Overview Of Our First Known of Bowling's. 

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We are able to trace the Bowling family lines as far back as England in the 1600's to James Bowling and his siblings.  They were farmers and left England for St. Mary's County, Maryland to escape persecution because they were Catholics.

James  was born 1636 in  England and he died either in 1692 or 1693 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.  He was buried in Maryland, although the exact location is unknown.  James married Anne in 1659 in England.  Anne was also born in England, however the exact city is unknown.  She died in Maryland.

James also married Mary BROOKE, the daughter of Thomas BROOKE and Eleanor HATTON.  They were married in Maryland.  They had 5 children.

James had 5 brothers and sisters:

Thomas BOWLING, was born 1640 and died 1700.
Elizabeth BOWLING who married Thomas Speake.
John BOWLING, who died 1684.
Ann BOWLING (no historical information available)
Jenet BOWLING (no historical information available)
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Bowling Family Generations


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