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Eleventh Generation

1824. Johann Frederich SCHOLLENBERGER was born on 18 Mar 1703 in Albig, Germany. He emigrated on 3 Sep 1742 from Switzerland. Frederick Schollenberger arrived in Philadelphia on September 3, 1742, aboard the ship "Loyal Judith" which sailed from Rotterdam via Cowles, England He died in 1777 in Greenwich Township, Berks County, PA. On January 13, 1747, Frederich obtained a land warrant (no. 178 Pa Bureau of Land Records) for 100 acres in New Maxatawny Township, Philadelphia County, which subsequently became Albany and later Greenwich Township,Berks County, PA. The original property grew to 210 acres and lies in Klinesville which is to the East of Lenhartsville, Berks County, PA. The adjoining properties were owned by George Shellenberger, Gerrerd Shollenberger, Simon Metzgar, G. Michael Rienhart,Daniel L. Kamp, and Ulrich Waggoner.

Berks County Deed Book v. 123, p. 573, dated 1768:
The Original warrant from Frederick Schollenberger to his eldest son Jacob Schollenberger in Greenwich Township, in the amount of 180 acres and 80 acres of land warranted formerly to Simon Metzgar. The property is bounded by the properties of George Michael Reinhart, Jacob Leiby,Ulrich Waggoner, George Shollenberger and Gerhardt Schollenberger.

Frederick Schollenberger appeared in the Greenwich Township, Berks County tax lists for the years 1756 and 1759.

Berks County Will Abstracts-- State Library Harrisburg
Frederich Shollenberger and Philip were a witness to a will proven on November 29, 1753, of Jacob Bossert. Bossert's wife was Clofia Bossert.

Pennsylvania Archives, Series II; Volume II, p. 447: Persons Naturalized in the Provence of Pennsylvania:
Affirmer's Name: Frederick Sholeberger; Greenwich Township, Berks County, PA
Date:1763 [calvin and victor shollenberger.ftw]

Frederick Schollenberger arrived in Philadelphia on September 3, 1742, aboard the "Loyal Judith" having sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, via Cowles, England. He swore allegiance to the king in 1747 and acquired approximately 100 acres of land in Greenwich Township, Berks County,Pennsylvania, in 1749. This farm was deeded to his eldest son Jacob,however, his other children nor his wife are ever enumerated. Lorenz,Gerhardt, Jacob and Heinrich Schollenberger either had adjoining farms or were tax payers at the same time as Frederick Schollenberger in Greenwich Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. By a process of elimination it seems very probable that Lorenz and the others were the children of Frederick Schollenberger.

Family tradition holds that family is of Swiss origin and indeed a Schollenberger Family from about 1150 to approximately 1750 had a castle about a mile outside of Flaack, Zurich Canton, Switzerland. Prior to that the family probably lived in the Rheinland in Germany. While in Switzerland the Schollenbergers were probably knights who served the Habsburg Family under the auspices of the Hartmann Family who lived near Winterthur, Switzerland. [v47t1612.FTW]

Facts about this person:

Fact 1
Came to US from Zurich, Switzerland

Fact 2 September 03, 1742
arrived on the ship, Loyal Judith in PA
Fahl Master File.FTW
calvin and victor shollenberger.ftw

1825. mom.Children were:







Gerhardt SCHOLLENBERGER was born in 1735. He died on 2 May 1777 in Greenwich Township, Berks County, PA.


Jacob SCHOLLENBERGER was born in 1748. He died in 1778 in Greenwich Township, Berks County, PA.