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Thomas Boles of Cork's Family Tree
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Thomas Boles (Captain) b. 1608  (lived Kilbree, co. Cork, Ireland) (brother of Richard Boles of Ballynalty, co. Cork)
m.  Anne, probably ~ 1631
1.  Abigail Boles b. ~ 1633
m. Francis Whitcroft 1651
1.1  Henry Whitcroft (mentioned in John Boles of Inch's Will in 1700)
2.  John Boles of Inch b. ~ 1644
(was executor of father’s will and also inherited Kilbree so likely was the eldest son;  there is also a note in the Davis Pedigree that he was eldest surviving son; settled at Inch, co. Cork)
m. ?
2.1  Elizabeth Boles
m. Samuel Hodder of Ringabella, co. Cork 1694
(lived Fountainstown, co. Cork; near Carrigaline)
2.1.1  Elizabeth Hodder
2.1.2  John Hodder
2.1.3  William Hodder
2.1.4  Samuel Hodder
2.1.5  George Hodder (a very famous silversmith in Cork)
(the first four are mentioned in John Boles of Inch's Will in 1700)
2.2  Anne Boles m. Randal Warner of Liscremin, co. Cork
2.2.1 Anne Warner
Anne d. 1743 and left estate to her Aunt Mary Boles [Eustace Wills Vol 1]
2.3  Mary Boles b. 1686 d. unmarried in Nov. 13, 1772 Crosses Green,
(inherited her share of her father's estates of Kilbree and Carrig; left “a considerable fortune” to a poor cousin, “a journeyman peruke maker in Youghal”; see 3.1.1  Thomas Boles and 3.2.5  Ann Boles)
John d. 1701 to 02 (Will dated March 22, 1700; proved May 8, 1702)
3.  Thomas Boles bp. Apr. 13, 1646 Christ Church Cathedral, Cork city, Co. Cork (lived Ballinacurra, co. Cork)
m. Elizabeth Downing (John of Broomfield; Aphra Maunsell) 1689 (per Burke's History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland 1899)
3.1  Thomas Boles b. ~ 1690 (lived Youghal)
3.1.1  Thomas Boles b. ca. 1740 (inherited the Kilbree and Carrig estates upon the death of cousin Mary)
m. Anne Harty Sept. 22, 1770 Youghal
(his wife's burial notice states she was the "relict of Thomas Bowles, wigmaker" so he would have been the “journeyman peruke maker in Youghal” from his second cousin Mary’s obituary; a peruke is a gentleman's wig)  Anne Boles bp. July 14, 1771 Youghal
m. Henry Bowles (lived Glenaboy and Youghal; see Henry Bowles)  Mary Boles bp. June 14, 1773 Youghal
m. William Peard of Peardmount
Thomas d. 1778 bur. Jan. 14, 1778 Youghal
Anne d. 1784 bur. Nov. 9, 1784 Youghal
3.2  John Boles b. ~ 1692 (lived Woodstock, after 1726 of Carrignashinny (Mogeely))
m. Margery Colborne (John of Ballintubber) 1715 ref.
descendants lived Mogeely, Springfield, Kilmountain
now extinct in the male line (late 1800’s statement)
3.2.1  Thomas Boles (of Mogeely)
m. Elizabeth Harding (dau. of Richard of Bally…)
3.2.2  John Boles (an apothecary of Cork city with landholdings in Mallow and Cork city in 1773 ref.) (of Ballysheehan ref.)
(this could be John Boles of Cork, Gent. of Ballysheehan’ near Mallow later and that’s his memorial stone in Clonmeen N cemetery)
3.2.3  Samuel Boles (of Mogeely)
m.  Sarah Kenah (Robert Kenah and Mary Williams of Castlemartyr) 1756 ref.  John Boles (of Springfield)
m. Anne Garde (b. ~ 1757; Thomas of Dunfort, Jane Walter) 1784 ref.  Samuel Boles d. 1794  Thomas Boles (of Springfield)
An officer in the 44th Regiment
m. Mary Ball (dau. of Bent Ball of Roxboro)  Thomas Boles Catherine Boles Anne Boles (co-heirs to their father)
Thomas d. 1827  John Boles (of Mogeely)  William Boles (Rev.) (of Springfield)
(heir to his brother; left Springfield and Mogeely to  Spottiswood Bowles in 1855)
Rev. William d. 1855  Jane Boles m. George Gaggin Sept. 29, 1830 Carrigtwohill possibly John Boles Gaggin b. ~ 1831 Cork  Sarah Boles d. 1834  Anne Boles
m. William Webb of Queen’s co. May 26, 1821 Dungorney church  Anne Eliza Boles Webb
  m. Spottiswood Boles of Springfield
                                                                                                            (later of Boles of Aghern)
  (for their children see Spottiswood below)
Anne d. 1823
William d. 1823  Elizabeth Margaret Boles
m. James Pratt Rose (William Rose, Alice Pratt) 1822
(Captain 66th Regt.)
Eliza d. 1840
James Pratt Rose m(.2) Aphrasia Gaggin (John of Ballybane)
James d. June 10, 1848  ref.
Aphrasia d. Sept. 20, 1849
John Boles d. 1823
Will witnessed Dec. 31, 1822 Springfield, co. Cork; sealed by widow at Castlemartyr, Jan. 16, 1823 and proven Jan. 31, 1823.
Anne d. 1848  Robert Boles of Kilmountain, Castle-Martyr (near Mogeely) b. 1760 (educated Trinity College Dublin)
m. Margaret Drury (dau. of Squire of Bildacary ?) 1794 ref.  Richard Boles of Kilmountain (their only son)  Elizabeth Frances Boles
m. Rev. John Garde (b. ~ 1798; Henry Garde, Anne Smith) 1830
(Vicar of Ballynafagh, diocese of Kildare)  Anna Mary Garde b. ?
d. Apr. 19, 1902 bur. Killeagh Burial Ground, Cork  Henry Walter Garde M.D. b. ?
m. Alicia Murphy Oct. 6, 1855
children: John Robert Garde, Henry Frederick Garde, Godfrey Ernest Garde, Arthur Drury Garde, William Jervois Garde, Robert Boles Garde
Henry Walter Garde d. Mar. 24, 1890
Rev. John Garde d. 1838
Elizabeth d. Sept. 11, 1861 bur. Killeagh Burial Ground, Cork
Memorial stone for Elizabeth and Anne
Robert d. 1823
Margaret d. 1831  Mary Boles m. Francis Johnston of Blackpool July 1778  Anne Boles m. Richard Davis 1790 ref.  Margaret Boles  Thomas Boles (of Killeagh) m. Jane Garde (dau. of William)  Anne Boles
(this is likely the Anne Boles who married Thomas Lawton Eames, a surgeon and apothecary, on Dec. 9, 1809 in Youghal)
Samuel d. May 14, 1770 (fall from his horse) ref.
3.2.4  Mary Boles m. John Floyd 1742 ref.
3.2.5  Anne Boles m. William Cooke (a merchant of Youghal) Feb. 1762
3.2.6  Elizabeth Boles m. William Garde (William Garde, Mary Goold) 1750 ref.
Elizabeth d. 1792
John d. 1739 bur. Cloyne Cathedral (Will dated June 26, 1739)
3.3  Robert Boles b. ~ 1696 (lived Springfield)
m. (1) Elizabeth Croker (Walter of Ballyanker near Lismore) 1716 Lismore Cathedral note
(the official family history, as recorded in Burke's History of the Irish Gentry, states that Robert's son Jonathan married but died without children and that his heir was his son, George Bowles, by his second wife; in fact Jonathan was Robert's heir as he held Springfield after Robert's death; also Jonathan did have children including a male heir Walter Croker Boles; see Jonathan Boles of Ballygrillahane and Tallow)
3.3.1   Jonathan Boles (John in baptismal register) bp. Feb. 13, 1717/18 Lismore Cathedral  ref.
m. Jane Brown  ref. (lived Tallow, co. Waterford) 1747 ref.  Elizabeth Boles b. 1749 bp. Feb. 5, 1749 Castletownroche, Cork ref.
m. Robert Hunt  Walter Croker Boles b. 1751 bp. July 17, 1751 Castletownroche, Cork ref.
********** this section is speculative ***********
m. Mary ca. 1779  Walter Boles bp. Feb. 21, 1781 St. Mary’s, Clonmel  ref.
(he is possibly the Walter Bowles, glazier and painter, living on Upper Johnson St., Clonmel in Jan. 1833  ref.)
(he is also likely but not proven to be the father of Walter Bowles, gardener, of Tipperary, Carlow and Dublin)
Walter bur. Oct. 23, 1837 age 58 Clonmel
Mary d. Nov. 1811, bur Nov. 24, 1811 St. Mary's Clonmel (possibly)  ref.
*****************************************  Martha Boles b. 1756 bp. July 13, 1756 Castletownroche, Cork ref.
 Further reference for this family
3.3.2  Thomas Boles bp. Sept. 27, 1719 Lismore Cathedral ref.
(there is no burial register for Lismore Cathedral and Thomas is not in any later records; quite possibly the mother, Elizabeth, did not survive the delivery and Thomas did not live much longer)
m. (2) Katherine Benjer (Richard of Springfield) 1731
3.3.3  George Bowles b. 1739 (lived Mountprospect near Tallow, co. Cork)
(heir to his father despite having elder brother and half-brothers;  J.P., Capt. in 1782 as Commander of the Tallow Blues; in 1761 Lieutenant, 7th Light Dragoons; credited with officially changing the spelling from Boles to Bowles;  acquired Aghern in 1804 and settled his son Spotswood there)
m. Dorothea Hunt (b. 1744; Henry of Friarstown, co. Limerick) Nov. 13, 1764  Henry Bowles b. ~ 1765 (lived Glenaboy and Youghal)
(Barracks Master in Youghal in 1809)
m. Anne Boles (Thomas of Youghal; see  Anne Boles)  Dorothea Bowles b. ~ 1794  Elizabeth Bowles b. ~ 1797
m. Daniel Hutchins of Portsmouth, Southampton Dec. 14, 1819 Youghal  Mary Bowles b. ~ 1800
m.(1) William Rumsey (or Runney) of Portsmouth, Southampton July 10, 1821 Youghal
m.(2) Edward (or Francis) Andrews of Bridgiels(?) Aug. 6, 1825 Youghal  Margaret b. ~ 1804
m. William Myers of the 61st Reg't May 21, 1825 Youghal  Georgiana b. ~ 1806  George Spottiswood Bowles bp. Oct. 11, 1807 Youghal
d. bef. 1816  Sophia Bowles bp. July 2, 1809 Youghal  Catherine Maria bp. Oct. 21, 1810 Youghal
Henry d. 1824  George Bowles b. ~ 1778 (lived Mountprospect)
(admitted to Trinity College, Dublin at the age of 15 in 1793; (George, son of George, co. Cork, armiger))
(Major, 8th Regiment of Foot; served in Egypt)
m. (1) Elizabeth Nason (John of Newtown, co. Cork) 1806
Elizabeth d. no children
m. (2) Catherine Jones (William Hall of Bath)  George Bowles bp. June 5, 1822 Youghal (lived Mountprospect)
Left issue
d. May 15, 1879  Harry Bowles (Lieut.) bp. Apr. 18, 1825 Youghal
Left issue
d. Sept. 14, 1864 India  William Bowles bp. Feb. 14, 1827 Youghal (Lieut. 66th Reg.)
d. 1879 unmarried
George d. 1826        Spottiswood (or Spotswood) Bowles b. Oct. 7, 1784 (lived Ahern House, Tallow, co. Cork)
(sometime Lieut. 29th Reg.)
m. Jane John (b. Nov. 4, 1790; Thomas of Youghal) Apr. 30, 1812  George Bowles (Major, heir to his father, lived Ahern) b. Oct. 8, 1813
d. Feb. 26, 1886 (succeeded by his nephew  Spottiswood Bowles)  Thomas John Bowles b. Dec. 5, 1814 bp. Feb. 14, 1815 Youghal
(was Lieut. 99th Regt.)
d.   Mar. 7, 1885 unmarried  Henry Bowles b. July 23, bp. July 24, 1816 Youghal, co. Cork
(was a merchant in Youghal)
d. 1859 unmarried  Spottiswood Bowles b. Apr. 3, bp. Apr. 6, 1818 Youghal
(lived Springfield, Castlemartyr)
(acquired Springfield and Mogeely on death of Rev. William Bowles in 1855)
(wrote letter published in the March 5, 1892 issue of Notes and Queries (Oxford University Press) ref.)
m. Anne Eliza Boles Webb (William of Castlenugent, Anne)
Nov. 29, 1849 (a cousin, see Anne Webb above)  William Bowles b. Dec. 8, 1850
(lived Springfield)
m. Elizabeth Wood
(Francis Rowland of Kilboy House, co. Cork)
Jan. 29, 1898  Spottiswood Bowles b. Oct. 7, 1854
(lived Ahern, succeeded his Uncle Major George Bowles in 1886)
m.  Grace Elizabeth Hudson-Kinahan
(Sir Edward of Glenville, co. Cork)
Nov. 30, 1899
Spottiswood d. 1923
Grace inherited Aghern and passed it on to her sister and later it was sold.  George Henry Bowles b. Sept. 6, 1856
Anne d. Aug. 10, 1892
Spottiswood d. Nov. 1, 1893  William John Bowles bp. July 9, 1818 Youghal d. 1822        Margaret Sarah Lydia Bowles bp. July 29, 1821 Youghal d. 1822  John Wright Bowles b. Oct. 13, 1823 (Rev.)
(Archdeacon of Killaloe)
m. (1) Anne Charlotte Gabbett
(William of Caherline, co. Limerick, Rebecca Jones)
June 24, 1852  Anne Charlotte Bowles
m. Lieut.-Gen. William Henry Seymour
(Sir William, Sarah Oakes) Nov. 11, 1875
Anne Charlotte d. Oct. 25, 1935 Hove, Sussex
Ann d. Apr. 17, 1853
m. (2) Eliza Andrews (John of Ratheny, King's co.)  June 17, 1858        Ludlow Tonson Bowles b. Apr.28, 1859
(Maj. East Surrey Regt.)
m. Rosa Baxter (R.Hon.W.Baxter,MP) Jan. 18, 1894        Spottiswood Robert Bowles b. July 24, 1862
m. Mary Barclay (Lt. Col. William, 25th Madras)
Apr. 22, 1912
lived Clonlea, Dundrum, co. Dublin
of the firm Bowles and French
Spottiswood Robert d. Feb. 2, 1937        John de Vere Bowles b. Mar. 19, 1877
(Lt.-Col. R.F.A.)        Eliza Rebecca Bowles d. Feb. 14, 1865        Ida Jane Bowles
Rev. John  Wright d. Aug. 24, 1888
Eliza d. Aug. 21, 1898        Dorothea Bowles m. Richard Nason of Newtown, co. Cork (John)
Feb. 8, 1849  Jane Nason
m. Francis William Woodley of Leades House,co. Cork
Jan. 23, 1873  Francis George Woodley b. Feb. 12, 1874
d. Sept. 2, 1893  Richard Nason Woodley b. Sept. 12, 1875  Vere de Vere Hunt Woodley b. Jan. 10, 1878  John George Woodley b. May 13, 1886  Dorothea Emily Woodley
m. Charles William Ashe of Macroom, co. Cork
Apr. 22, 1896  Elizabeth Christine Woodley  Jane Woodley  Alice Alexandrina O'More Woodley  Elizabeth Alma Nason d. unm. 1880  Dorothea Maria Nason
Richard d. Mar. 11, 1857  William Robert Bowles b. Oct.19, bp. Nov. 11, 1827 Youghal
(Lieut. South Cork Militia)
(family moved to Liverpool between 1876 and 1881; Robert is listed in the 1876 Return of Landowners in county Cork as the representative for Spotiswood Bowles' 540 acres at Springfield)
m. Ellen Carey (b. ~ 1829 Ireland, Timothy) Dec. 18, 1855 Cork city  Jenetta Bowles (Jane) b. Sept. 24, 1857  Henry Bowles b. Nov. 24, 1859  William Bowles b. July 19, 1861
                        (later of Australia and Africa)  Spottiswood Bowles b. Dec. 29, 1864 Ballynoe  Vere Bowles b. ~ 1866 Ireland
William Robert d. Mar. 5, 1890 Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England
1881 Census (England)   Vere Hunt Bowles b. April 6, bp. Apr. 26, 1829 Youghal
                                    (lived Rosanna, co. Cork; Lieut. Gen. Army; Col. 83rd Reg.
District; 63rd Reg. Crimean Campaign)
m. Ellen Anne Hunt
(Robert of Cloughnadromin, co. Limerick, Maria Rochfort)
June 4, 1868      Margaret John Bowles
m. James Matthew Green
(b. July 24, 1834; Thomas of Aghadoe)
(Capt. 70th Regt.) 
Feb. 27, 1862 Ahern church, co. Cork  Gage Spottiswood Green b. Dec. 7, 1862
m. Thomasina Masters Vowell
July 7, 1897 Dublin  Thomas George Hennis Green
b. July 22, 1864  Frederick James Green b. Mar. 19, 1868  Aileen Margaret Green  Jane Green (twin with Aileen; d. an infant)
Margaret d. Nov. 14, 1896     
Spottiswood d. Feb. 2, 1864 obituary
Jane d.  Dec. 24, 1885        Anna Christina Bowles b. ~ 1771 Cork
m. Francis Woodley of Leades, co. Cork 1789
d. 1833        Catherine Bowles b. ~ 1773
m. Lieut.-Col. John Creighton        Dorothea Bowles b. ~ 1775
m. Sir Henry Oakes (July 11, 1756; Hildebrand, Sarah Cornelissen) Sept. 9, 1792 Bombay
(Lieut.-Gen. in the army in the East Indies and Colonel of Infantry in the East India Co.'s service)  Henry Oakes b. March 1793, d. 1794  Sir Henry-Thomas Oakes b. July 4, 1795 m. Frances-Jane Douglas May 1, 1817  Hildebrand-Gordon Oakes n. Nov. 6, 1797 m. Isabella Aston d. Oct. 30, 1832 India  George-William Oakes b. July 6, 1803 (was a writer in India)  Charles-Henry Oakes b. Nov. 25, 1810  Sarah-Lydia Oakes b. Mar. 19, 1801 m. Sir William Seymour, Judge Supr. Court Bombay  Dorothea-Maria Oakes b. Mar. 24, 1805  m. Robert-Patterson Lloyd, lieut. 2nd Foot  Sophia-Harriett Oakes b. Feb. 26, 1807 m. Rev. Thomas-Lagden Ramsden        Margaret Bowles b. ~ 1777 
m. Rev. Ralph Warter Wilson of Kilcummer, co. Cork        Charlotte Bowles b.  ~ 1779
m. Lieut. Henry Palmer, 68th Reg.        Maria Bowles b. ~ 1781
m. (1) 1st Lieut.-Col. Henry Quin Brownrigg (b. 1763; Henry of Rockingham, Mary Alcock) May 11, 1803 Bombay
Col. Brownrigg d. 1809
m. (2)  Lieut.-Col. John Bradish
(b. Sept. 1780; James, Mary Humphreys) 1814
Col. Bradish d. Feb. 1855
Maria d. May 28, 1865    Sophia Bowles b. ~ 1783
m. (1) Robert Corban
m. (2) John Benjamin Bloomfield
which marriage does the following refer to?
15/11/1823 John Corbyn married Ahern church, Tallow to Sophia Bowles, the daughter of the late Geo.Bowles, Mount Prospect, Cork.    Harriet Bowles b. ~ 1785  m. Major-Gen. James Alexander    Isabella de Vere Bowles b. ~ 1787
m. William Woodley, Lieut. City of Cork Militia
(b. 1775; Francis, Elizabeth Norris), Sept. 18, 1802  Joseph Woodley b. ~ 1803
m. Ellen Hannon (b. 1793)  Francis Hannon Woodley b. 1823
m. Mary Love Ronayne (b. ~ 1827)    Dorothea Woodley b. ~ 1804    Francis b. ~ 1805  George Bowles Woodley b. 1809 co. Cork
m. Helena Elmore Drew Aug. 27, 1835
(lived in Reedy Creek, New South Wales, Aus.)  William Woodley b. Ireland (1836-1916)
The family left for Australia in 1837 (see story below)  Helena Maria Woodley (1840-1923)  Isabella de Vere Woodley (1843-1931)  John Henry Woodley (1845-1884)  Adam Perry Woodley (1848-1929)  George Bowles Woodley (1851-1927)  Francis Woodley (1853-1931)  Dorothea Catherine Woodley (1856-1910)  Henry Norris Woodley (1861-1944)
Helena d. July 16, 1873 Reedy Creek, bur. Fitzgerald Valley, NSW
George d. Jan. 21, 1887 Eulomoga, Dubbo, NSW
bur. Jan. 23, 1887 Fitzgerald Valley, NSW
George d. 1803, bur. Tallow
Dorothea d. 1838 (age 94) (will proved 1839)
3.3.4  Spottiswood Boles b. 1744 (Colonel of the Bombay Artillery)
m. Mary Robinson, widow Nov. 22, 1779 Bombay, India
("killed by one of his own guns on or after the capture of a fort on the Malabar coast, supposedly about the close of last century" letter from Spotswood Bowles of Springfield, Castle Martyr, co. Cork published in the March 5, 1892 issue of Notes and Queries (Oxford University Press)) 
Spotswood d. 1793 India
3.3.5  Anne Boles  b. ca 1741 m. Charles Nixon Green, Gent. and Mariner Apr. 29, 1772 Youghal, co. Cork 
3.3.6  Margaret Boles b. ? m. Mr Graham before 1767 (the only indication of this person fitting in here is a mention of her in Deed Memorial 267/432/172706)
Robert d. 1746
3.4  Richard Boles
d. 1737 (without issue, per Davis chart)
3.5  Jonathan Boles (without issue, per Davis chart)
3.6  Samuel Boles (of Midleton) m. Isabella Smith  1715
Killed by a fall from his horse in May 1735
3.6.1  Thomas Boles d. bef. 1735 note
3.6.2  Anne Boles
m. Henry Wigmore of Ballyvodock, co. Cork, Gent. ref.
3.6.3  Elizabeth Boles
m. Thomas Garde of Dunsfort (Thomas of Polemore, Ballinacurra; Martha Downing)  Thomas Boles Garde b. 1743
m. Elizabeth Garde
Thomas Garde d. 1822  Jane Garde b. by 1749  d. 1851  Samuel Garde b. by 1749  d. 1750
Elizabeth d. 1749
Thomas Garde m.(2) Jane Walter
(their daughter Anne m.  John Boles of Springfield)
(their son Dr. Henry Garde of Knockane m. Anne Smith (dau. of Rev. John Smith) and their son Rev. John Garde m. Elizabeth Frances Boles)
3.6.4  Alice Boles
m. Thomas Wigmore of Ballyannon, co. Cork, Gent. (see sister Ann's reference above)
Samuel Boles of Midleton d. May, 1735 (Will dated May 30, 1735, proven July 5, 1735)
3.7  Aphra Boles m. William Andrews
3.7.1  Thomas Andrews (mentioned in John Boles of Inch's Will in 1700)
3.8  Benjamin Boles (Burke's History of the Irish Gentry states that Robert Boles of Springfield was the youngest son but Benjamin is mentioned in Thomas' Will of 1698 as his son)
3.8.1  Walter Boles (note on Davis chart may say “d. as child”)
Thomas’ Will dated Nov. 12, 1698. proved 1701
4.  Mary Boles
m. Thomas Savory
3.1  Boles Savory
5.  Joane Boles
m. Mathew Garde
6.  Anne Boles
m. William White of  Castle White, Rochfordstown, co. Cork (later Castlewhite)
5.1  Swithin White m. Anne Ballard (Alderman William Ballard of Cork) ref.
5.1.1  Anne White b. ~ 1710
m. Richard Boles (b. ~1705 co. Cork; Thomas, Catherine Upton) 1737
see 1.1.1 Richard Boles in the Richard Boles of Cork's Family Tree
Anne d. ?  (an Anne Bowles, widow, aged 80 was buried Jan. 3, 1793 in Youghal; possibly that was this Anne)
5.1.2  eldest son
5.1.3  Thomas White b. 1700 Mallow (ordained Priest at Cork 1727)
m. Mary Farthing August 1728  Richard White d. 1730
Thomas d. 1777 when Priest at Kilnaglory bur. Aug. 17, 1777 St Nicholas, Cork
5.2  Mary White
7.  daughter
m. Richard Carey
8.  Sarah Boles bp. Apr. 13, 1655 Holy Trinity Church, Cork City
d. Jan. 25, 1663 Cork City (Holy Trinity parish registry)
9.  daughter
m. Brooks
9.1  Lucy Brooks
9.2  Jane Brooks
9.3  Mary Brooks
Thomas d. 1683 (his Will signed Sept. 16, 1682 and proven June 26, 1683) bur. Cloyne Cathedral
Anne d. ?

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