great if someone in Dublin could verify it.  It might clarify the two/three Edward Boles question.

The 1856 Griffith's Valuation of co. Leitrim includes the following Boles in Inishmagrath parish:
(note: the area is given in acres, rods & perches, and the values are in pounds, shillings and pence)
It was probably the Griffith editors in Dublin who assembled the published copy of the survey who changed the Boles spelling in the surveyor's field books to the Bowles spelling that they were more familiar with.
Lot    Occupier            Immediate            Desc.                        Area        Land        Bldg.
                                Lessor                                                 a  r  p      Value       Value
Fingreagh Lower
1      Edward Bowles   William Johnston    House, offices, land    20 1 3      8 10 0      0 5 0
2      Andrew Bowles   same                    Land                         2 3 23      1 10 0       -
3      Andrew Bowles   same                    House, land               11 3 33    5 10 0      0 5 0
4      Ed. Bowles Jr.     same                   House, offices, land     17 3 16    6 15 0      0 5 0
(these 4 lots made up the entire townland)
Fingreagh Upper
6a    John Bowles        William Johnston   House, offices, land   36 1 33     9  0  0      0 5 0
8      Edward Bowles    same                   land                         21 2 23     8 15 0       -
9a    Barbara Bowles    same                   House, offices, land   81 0 10     25 5 0      0 10 0
19    George Bowles     Hugh,Lyons,         House, offices, land    18 2 20     7  0  0     0 15 0
Although also in Innismagrath parish, Greaghnaglogh is far enough from the other two to be dealt with separately. See below

Locations of The Boles lots in Fingreagh Upper and Lower.

A Partial Family Tree of the Boles of Fingreagh, co. Leitrim

From the above notes we have:

Alexander Boles at Fingreagh in 1788

Edward Boles m. Anne Buchanan
1.  Francis Boles at Fingreagh in 1803, possibly deceased in 1817
Edward Boles deceased in 1803
Anne living in 1803
Either two or three Edward Boles at Fingreagh in 1834 and 1846.  One would be Edward Jervis Boles.
Barbara Boles and John Boles at Fingreagh Upper and Edward Boles, Edward Boles Jr and Andrew Boles at Fingreagh Lower in 1856.  Barbara would be a widow as a woman could not hold land unless it was in trust to a man usually an underage son or to a trustee 'for the length of her natural life'. 
Note: cheating a little by looking ahead, we know that Barbara Crawford Boles, widow of Edward Jervis Boles, had an eldest son James Boles born about 1820.  As James is not holding any land in 1856, Edward had probably left the land to his widow for the length of her natural life but in trust and with reversion to James who, recently married in 1854, would probably be also living there with his family.  John, Edward Jr and Andrew who are holding land in their own right could be James' younger brothers or cousins, given the possibility of other Edward Boles at Fingreagh earlier.  Hopefully, someone can answer that one for me.
Note: the photos in the following are courtesy of Gail Brodhead-Kae, a descendant of this line.  Please see her excellent blog, Chips Off The Old Block, particularly her blog entry entitled 'Edward Boles family photos, late 1800s, early 1900s'.  Gail may be contacted through her blog.
Edward Jervis Boles b. ~ 1798
m. Barbara Crawford ~ 1819
1.  James Boles b. ~ 1820
m. Jane Payne Aug. 14, 1854 Killargue, co. Leitrim
1.1  Edward Boles b. June 4, 1855 Fingreagh Upper (of Clooneen, co. Leitrim)
m. Sarah Nixon (b. May 26, 1855 co. Leitrim; William, Rachael Millar) July 27, 1888 Innismagrath Methodist church
(moved to Follistown, co. Meath, possibly in the 1930's)
1.1.1  Jane (Jennie) Kate (or Kathleen) Boles b. July 7, 1889 Clooneen, Innismagrath parish d. June 5, 1982 Belfast, Northern Ireland
1.1.2  John James Boles b. Jan. 10, 1891 Clooneen, Drumkeerin, co. Leitrim

John d. Dec. 1935 (car accident)

1.1.3  William Robert Boles b. Feb. 24, 1892 Clooneen, Drumkeerin, co. Leitrim
(emigrated to the U.S. from Londonderry Oct. 21, 1912)
m. Zillah May Trewin (b. June 11, 1883, Elizabeth, Union co., NJ, USA
(descendants living today)
William d. Mar. 2, 1950 Elizabeth, NJ
Zillah d. May 11, 1955 Elizabeth, Union co., NJ
1.1.4  Edward Benjamin (Ben) Boles b. Apr. 9, 1894 Clooneen, Innismagrath parish
(inherited family house and farm in Follistown)
m.(1) Violet Dempsey
m.(2) Eilenn Draught (b. ca. 1924)
Eileen d. Mar. 13, 2013 Northern Ireland

1.1.5  Beulah Sarah b. Apr. 9, 1894 Clooneen, Innismagrath parish  (twins) died 1900
1.1.6  Mary (May) Elizabeth Boles b. June 5, 1896 Clooneen,Innismagrath parish, co. Leitrim
May d. July 26, 1928 Clooneen, near Drumkeerin (from TB)

Sarah d. Sept. 1938 Follistown, Navan, co. Meath (obit) 
Edward d. Oct. 24, 1940 Meath Hospital, Dublin (both bur. Kentstown, co. Meath)
1901 Census
1911 Census
1.2  James Boles b. ~ 1861 co. Leitrim
( a merchant on Duncarin Street, Belfast and later in Thurles, co. Tipperary; see Two Boles brothers who settled in Tipperary)
m. Lucy Dorothy  ? (b. ~ 1862 co. Wexford)
1.2.1 James W. Boles b. ~ 1895 Belfast
1.2.2  William R. D. Boles b. ~ 1896 Belfast, co. Antrim
1.2.3  Jane Lucinda Sarah Boles b. Oct-Dec,  1897 co. Tipperary
1.2.4  Mabel Beatrice Boles b. Apr-June,  1899 co. Tipperary
1.2.5  Benjamin Jones Boles b. July-Sept.  1902 Thurles, co. Tipperary
Benjamin d. Apr. 2, 1931 (aged 28) Thurles, co. Tipperary
Lucy d. Aug. 24, 1902 Thurles, co. Tipperary
James d. Oct. 21, 1930 (aged 70) Thurles, co. Tipperary
(only William was at home with father James in 1911 Census; James Jr. was visiting Semple family in Farranrory, co. Tipp; Lucy, Mabel and Benjamin (age 8) were living with Uncle and Aunt, William and Mary Plummer in Ballybrannis, co. Wexford)
See The Boles of Fingreagh in Tipperary for more on this family
1.3  John Boles b. May 1, 1865 Fingreagh, Innismagrath
d. Oct. 17, 1880 Fingreagh (age 15)
1.4  Alexander Boles b. ~ 1866 co. Leitrim d. Jul-Sept. 1868 (age 2) (Manorhamilton Reg. Dist.)
1.5  William Boles b. Nov. 18, 1867 Drumkeeran, co. Leitrim (of Lisdrumgran, co. Leitrim)
1901 Census
1.6  Benjamin Boles  b. Feb. 28, 1871 Fingreagh, Innismagrath 
(later of Roscrea, co. Tipperary, merchant; see Two Boles brothers who settled in Tipperary ; he renounced his worldly goods and became an evangelist; a visitor in Kilcommock, Longford in 1901 Census)
m. Mary Galbraith
1.6.1  James Newton Boles b. Sept. 14, 1898 Tipperary
Benjamin living in 1943 (per photo)
Mary d. Sept. 1898 Tipperay (in childbirth, Newton raised by Pearson as below and Benjamin didn't remarry)
1901 Census
1.7  Robert Boles (founded the Boles of Boyle draper shop in Boyle, co. Roscommon)
1.8  Jane Boles
m. William S. Pearson (of Carrig, Queens county) (Andrew) June 2, 1891 Methodist Church of Drumkirren, parish of Innismagrath
(raised nephew Newton Boles)

James d. Feb. 18, 1893 Lisdrumgran
Jane living in 1901 (with son William in Lisdrumgran)
2.  Alexander Boles b. 1831
m. Margaret Crosswell (b. ca. 1836; John) Jan. 22, 1857 Cloonclare, co. Leitrim
2.1  Barbara Boles d. as infant
2.2  Barbara Boles d. young
2.3  Edward Boles b. 1861
m. Catherine Trotter (b. ca. 1866 co. Leitrim) May 17, 1892 Cloonclare Methodist church
(living in Diffreen, Glencar, Leitrim in 1901 and with Kate's father in Tullyskeherny, Manorhamilton in 1911)
2.3.1  Margaret Boles b. June 1, 1898 Diffreen, Lurganboy reg. dist. m. Robert Lindsay
2.3.2  Alexander Christopher Boles b. Aug. 1, 1899 Diffreen  m. Frances Annette Bracken (b. 1900; William, a Methodist Minister) Oct. 15, 1929 Sandymount Methodist Church, Donnybrook parish, Dublin
(Alexander and his wife were both chemists and founded the business which grew into the Boles Chemist shops in Dublin today)
2.3.3  Elizabeth b. 1900 m. Tom Trotter
1901 Census
1911 Census
2.4  Catherine Anne Boles b. 1862
m.  John Stewart of Cloonanagh (Henry) Feb. 6, 1884 Innismagrath parish church
Catherine Anne d. Jan.-Mar. 1929 Manorhamilton Reg. Dist.
2.5  James Boles b. 1863 (in RIC 1882-1909, died accidentally in fall from a horse in 1913)
1911 Census
2.6  Isabella Boles b. Apr. 5, 1865 Fingreagh, Innismagrath m. Mr. Elkins
2.7  Margaret Boles b. Jan. 17, 1867 Fingreagh, Innismagrath (did not marry)
2.8  Mary Jane Boles b. Mar. 25, 1869 Drumkeeran, co. Leitrim
(probably the Mary Jane Boles who d. age 65 on Nov. 2, 1938 at Fingreagh; Thomas Boles present)
2.9  Alexander Boles b. Nov. 4, 1870 Fingreagh, co. Leitrim
(moved to Boston and changed name to Bolles by deed poll)
2.10  Thomas Boles b. Nov. 20, 1872 co. Leitrim (did not marry)
(took over family home with sisters Margaret and Mary Jane)
1911 Census
2.11  Irwin Boles b. Oct. 3, 1874 Fingreagh, Innismagrath, co. Leitrim
2.12  George Boles b. Aug. 12, 1876 co. Leitrim
d. June 24, 1892 (age 16, a shop assistant in Sheena, Innismagrath)

Alexander d. Jan. 2, 1907 Fingreagh
1901 Census
3.  Anne Bowles of Fingreagh, Innismagrath m. John Mullen of High Wood, Kil..tana June 2, 1856 Parish Church of Innismagrath (witnesses: Andrew Boles and George Bowles)
4.  Mary Jane Boles m. George Boles of Kilmactranny, co. Sligo (Edward Boles) Dec. 30, 1850 Innismagrath, co. Leitrim
1901 Census
Edward d. 1850
Barbara d. ~ 1863
Then we get the Edward Jr., John and Andrew mentioned in the Griffith Survey who may be other sons or possibly nephews of Edward and Barbara's.  I can't be sure from the references I currently have.
Edward Boles (possibly Jr.)

1.  Barbara Boles of Fingreagh m. George Taylor 1848 Innismagrath C of I parish church

2.  Joan Boles of Fingreagh (underage) m. Thomas Balford May 1850 Innismagrath C of I parish church

3.  Anne Boles of Fingreagh, Parish of Innismagrath m. Isaac Crosswell of Dromory, Parish of Kilinumery (William) July 3, 1856 Parish Church (C of I) of Innismagrath

4.  Margaret Boles of Drumkeerin m. Bernard Fallon Nov. 14, 1864 Innismagrath C of I parish church

5.  Elizabeth Boles of Fingreagh, 'Drumkolum' parish m. Francis Buchanan of Carrukeasth June16, 1867 Innismagrath C of I parish church (witness James Boles)
Edward Boles
1.  Catherine Boles of Mullaghbawn m. John Flanagan Feb. 13, 1879 Drumkeerin RC Chapel

John Boles (of Fingreagh Upper in 1856 per Griffith Survey) b. possibly late 1820's
Andrew Boles (Andy in his daughter's marriage register in 1874) b. ca. 1831 co. Fermanagh (70 in 1901 census)
m. Margaret (b. ca. 1833 co. Cavan)
1.  Jane Boles b. ca. 1852
m. James Patterson of Carrig (Richard) Feb. 5, 1874 Innismagrath C of I parish church (witness James Boles)
2. John Boles b. ca. 1855 co. Leitrim (46 in 1901 census; widower; listed as Jr. so father still living)
(living in Fingreagh Lower in 1901)
m. Jane Hetherington Mar. 31, 1881 Drumkeerin, Innismagrath
2.1  James Boles b. Jan. 9, 1882 Fingreagh, Innismagrath parish

2.2  William Boles b. Sept. 17, 1883 Fingreagh, Innismagrath parish

2.3  Robert Boles b. June 20, 1885 Fingreagh, Innismagrath parish

2.4  Jane Boles b. Feb. 20, 1887 Fingreagh, Innismagrath parish (a Margaret Boles present at birth) (Jane and brother George living with grandparents in 1901 census)
1901 Census

2.5  Margaret Boles b. Dec. 10, 1888 Fingreagh Lower, Innismagrath parish (after mother's death living with Hetherington grandparents)
1901 Census

2.6  John Boles b. Sept. 18, 1890 Fingreagh, Innismagrath parish

2.7  George b. July 17, 1892 Fingreagh, Innismagrath parish (see Jane above) 

Jane d. May 5, 1893 Fingreagh
John Jr. living in 1901
1901 Census
1911 Census
3.  Robert Boles b. ca. 1856 co. Leitrim (tentatively here, needs confirmation)
4.  Francis (Fanny) Boles b. ca. 1854
m. William Taylor of Craigna... , Innismagrath parish (William) Jan. 22, 1874 Innismagrath C of I parish church (witness was a Robert Boles)
1901 Census
John Sr. living in 1901
Andrew Boles d. Dec. 20, 1901 Fingreagh (age at death 74 and married)
1901 Census


The Boles of Greaghnaglogh, Innishmagrath parish

From Griffith Survey 1856
19    George Bowles     Hugh,Lyons,         House, offices, land    18 2 20     7  0  0     0 15 0
George Boles of Greaghnaglogh
m. Mary Jane Boles

1.  Mary Anne Boles b. ca. 1850's m. Edward Taylor (George Taylor) Sept. 28, 1876 church of Killane, parish of Innismagrath (witnesses: Edward Boles, James Boles)

2.  Alexander Boles b. Oct. 17, 1865 Greaghnaglogh, Innismagrath

3.  Andrew Boles b. July 23, 1870 Greaghnaglogh, Innismagrath
James Boles b. ca. 1861 co. Leitrim
m. Eliza Jane Stewart (b. ca. 1857 co. Leitrim)
(lived Greaghnaglogh just north of Fingreagh; gave their religion as Church of Ireland in 1901 and as Protestant Episcopalin in 1911)

1.  George Boles b. Sept. 24, 1880 Greagnaglogh, Innismagrath parish (witness at birth: George Boles)
(a shopkeeper in Drumkeeran in 1911)
m. Anna Jane (b. ca. 1884 co. Leitrim)
1.1  George Albert Boles b. ca. 1910 co. Leitrim 
1911 Census

2.  John James Boles b. Sept. 12, 1882 Greagnaglogh, Innismagrath parish

3.  Margaret (Maggie) Jane Boles b. July 12, 1884 Greagnaglogh, Innismagrath parish

4.  Dorenda (Dora) Anne Boles b. Nov. 9, 1886 Greagnaglogh, Innismagrath parish

5.  Thomas Boles b. Apr. 4, 1888 Greagnaglogh, Innismagrath parish

6.  Florence b. Aug. 28, 1891 Greagnaglogh, Innismagrath parish

7.  Edward Stewart Boles b. Feb. 13, 1894 Greagnaglogh, Innismagrath parish
(shop assistant with George in Drumkeeran in 1911)
1901 Census
1911 Census
Brothers living together in Lugnagon, Newtowngore, Leitrim in 1901, both Episcopalian
William Boles b. ca. 1858 co. Leitrim
James Boles b. ca. 1880 co. Leitrim
1901 Census

Catholic Boles in the Area

Edward Boles
1.  Edward Boles of Fingreagh m. Anne O'Donnell of Mullaghbawn (Daniel) Apr. 14, 1879 Drumkeerin RC Chapel
John Boles b. ca. 1852 co. Leitrim (Catholic) (living in Fingreagh Lower in 1901 Census)
m. Eleanor Sweeny (b. ca. 1855 co. Leitrim) Feb. 10, 1881 Drumkeerin RC Chapel
1. Mary Anne Boles b. July 16, 1882 Fingreagh, Innismagrath
2.  Catherine or Kathleen Boles (Kate in 1901 Census) b. Jan. 28, 1885 Fingreagh, Innismagrath
m.(2) Maggie (b. 1865 co. Leitrim) ca. 1906 (per 1911 Census)
3.  Mary Anne Boles b. ca. 1908 co. Leitrim
1901 Census
1911 Census

Other Boles Yet to Connect

The following lines should connect up somewhere in the above lines possibly a few generations back:
James Boles
1.  Alexander Boles b. ~ 1866  Lisdrumgran, co. Leitrim
(of Knock Farm, Rathdowney townland near Abbeyleix, Queens county)
m. Susan Pearson (b. ~ 1868 Queen's county; Andrew)
June 19, 1894, Abbeyleix
1.1  Edith Susan Boles b. ~ 1896 Queen's county
1.2  Evelyn Jane Boles b. July-Sept., 1898 Abbeyleix, Queen's county (Births Index, Ireland 3, 251)
1.3  Herbert James Boles b. July-Sept., 1900 Abbeyleix, Queen's county (Births Index, Ireland 3, 261)
1.4  Marjorie Boles D. b. ~ 1901 Queen's county
1.5  Violet Francis Boles b. ~ 1904 Queen's county
See  The Boles of Abbeyleix, co. Laois for more on this family.
Edward Boles b. ca. 1805 (88 at death in 1893)  m. ?
1.        James Boles b. ca. 1835
m. Margaret McMaster (b. ca. 1845) Oct. 8, 1866 Kilmactraney, co. Sligo
1.1  Edward Boles b. Jan. 15, 1868 Fingreagh, Innismagrath
1.2  Mary Ann Boles b. Oct. 10, 1869 Drumkeeran, co. Leitrim
1.3  Margaret Boles b. May 22, 1871 Drumkeeran, co. Leitrim
1.4  Robert Boles b. Feb. 11, 1873 Fingreagh, Innismagrath
1911 Census
1.5  John James Boles b. Nov. 14, 1875 co. Leitrim d. July 25, 1884 Fingreagh  (tonsilitis, age 9)    

1.6  Eliza Jane Boles b. Sept. 18, 1878 Fingreagh, Innismagrath
1.7  William Boles b. 1882
1.8  Irwin Boles b. May 18, 1884 Fingreagh, Innismagrath 
(parents and son Robert still at Fingreagh Lower in 1901 Census)
1901 Census
2.  John Boles
Edward Boles d. Mar. 16, 1893 Fingreagh (age 88)
Catherine Boles b. ca. 1811 d. Jan-Mar 1876 (age 65) (Manorhamilton Reg. District)
Ann Boles b. ca. 1795 d. Jul-Aug 1867 (age 72) (Manorhamilton Reg. District)
James Boles b. ca. 1818 d. Apr. 13, 1892 Greaghnafarna, co. Leitrim
(age 74; death reported by his niece, Mary Gillen)
The Griffith Valuation of 1856 also lists a John Boles at Ballinamore ref.  I expect he may have been from the Fingreagh line but I'm still checking into him.

 There is one early reference for a John Bole at Mohill in South co. Leitrim from 1727 ref. but I could not find any later references in that area.


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