Ninth Generation

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Ninth Generation

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198. Philip Simms BOWLING-3909 (Benjamin Franklin BOWLING, William Francis BOWLING, James Marsham BOWLING, Joseph BOWLING, William BOWLING SR, John, Thomas, ).
Philip married (MRIN:1399) Maria Louisa STEUART-3910.
They had the following children:
209 M i. Wilson C. BOWLING-3911.
210 M ii. Philip B BOWLING-3912.
211 M iii. Ruey P BOWLING-3913.
212 F iv. Lorena B BOWLING-3914.
213 F v. Louise B BOWLING-3915.
214 M vi. Victor Benjamin BOWLING Sr-3904.
Victor married (MRIN:1398) Evelyn Ann YOUNG-3905.

208. R L BOWLING-4986 (Joseph William BOWLING, William BOWLING, Thomas BOWLING, John BOWLING, Thomas BOWLING SR, John, Thomas, ).
He had the following children:
215 M i. Sylvester BOWLING-4987. 

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